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WHAT THE- what are you doing here!? This is just some random kid's profile! Oh, you wanted to read about me...fine go ahead *cough* stalker *cough* (Real greeting below ;3)

WELCOME! If your reading this that means you have taken the time learn some stuff about me!

Well to begin, I'm what my friends call a "super weirdo", always rubbing off my strange personality onto some one else. I will do the craziest things, and say stuff that doesn't really make sense sometimes. But I am freaking hilarious and always there to help, especially if you need some words of encouragement or some cheering up. I'm fluffy (not in a uber girly way) and lovable and a "hug monster/ poke monster".

I love traveling and learning about the different cultures of the world. I like an environment that is close to nature but still has a certain level of technology to it. I'm very understanding of situations and like to look at things from a different point of view. I'm a little shy talking to certain people -usually the stereotypical popular kids (yeah, I know it's kind of mean, but you should see the way they treat me)-, and I tend to enjoy communication in the form of text instead of talking.

I spend my time doing origami, reading, writing, playing video games, practicing my trumpet and using the computer. The computer seems to be my whole life, but I do community service sometimes.

I LOVE ANIME. My favorites are Hetalia and Death Note.

I also like a WIDE variety of music

me: *jamming to some music*

random kid: hey what are you listening to

me: Lillium *lets him listen*


me: ...whateves *cough*

random kid: WHAT YOU SAY?!

Um...I can't really think of anything else now...so..yeah *hugs you*

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