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Hello lovely peoples! Welcome to...this. Still unsure of what I am suppose to put here... *crickets start playing in the background* Go away crickets! Let me tell you a little about myself!

Username: XxRin-sanxX

Real name: Pfft, like I would really tell you that.

Age: 17

Birthday: October 22nd

Gender: Female

Words that describe me: Anti-social, quiet, shy, bookworm, talkative (when around the right people), stubborn, nice, drama-whore, etc.

Favorite songs: Hmm... I don't really have one!

Fandom(s)?: (My main ones...) Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Degrassi, Once Upon A Time, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, Ever After High, Disney movies, and anything yaoi-related.

Favorite music genre: Country music, even though I am not sure why. I was born, raised and am currently still living in NYC. And I also LOVE old music - no, not "old school" music - from the era of greats like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and many others. I like pop music, I guess, but it isn't my favorite by any stretch of the imagination, but since that is ninety perfect of the music on the radio and that gets popular, I do listen to it on a regular basis.

Favorite school subject: Despite contrary belief, English is not my favorite subjects. History is, except not United States history because I hate it so much it hurts, but Global History, of any country but the one I actually am a part of. :-p

Least fave school subject?: MATH! It's evil! All those numbers and then they have the nerve to add letters... Ugh. I just hate it.

Favorite singers/bands: Britney Spears and Micheal Jackson are my two favorite pop artists. I also love Luke Byran and Miranda Lambert since they are what got me interested in country music anyway. And Frank Sinatra is absolutely divine, his voice is like caramel - I LOVE caramel - and is yummy; I also love Ella Fitzgerald, especially when she scats. :)

Favorite movie(s): Anything with Johnny Depp in it! I especially love the Pirates of the Caribbean (whole series, but especially the first one) and the most recent version of Alice In Wonderland. To be fair, I didn't even know he was in the latter until after I finished watching it and decided I loved it, a mere coincidence. My other favorites include Beauty and the Beast and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I mainly love Notre Dame because of the music - because, wow, that music - but also how Esmeralda was strong, independent and just an amazing character, how he did not get the girl and how it was just so much darker than most Disney films; it really was one of a kind and stood out - and that music! Plus, I have a interesting connection with the movie as well.

Favorite TV shows: Once Upon A Time, Pretty Little Liars, Glee, Degrassi and the old classic Murder, She Wrote.

Favorite books: I really love the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. I only have read the first five books in that series, the sixth one I have yet to get or read. Found it in Barnes and Noble, but it cost too much, and ma said we had to wait 'til the darn thing comes out on paperback. Ugh. But the book is FINALLY out for paperback!!! Ahhhhh! Can't wait to read from Dani's P.O.V!!!!! As for YA novels, I love anything written by Shannon Hale! I love her Books Of Bayern and Princess Academy series. Her version of "The Goose Girl" also helped me renew my love her the Grimm Brothers work and inspired my Ever After High OC, Falada. I am also falling in love with Lauren DeStefano's writing. I am buying the entire series really soon...like tomorrow. xD I suggest you all look up those author's and then read there work! :)

I can't: Sing, dance, keep a room clean for a long period of time or stand to be around people for long periods of time.

Yep, so there's all you guys need to know about me! If I like you then I'll tell you more! Hmm... Oh! Let me show you my OCs (original characters) that I've recently made for Ever After High.

Falada Goose

Parent: The Princess of The Goose Girl (I don't believe she was ever named).

Parent Story: The Goose Girl

Alignment: Rebel

Roommate: Morpheus "Mory" Dream

Secret Heart's Desire: "To not end up a king like my old man, it may work for some people, but I'd much rather work in the stables around the animals I love. And, of course, to get the Happily After Ever I dream of with my boyfriend, Morpheus Dream."

My "Magic" Touch: "I can control the wind to make it do what I want with it, I can even make it make it so my feet never touch the ground for one periods of time. I'm also suppose to be able to feel and listen to the current like mom, but I can't do it on command an only by accident or when I am about to fall asleep."

