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Hello' I'm Tera Tyrant Shadic. I've been here for long as I can and I've been thinking about something... Should I get a deviantart account and post my stories there (Which in the future I'm going to make a text version of it). Or should I keep using FanFiction? Anyway back to me, Yes I am the Tera Tyrant and that's all there is to it. Also nowadays I have many jobs that I have to work with some of the websites right now. Hahahahahaha... Well, its less fun and more work, which kinda means i gonna be busy for the rest of my life. however, do not fear I will still keep posting stories.

Anyway Here is My Profile

Name:Tera Tyrant Shadic

Age: 9999

Gender: Male


Food: Sweets

Videos: Anime & "YOU KNOW WHAT!"

Music: Hatsune Miku and other music that is classed as electronia

Dislikes: INSECTS

Ambition: Actually, I have no ambitions except to become a game developer.

Title: Tera Tyrant

Race: Unknown


ATK: 999999999 DEF: 999999999

INT: 999999999 RES: 999999999

HIT: 999999999 SPD: 999999999

Weapon Forte


Unique Skill

"Chaotic Liberation" Range: Varies by map size and will take up the whole of the map

Description: I transform into a Tera Tyrant monster then rapidly cut them all up then I end it with the galaxy exploded then I laugh.




I am a person that has a power that can surpass the gods. I sometimes hate war on earth and tried to make them negotiate. I have a daughter in the story. And there there is a Dark truth between me, Shadic and Tyrant Reta. Anyway to my actual description, I am the author of the story "Disgaea X A Adventure That Was Never Forgotten" and I will be in certain parts of the story and I will post notices at my Mid-Bonus chapters. Anyway R & R if you want to. WARNING: Nobody can copy my title a.k.a Tera Tyrant nor my name, it is copyrighted by me and whoever copies it will receive severe punishment, unless you have my permission.

Reference to Tera: Tera means in my terms DESTRUCTION!!!!!

Name: Ritosun



Likes: Anime and well something that practically interests him

Dislikes: Insects

Ambition: Well it varies.

Title: Majin (no he does not look like the one in the Disgaea series!)

Race: Galaxian/Human/Angel/Demon


ATK: 982635241 DEF: 793928293

INT: 803937271 RES: 694939203

HIT: 997473817 SPD: 502329302

Weapon Forte


Unique skills

"Small Darkness" Range: Plus Shape

Description:Sucks five opponents into a ball of darkness then he cut the ball.

"Tera Beam?" Range: A endless straight line

Description:He shoot beams out of my eyes. The beam is endless.



He once lived in a planet called Galaxia but now angels, humans and demons had destroyed it and killed many innocent and soldiers in the conflict. He was the last man standing and then died. Then he got reincarnated by certain conditions and gain special stats and power. He is seeking revenge against the human angels and demon race. Now he has Truth his comrade that fought with him side by side and other that are his vassals. He is a pro fighter with all kinds of weapon except for magic and bow. He sometimes act like a jerk or an asshole whenever he is pissed. He can only go Tera Tyrant when he is in danger. Also he is rivals with the BADASS OVERLORD ZETTA!

Name: Tyrant Reta


Gender: Male

Like: Killing

Dislikes: Peace

Ambition: Sry spoiler contained!

Title: Tyrant

Race: Demon


ATK:949362518 DEF:927832632

INT:965849374 RES:922313354

HIT:938372282 SPD:937489736

Weapon Forte

Sword, Axe

Unique Skills

Description: ????

Description: ????

Description: ????


Sry spoiler contained. WARNING! people who copy this character shall be punished!








Race: Male Human/Demon


ATK:849362518 DEF:127832632

INT:765849374 RES:222313354

HIT:338372282 SPD:637489736

Weapon Forte


Unique Skills

"Werewolf Rush" Range:The opponent infront of him

Description: Charges right through the opponent five times in every direction

"Grave digger" Range:Plus shape

Description: Digs a hole and at the same time placing the dirt on the opponents

"Were Knight" Range:9X9

Description: When full moon he transform into a werewolf with an armor then claw the opponets to death then end it with a sword slash.


