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Likes: my friends, cold, rain, sushi, horror movies, Halloween, writing poetry, reading horror novels and Edgar Allan Poe, the ocean, sharks, worshipping my God

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"We all go a little mad sometimes"- Norman Bates

"We'll serve anyone, serve anyone, and to anyone at all!"- Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett

"I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti"- Hannibal Lecter

"Every town has an Elm Street"- Freddy Krueger

"We're going to need a bigger boat"- guy from Jaws

"Every 23rd spring for 23 days, it gets to eat"- woman from Jeepers Creepers

"Oh yes, there will be blood"- Jigsaw

"All we want is a little satisfaction...(Rose: Satisfaction?) Revenge!"- Dark Alessa from Silent Hill

"Our teeth and ambitions are bared. Be prepared!"- hyenas from Lion King (I am a huge Scar fangirl!)

"To those who love me, no explanation is needed. To those who don't, none is possible"- Unknown

"There is too many men, too many people making too many problems and there is not much love to go around. Tell me why is this a land of confusion? This is the world we live in, these are the hands we've been given, use them and let's start trying to make this a place worth fighting for!" - Disturbed

"Couple of years and I am a silhouette. My halo is broken now and I'm all that's left. I hate to disappoint you but that's the way things went...I am losing hope. There is a hole in my hear that's been cut out of stone. Whoa! Cold, cold, cold. Can you fill this hole? Cause I can't do it alone...I used to believe in some kind of feeling that could change everything I thought I knew. But that door is closed and my heart feels like it's broken. If you hear me, I can't feel you!"- The Classic Crime

"I'm at the end of my rope, my rope. Hanging on to the last little bit of hope. Feeling like I am about to lose control. Maybe I should just let go. I'm at the end of my rope, my rope. Hanging on to the only thing I know. As long as there is something left to hold, I won't let go"- Trapt

"I'm so stubborn, it's how I got here. So alone...it feels like forever. I want to swim away and breath the open air. But I feel so afraid and then I hear you say: hang on! When the water is rising, hang on. When the waves are crashing, hang on. And just don't ever let go!"- Plumb

"Much madness is divinest sense to a discerning eye; much sense the starkest madness. 'T is the majority. In this, as all, prevails. Assent and you are sane. Demur, you're straightway dangerous and handled with a chain"- Emily Dickinson

"I can wade grief, whole pools of it-I'm used to that"- Emily Dickinson

"I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me"- Phillipians 4:13

"...He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life"- John 3:16

"But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light. Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy"- 1 Peter 2: 9-10

Favorite Edgar Allan Poe Quotes

"From childhood's hour, I have not been as others were. I have not seen as others saw. And all I loved, I loved alone"

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night"

"Science has not yet taught us if madness is or is not the sublimity of the intelligent"

"The boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends and the other begins?"

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream"

"I became insane, with long intervals of horribly sanity"

"Deep into the darkness peering, I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before"

The girl you just called fat? She's overdosing on diet pills.
The girl you just called ugly? She's spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her.
The boy you just tripped ? He gets enough abuse at home.
See the man with the ugly scars? He fought for his country.
That guy you made fun of for crying? His mother is dying.
Put this as your status if your against bullying.

I am that girl,
The one who likes books more than boys.
The one who pretends not to be sad, just to make others happy
The one who always wonders what she did wrong
The one who writes to escape
The one who just wants to help
The one that really wants to make a difference
The one that sticks to her values
The one that refuses to believe that this is it
The one that will do anything to make a better tomorrow
The one who won't give in
The one won't give up
-by linguisticsrock, Copy and Paste if you can relate to this.

True Story

A teenage girl about 17 named Diane had gone to visit some friends one evening and time passed quickly as each shared their various experiences of the past year. She ended up staying longer then planned, and had to walk home alone. She wasn't afraid because it was a small town and she lived only a few blocks away.

As she walked under the tall elm trees, Diane asked God to keep her safe from harm and danger. When she reached the alley, which was a short cut to her house, she decided to take it. However, halfway down the alley she noticed a man standing at the end as though he was waiting for her. She became uneasy and began to pray, asking for God's protection. Instantly a comforting feeling of quietness and security wrapped around her, she felt though someone was walking with her. When she reached the end of the alley, she walked right past the man and arrived home safely.

