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{] TERMINATION SUBCODE ARMED, MESSAGE DELE====-_=_=_=_=_=_=_---}{[.;.//.'.../;;;L;L.L[/;[;'.'/;;./;,/'/










The video is garbled, sounds decaying into static and aliasing at random, but soon forms a picture, lines of pixels shooting across the young but weathered face, darkened by a hundred suns, silver/white hair reflecting the red glow of emergency hazard lighting, dying the bulky gunmetal suit of Astartes Power Armour a bloody crimson, the forest-green eyes boring out of the video. Then he speaks.

"The Block is coming again. Just as it has done before. It intends to leave nothing to chance, to burn down every last trace of what once was. I leave this in the hopes that someone will find this...and learn from our mistakes..."

The figure looks away, before staring back at the camera.

"It revealed itself at Apoca. It tore down the bastions of the Gryphon Lords and left Starvoid Station naught but a hulk of slag and echoes. Of course, it had been picking off lesser domains long before that...but that was the first time it had shown itself openly. And now that it had, its next move must have been to strike again. It did.

The feed falters, the static intensifying, intermingling with images, flashing in and out so rapidly as to be indistinguishable, but there are some that hover for just long enough. A verdant planet, a shadow creeping over it. A glittering castle clinging to a mountainside. A vast storm of lights, no, spacecraft. Grand starships of epic proportions. The image changes again, showing now only a black expanse, twinkling with burning debris. The face returns.

"It came for the ponies next, and over Eqqus, it showed its power. It had caught the Gryphon Lords off guard at Apoca, but at Eqqus, it met resistance. Every single faction had come to the home world's defense. The SteelHooven Clans sent their grand battleships, as did the Magma Sharks. The Starlight Realms sent great swarms of corvettes, enough to tear apart the mightiest of fleets. The ponies themselves had their own vessels, ornate super-heavy cruisers and carriers, the great royal flagship Harmony's Comet leading the fleet. The stars watched, as the great armada braced for its impact, preparing to put it down once and for all."

The figure looks away again, before looking back, eyes haunted, flashing with pain and loss.

"They were nowhere near enough."

"Everything they threw at It, every shred of ordinance and watt of energy, every nanogram of plasma and exotic particles, did not even hinder it. It crushed battleships and incinerated corvettes as if they were wheat before the scythe. Harmony's Comet was plucked from the void and dashed upon the rocks of Eqqus. It was a massacre. And once that great armada lay broken and shattered, it took the remains of the ponies' last hope for survival and scattered it across their world, bathing it in nuclear fire and debris. And once the storm had passed, and the last survivors of that once so noble race crawled out of the rubble and blast-glass, It decended upon their world, and smothered it."

"Once the seat of power had fallen, almost no effort was required for the rest of the empire to fall in upon itself. Not to say that It didn't sit by. It gleefully hurled refugee ships into oblivion, or back into the gravity wells of the planets they left to die. With an almost animal-like savagery, it rent the ponies' very civilisation, their very existance, into tatters and scattered them to the black."

"The SteelHooven Clans put up a damn good fight."

The figure grins, shaking his head.

"They knew that, as the closest and most potent threat they posed to It, they'd be next. Their great strike columns harried and pushed It back, enough to buy some time to evacuate. They knew they couldn't save everyone though, but enough of them were able to flee into the night. Enough to make a difference. The fleets accepted their demise over the world of Basalisk, and went down fighting. But they could do little more but watch, as It tore into the system, and snuffed out their sun."

The figure sighs, and the image shakes, the interferance intensifying, pixellated streams of dust falling in the dark background

"The Magma Sharks fell next, ignominiously devoured as It tore through the western fringes. Plans changed, evacuating before the oncoming storm rather than trying to fight it, but its advance quickened. The Starlight Realms were put to the torch like dry grass. Great inviolable bastions fell before it. And then it came for Zelda."

The image cuts again, showing huge ships hanging in a blood red sky, flames licking up towards them. The figure returns, sorrow in his voice.

"We had taken them for granted. We never thought they could fall. When the time came, we put all our hopes on those heroes. At the same time, the Astartes, those noble Iron Fists rallied around that black and violet banner, and the Blade of Infinity took to the field of battle for the last time."

"The Astartes prevailed where none had before. They survived. When It dropped into low orbit and scoured those great Hylian fields of life, we all knew it was the end. The heroes scattered, some wounded, some dead, coordinating the retreat as they tried to save as many of the Hylians as possible, vowing to carry on, to crusade on in distant parts. At least they would live on."

"The Blade of Infinity, the first dreadnought, the Flagship of flagships, died. Taken and crushed and ruined and defiled. Then left to die in the gravity field and the scorching atmosphere of a newly-slaughtered world."

The image changes again, showing a huge ridge of metal and fire, a colossal, once proud vessel dug so deep into the earth as to shatter the very bedrock, wreathed in saint elmo's fire and explosions. The figure returns, smiling bravely, but eyes glistening.

"She was so magnificent in her prime. Now, just fifteen miles of burning metal. Even her system soul has long since blue-screened. This message will be the only thing left of her. That and me..."

The figure smiles grimly.

"Though not for long..."

"It's coming back...to finish what it started. It's going to use the Bale Star once again, to put one last world to the torch. And then there will be nothing. Not even me. But that's fine."

The video shakes, and an urgent look appears in the figure's eyes. The stream of dust or falling sand increases slightly, and the red lighting flickers momentarily.

"I need to tell you this. I have made provisions, and you need to make provisions yourselves, in case It finds you too. My only hope now is that even after all this, there will be something to carry on. A legacy. My existence, while nothing like it will have been, will not end here. I, the me you know, ends here. But something will come back. I can't say when. But that something will come. The Arcean Will Come.

The feed darkens, signal interference spiking. The figure sighs, smiling.

"This is where it ends. And even though nothing can stop It, I'm still fighting. Might as well."

The interference increases almost to the point of incomprehensibility, the figure's words garbled, as he slings a bulky rifle into the view, crooking hit in his arms, before turning away in a grind of servos and shifting slabs of ceramite. The figure strides away into darkness. The first garbled sounds of gunfire filter through before-

{] ERROR :}









{] END :

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