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Author has written 5 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, and Digimon.
Crystal:Calm down!
Sarah:Oh yeah! Gomen!
Crystal*Animedrop.* Anything new today?
Sarah:Hmmm... *Checks her notebook and comp.* Nope. Just working on HW, FFs, and the fiction. Oh and I have to do a short story for English before the quarter is finish! It counts as 12% of my final grade. KAWAII! If I finish it and it's really good cuz I'm writting a humor fiction, I'll put it up on FictionPress.net! Is that neat or what!?
Crystal:¬.¬ Yeah. You really need it cuz you got a C in your second favorite class in progress reports.
Sarah:How did you know I got a C in English!?
Crystal:^.^;;; I got my ways.
Cryst:@.@ *Hanging in a bag with her head(she's gagged.) out against the door.*

Age:Ain't gonna tell ya!
Sign:Taurus(Western), Snake(Zodiac), Earth(Element)
Fave Anime/Manga:Dragon Knights, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Card Captor Sakura, .hack(RPG!!!!!!), Digimon, Chobits, Inuyasha, Naruto, Shaman King, Pokemon, Saint Tail, One Piece, and Sonic(Maybe as well as Yu Yu Hakusho)
Fave Non-Anime:Simpsons, Static Shock, Futuruma(Sp??), Cyber Space(If you seen it, I know sort of a kiddy show but it's really good(since it's based on Math) but some poor animation.), and Liberty Kids(It's based on American history)
Fave Reality Shows(Non-Anime or Cartoons):FastLane, John Doe, Maximum Exposure, G-Star, Who's Line is it Anyway, Stupid Things Caught on Tape, America's Most Wanted, Mad TV, Relic Hunter, COPS, The OC, Sabado Gigante, Tu Desayuno Alegre, and ...
Fave Singer/Band:Juanes, Linkin Park, and Evanescence
Fave Songs:A Dios Le Pido(Juanes), Mala Gente(Juanes), Fotografia(Juanes), In the End(Linkin Park), Bring Me to Life(Evanescence)
Fave Element:FIRE!!!!!!
Fave Dessert:Flan
Fave Land Animal:White Tigers
Fave Water Animal:Seahorses
Fave Air Animal:Red Tail Hawk and Perigean Falcon!!!
Fave Mystic Animal:Dragons, Phoenix, Unicorns and plus some others
Fave Classes:Math, English, TV Pro, and Critical Thinking
Fave Anime Characters:
Dragon Knights- 1.Rune, 2.Rath, 3.Lord Lykouleon, 4.Kharl
.hack-1.BlackRose, 2.Tsukasa, and 3.Aura and her daughter Zefie
YuGiOh!-1.Marik, 2.Yami, 3.Seto
Card Captor Sakura-1.Yue, 2.Kero, 3.Eriol
Digimon-1.Koji, 2.Kouichi, 3.Matt
Chobits-1.Minoru, 2.Shimbo, 3.Hideki
Inuyasha-1.Demon Inuyaha, 2.Sesshomaru, 3.Koga
Naruto-1.Naruto, 2.Sasuke, 3.Kakashi
Shaman King-1.Yoh, 2.Ren, 3.Amidamaru
Pokemon-1.Morty(The Ghost Gym Leader at the Ho-Oh Shrine), 2.Tracy, 3.Gary
Sonic-1.Knuckles, 2.Tails, 3.Sonic
Fave Duel Monsters:Dark Magicain Girl, Winged Dragon of Ra, Curse of Dragon, Petite Dragon, Wingweaver, and Mystical Elf
Fave Books:Number the Stars, Antigone
Fave Curse Words:Asshole, Bullshit, Shit, Fuck, Damn(Kisama=Damn you), Son of a Bitch, Etc.
Fave Qoutes:

"How can I know what I think till I see what I say?" -A little girl, on being told to think before she speaks

"What ever we have dare to think That Dare we also say." -James Russell Lowell

"With no hope, even to start is wrong." Ismene, Antigone by Sophocles(A/N:There's different versions of Antigone tranlated.)

Koryphaios:"No one is such a fool. No one loves death." Kreon:"That right, death is the price. All the same, time after time, greed has destoryed good men." -Antigone by Sophocles

"A mind does not just grows and then stands. When our lives founder reason to deserts us." -Ismene, Antigone by Sophocles

"Then why are you waiting? There is nothing you can say I would like to hear, and there never could be. And obviously there is nothing about me that could please you either. Still, where was a way for me to win greater fame or glory than simply taking my own brother to his grave? There should be a voice among these gentlemen to say I pleased them too; but all have been locked in silence by fear. A king may do and say what he wishes. This is his greatest good fortune." -Antigone, Antigone by Sophocles

"And I wasn't born to hate one with the other, but to love both together." Antigone, Antigone by Sophocles

"And you expect to talk but not listen, and to speak but not to be judged by what you say." Haimon, Antigone by Sophocles

"No country belongs to one man." Haimon, Antigone by Sophocles

Name:Crystalline Star(AKA Crystal)
Occupation:Student/Anime Counter of Authoress
B-Day:Jan. 1
Fave Color:Black, Red, and White
Fave Element:Fire
Fave Candy:Peppermints
Fave Dessert:Vanillia Icecream w/ hot fudge
Fave Land Animal:Wolves
Fave Water Animal:Dolphin
Fave Air Animal:
Fave Mystic Animal:Dragons, and Phoenix
Fave Anime Characters:
YuGiOh!-1.Yami, 2.Marik, 3.Seto
Fave Duel Monsters:Dark Magicain Girl, Curse of Dragon, Wingweaver, Mystical Elf, Wolf, and Flower Wolf
Fave Curse Words:Shit, Damn(Kisama=Damn you), and Asshole

Name:Yami Crystal(AKA Cryst)
Fave Color:Blue
Fave Element:Wind
Fave Candy:Cotton Candy
Fave Dessert:Chocolate Icecream
Fave Land Animal:Dwarf Mongooses
Fave Water Animal:Tiger Sharks
Fave Air Animal:Dwarf Owl
Fave Mystic Animal:Water Dragons and Hippogriffs
Fave Anime Character(s):Yami Bakura(Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Fave Duel Monsters:Dark Magicain Girl, Curse of Dragon, Wingweaver, Mystical Elf
Fave Curse Words:Crap, and Damn(Kisama=Damn you)

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Note I:My neo name on neopets.com is angel3712.
Note II:Miko Alpha will be up on about Nov. 25.

Fictions and FanFiction Next Chapter Done List:

1.)From Past to the Future-#9:0%
2.)Miko Alpha-#1:58-90%
3.)YuGiOh! Talk-6:0%(Needs Reviews)
4.)Digital Monster Petz-#2:79%(On Hold)
5.)Anger Management for Hikaris and Yamis-#9:92%(Writer's Block)
6.)Haunted House Dare(Short Story):17-31%(Writer's Block)

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