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Author has written 4 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender, Sky High, Labyrinth, and X-Men.

Some of you might be wondering "What the heck's up with her name?"

Well, that's just something you'll have to figure out. I will, however, tell you that it's an obscure reference from a book. The book is by somebody from England.

If you can figure it out, I will write you something very special. What do they call it? A Commission? Yeah, I'll do that :) But only if you guess right.

I'm one of those people that always has to have a pen on 'em somewhere. As for paper...well, paper's nice, but in emergencies, there are always my arms. My stories--characters, plots, worlds, the whole shebang--are a part of me like trees belong to the mountain.


That said, I would officially like to welcome all of you awesome people to my profile page! Take a look around. Ain't she gorgeous, folks?

Thank you. I think so too. Hopefully if you're reading this, you've also read one of my fanfics that I have going on. Currently, I have two...one of which I've been stuck on for months (I'm going to blame Gambit for this one. It's always the Cajun's fault). The other one is an Avatar the Last Airbender one that I've been mulling over for a long...long, long time and am very excited about!

Some interesting things about me (just in case you're really bored and need something to pass the time):

--I liked Star Trek BEFORE it was cool (seriously. I was raised on Kirk and Picard...Spock and Data...Scottie and LaForge...)

--I have difficulty pronouncing the word "Monastery" correctly.

--I abhor Twilight (the book, of course) as a ritualistic self-destruct button created for desperate girls in need of a life.

--Joss Whedon is my hero. Well, until Angel leaves Buffy. And until he killed Wash. AND until he killed Penny.

--Guns don't kill people. Joss Whedon kills people (just FYI)

--I'm pretty sure I've read all the really good manga out there.

--I talk to myself. Out loud. A lot. And about the weirdest things.

--Favorite color's green.

--I love Orlando Bloom as Legolas, but not as anyone(thing) else. Such as a whiny pirate.

--The Hunger Games: I am neither Team Peeta NOR Team Gale. I don't own a Mockingwhatever pendant, I don't do my hair like Katniss and I don't greet people with the district 12 greeting (Apparently one exists. There is a story there). I liked the books. Still do. It's just the one thing I don't want to be a fangirl about.

--My cat's the one that tells me when to go to bed at night.

--I have specific brands of pen that I will use, and specific brands that I won't (BIC, I'm talking to you.)

--I love fluff. Like, with a passion which burns deep within my soul. You can't even imagine.

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Where There's Smoke reviews
Em has hidden herself-and her powers-for most of her life. The daughter of one of America's most influential anti-mutant advocates, she doesn't know what else she can do. When she finds herself fighting beside a seedy guy in a trenchcoat, however, everything changes. GambitxOC
X-Men - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,207 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 21 - Updated: 10/29/2012 - Published: 10/21/2012 - Remy L./Gambit
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