The following day, she read in the newspaper that a young girl had been raped in the same alley way just twenty minutes after she had been there. Feeling overwhelmed by this tragedy and the fact that it could have been her, she began to weep. Thanking the Lord for her safety and to help this young woman, she decided to go to the police station. She felt she could recognize the man, so she told them her story. The police asked her if she would be willing to look at a lineup to see if she can identify him. She agreed and immediately pointed out the man she had seen in the alley the night before. When the man had been identified, he immediately broke down and confessed. The officer thanked Diane for her bravery and asked if there was anything they could do for her. She asked if they can ask the man one question. Diane was curious as to why he had not attacked her. When the policeman asked him, he answered, "Because she wasn't alone. She had two tall men walking on either side of her." Amazingly, whether you believe it or not, you're never alone.

Repost this if you truly believe in God.

"Life is too short for petty things. Kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly, and forgive quickly."

The song that silenced the cappuccino machine

It was chilly in Manhattan but warm inside the Starbucks shop on 51st
Street and Broadway, just a skip up from Times Square. Early November
weather in New York City holds only the slightest hint of the bitter chill
of late December and January, but it's enough to send the masses crowding
indoors to vie for available space and warmth.

For a musician, it's the most lucrative Starbucks location in the world,
I'm told, and consequently, the tips can be substantial if you play your
tunes right. Apparently, we were striking all the right chords that night,
because our basket was almost overflowing. It was a fun, low-pressure gig -
I was playing keyboard and singing backup for my friend who also added
rhythm with an arsenal of percussion instruments. We mostly did pop songs
from the '40s to the '90s with a few original tunes thrown in. During our
emotional rendition of the classic, "If You Don't Know Me by Now," I
noticed a lady sitting in one of the lounge chairs across from me. She was
swaying to the beat and singing along.

After the tune was over, she approached me. "I apologize for singing alongon that song. Did it bother you?" she asked. "No," I replied. "We love it
when the audience joins in. Would you like to sing up front on the next

To my delight, she accepted my invitation.. "You choose," I said. "What are
you in the mood to sing?"

"Well.. ... do you know any hymns?"

Hymns? This woman didn't know who she was dealing with. I cut my teeth on
hymns. Before I was even born, I was going to church. I gave our guest
singer a knowing look. "Name one."

"Oh, I don't know. There are so many good ones. You pick one."

"Okay," I replied. "How about 'His Eye is on the Sparrow'?"

My new friend was silent, her eyes averted.. Then she fixed her eyes on
mine again and said, "Yeah. Let's do that one." She slowly nodded her head,
put down her purse, straightened her jacket and faced the center of the
shop. With my two-bar setup, she began to sing.

Why should I be discouraged? Why should the shadows come?

The audience of coffee drinkers was transfixed. Even the gurgling noises of
the cappuccino machine ceased as the employees stopped what they were doing
to listen. The song rose to its conclusion.

I sing because I'm happy; I sing because I'm free. For His eye is on the
sparrow And I know He watches me.

When the last note was sung, the applause crescendoed to a deafening roar
that would have rivaled a sold-out crowd at Carnegie Hall. Embarrassed, the
woman tried to shout over the din, "Oh, y'all go back to your coffee! I
didn't come in here to do a concert! I just came in here to get somethin' to drink, same as you."

I embraced my new friend. "You, my dear, have made my whole year! That was

"Well, it's funny that you picked that particular hymn," she said..

"Why is that?"

"Well . .." she hesitated again, "that was my daughter's favorite song."

"Really!" I exclaimed.

"Yes," she said, and then grabbed my hands. By this time, the applause had
subsided and it was business as usual.. "She was 16. She died of a brain
tumor last week."

I said the first thing that found its way through my stunned silence. "Are
you going to be okay?"

She smiled through tear-filled eyes and squeezed my hands. "I'm gonna be
okay. I've just got to keep trusting the Lord and singing His songs, and
everything's gonna be just fine." She picked up her bag, gave me her card,
and then she was gone.