A loner that has nothing to do in the world so he just walks around and fight for self defense. He pledge his loalty to me. He is calm and collected. He always use common sense to get out of an unnecessary battle and to slove everything. Real popular with random girls and he rejects them but they still keep going on. WARNING! people who copy this character shall be punished!

Name: Misashi

Age: 2789

Gender: Female

Likes: Anime,scary people

Dislikes: Demon Hunters

Ambition: To make earth her only toy to play with and finding a lover

Title: Sexiest Overlord

Race: Succubus


ATK:563829273 DEF:476548740

INT:785946237 RES:940372647

HIT:937472648 SPD:895349783

Weapon Forte

Sword, Axe, Spear and Gun

Unique skills

"Shopping Rush" Range: the opponent in front of her

Description:Drops ten random items on the opponent.

"Sexy Illusion" Range: plus shape

Description: Shows a shadow of herself but it's a prinny then cast giga fire on the five opponents.

"My Earth" Range:9X9

Description:Holds earth in her left palm and then chrush it into bits.


Sexiest Overlord in the entire netherworld and having fun with her herem. She may try to seduce men and then kill them to obtain their souls. Still not powerful enough to take over the earth. She is not scared of scary people or even people trying to scare her instead makes friends with them. she sometime vist the earth to buy anime or to find men for her harem. WARNING! people who copy this character shall be punished!

Name: Cathy

Age: 1350

Gender: Female

Likes: Robots or something that's related to electronics

Dislikes: People who don't know science

Ambition: To create a robot that can surpass the powers of the gods

Title: Mother Brain

Race: Female Humanoid

ATK: 227528942 DEF:181308573

INT: 269918756 RES: 243049043

HIT: 513477583 SPD: 329839267

Weapon Forte

Gun, Staff

Unique skills

"Easy Build" range: a 3 block verticle line

Description: Builds a robot after that it works then move forward to the opponent then explode.

"Android Creator" range: a straight Line

Description: Creates an android with a Fusion magichanged monster equipped with it. And the android uses "Rune Dimension"

"Ultimate Creation!!!!!!" range: 9x9 square

Description: Summons a Robot from the center of the planet and let the robot started rapidly punching the enemies to death and end it with it chest opening to reveal 1000000 rockets! Then shoots the rockets and exploded on the enemies causing a nuclear fission.


A overlord that is working with Tera Tyrant Shadic both in Disgaea 4 and in FanFiction. Creating Pirate ships in Disgaea 4 and also gonna be in the story of Disgaea X A Adventure that was never forgotten. She was first found by parents that are kind demons. At the age of 7 she created her first creation which was a success both of her parents were amazed by her skills. At the age of 150 she has to evacuate from her parents because the netherworld was at war (Disgaea 1). Then... awww You know what I was just about to create a story about her past soon. so it's best if i make the story instead of spoiling it. RIGHT? WARNING: This character is copyrighted whoever copy this character shall be punished!

Name: Natsu


Gender: Female

Like: Sushi, kimchi, killing people,using my tonfas

Dislikes: Shadic, Laharl

Ambition: To do whatever she please cause she doesn't give a shit.

Title: Natsu

Race: Human (awesome human) She can never die!!!!


ATK:984927383 DEF:962172163

INT:947368273 RES:908549474

HIT:909090909 SPD:761461364

Weapon Forte

Tonfas(close combat range weapon),katana

Unique Skill

"Inferno Scorrere (hell swipe)" Range: A plus shape

Description: Opens a hell portal and people get sucked in and they die immediately.

"Kakusareta Iyashi (hidden healing)" Range: A square

Description: Heals all of my OC's damages immediately everything gone and every broken bone healed

"Onda Finale (final wave)" Range: 9X9 square

Description: Sends out a huge indestructible wave of water, destroys everything in its path.


Long Black Hair tied up in a ponytail, Heterochromatic eyes (one red & one black), wears a military shortsleeve jacket underneath is a black t-shirt, Wearing Jeans and sneakers. She always hate Shadic and Laharl. She has a castle filled with maids and some people to work for her. Created by my sister. WARNING: This character is copyrighted whoever copy this character shall be punished!

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