Was it just a coincidence that we happened to be singing in that particular
coffee shop on that particular November night? Coincidence that this
wonderful lady just happened to walk into that particular shop? Coincidence
that of all the hymns to choose from, I just happened to pick the very hymn
that was the favorite of her daughter, who had died just the week before? I
refuse to believe it.

God has been arranging encounters in human history since the beginning of
time, and it's no stretch for me to imagine that God could reach into a
coffee shop in midtown Manhattan and turn an ordinary gig into a revival.
It was a great reminder that if we keep trusting God and singing the songs,
everything's gonna be okay.

The next time you feel like GOD can't use YOU, just remember...

Noah was a drunk
Abraham was too old
Isaac was a daydreamer
Jacob was a liar
Leah was ugly

Joseph was abused

Moses had a stuttering problem
Gideon was afraid
Sampson had long hair and was a womanizer
Rahab was a prostitute
Jeremiah and Timothy were too young
David had an affair and was a murderer
Elijah was suicidal
Isaiah preached naked
Jonah ran from God
Naomi was a widow
Job went bankrupt
John the Baptist ate bugs
Peter denied Christ
The Disciples fell asleep while praying
Martha worried about everything
The Samaritan woman was divorced, more than once
Zaccheus was too small
Paul was too religious
Timothy had an ulcer...
AND Lazarus was dead!

No more excuses now!! God can use you to your full potential. Besides you aren't the message, you are just the messenger.

God bless you by passing this on to someone else, if you'd like.

Month one


I am only 8 inches long

but I have all my organs.

I love the sound of your voice.

Every time I hear it

I wave my arms and legs.

The sound of your heart beat

is my favorite lullaby.

Month Two


today I learned how to suck my thumb.

If you could see me

you could definitely tell that I am a baby.

I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though.

It is so nice and warm in here.

Month Three

You know what Mommy

I'm a boy!

I hope that makes you happy.

I always want you to be happy.

I don't like it when you cry.

You sound so sad.

It makes me sad too

and I cry with you even though

you can't hear me.

Month Four


my hair is starting to grow.

It is very short and fine

but I will have a lot of it.

I spend a lot of my time exercising.

I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes

and stretch my arms and legs.

I am becoming quite good at it too.

Month Five

You went to the doctor today.

Mommy, he lied to you.

He said that I'm not a baby.

I am a baby Mommy, your baby.

I think and feel.

Mommy, what's abortion?

Month Six

I can hear that doctor again.

I don't like him.

He seems cold and heartless.

Something is intruding my home.

The doctor called it a needle.

Mommy what is it? It burns!

Please make him stop!

I can't get away from it!

Mommy! HELP me!

Month Seven


I am okay.

I am in Jesus's arms.

He is holding me.

He told me about abortion.

Why didn't you want me Mommy?

Every Abortion Is Just . . .

One more heart that was stopped.

Two more eyes that will never see.

Two more hands that will never touch.

Two more legs that will never run.

One more mouth that will never speak.

If you're against abortion, re-post this.

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Jurassic World: Why So Blue? by WhenBooksFly101 reviews
"Raptors are pack hunters." as Blue had always heard Owen Grady, say. Her pack was her family and they were always there to protect, aid each other, and provide emotional support. They were together from the beginning and Owen was always their "Alpha". But then the park fell and all that Blue had in life fell with it. (Full Summary Inside!) High T for violence.
Jurassic Park - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Adventure - Chapters: 26 - Words: 177,880 - Reviews: 284 - Favs: 247 - Follows: 286 - Updated: 4/25 - Published: 6/22/2015 - Velociraptor, OC, Owen, Barry
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Steven Universe - Rated: T - English - Family - Chapters: 55 - Words: 116,438 - Reviews: 715 - Favs: 603 - Follows: 602 - Updated: 2/4 - Published: 7/3/2015 - Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Steven U.
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Undertale - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 23 - Words: 105,279 - Reviews: 530 - Favs: 916 - Follows: 886 - Updated: 4/28/2016 - Published: 11/13/2015 - Frisk, Chara, Flowey - Complete
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