Storybook Romantic Status: "I'm in a secret relationship with Morpheus. We were friends since childhood ever since father called in his father to help him sleep and gave them each rooms in the castle as our guests. We loved each other for ages and now that we're roommates we can really be together. I guess everything just kinda fell into place."

"Oh Curses!" Moment: "I can control the wind, but sometimes when I get upset I can cause the wind to freak out and break stuff. Once I even accidentally cause a mini-tornado after a really bad argument from Mory! It's kinda embarrassing and a easy way to tell when I am angry with things."

Favorite Subject: "Beast Training & Care. I love to be around the animals, especially horses, of course. But it makes me miss Lady, my pet horse."

Least favorite subject: "Debate. It's just way too long and way too boring, I'd rather be outside or doing anything else. I get restless in class and constantly get yelled at by the teacher, too."

Best Friends Forever-After: Morpheus "Mory" Dream, Clarify "Blu" Fairy and Rumpelstiltskin Junior (or just Rumple, for short). (In the fanfiction he is BFFA with Morpheus Dream and Cerise Hood.)

Morpheus Dream

Parent: Sandman

Parent's Story: Ole Lukøje

Alignment: Royally Rebellious

Roommate: Falada "Fala" Goose

Secret Heart's Desire: *sighs* "All I really want is to be able to be with Fala and for us to get our Happily Ever After."

My "Magic" Touch: "I can't dream my own dreams, but I slip into other peoples' dreams at night. Also, I sometimes put the people around me into a deep sleep, but I've gotten better at controlling it with practice."

Storybook Romance Status: "I found my true love with Falada, and even though he is a prince and I'm just a commoner, we belong together forever-after."

"Oh Curses!" Moment: "I am painfully shy and quiet and when people talk to me I sometimes reveal personal information I shouldn't know from slipping into their dreams and things get rather awkward..."

Favorite Subject: "Creative Writing. It's much easy to get out what I have to say on paper rather than out loud. And I always have new materials from whoever dreams I go into the night before."

Least Favorite Subject: "Debate. I hate public speaking."

Best Friends Forever-After: Falada Goose, Clarify "Blu" Fairy and Rumpelstiltskin Junior.

Clarify "Blu" Fairy

Parent: The Blue Fairy

Parent's Story: Pinocchio

Alignment: Royal

Roommate: Sabrina "Red" Shoes

Secret Heart's Desire: "Secretly, I'm in love with my best friend Rumple, and I know he feels the same! But he isn't in my story, and I have no romance in my future, so it'll never work out. Unlike some people, I like my story and no way I am going to risk going poof! But, still, he's all I dream about at night..."

My "Magic" Touch: "Being the daughter of a fairy I actually have a magic touch! Too bad I'm so clumsy with my magic... How am I suppose to be the next Blue Fairy is I can't control my magic?"

Storybook Romance Status: "Sorry, but like I said, romance just isn't in my story. But Rumple and I... He sure makes my wings flutter!"

"Oh Curses!" Moment: "When I try to do the most simplest of spells, they backfire on me! Try and use magic to clean my side of the room? Nope, instead I have books, paper and cleaning supplies flying around the room making it even more of a mess!"

Favorite Subject: "Magic and Spells 101! I aim to be the best Blue Fairy I can be, so this class is the best for me!"

Least Favorite Subject: "Beast Training & Care. It's not that I hate animals, they are just so cute and adorable, I just am not good with them at all."

Best Friends Forever-After: Rumpelstiltskin Junior, Falada Goose and Morpheus "Mory" Dream. (I'm also really good friends with my roommate and the other Royals.)

Rumpelstiltskin Junior

Parent: Rumpelstiltskin

Parent's Story: Rumpelstiltskin

Alignment: Rebel

Secret Heart's Desire: "I know I've found my true love with Blu, if only she'd give us a chance... All I want is a chance for me and Blu to be happy together. Also...even though I'd never say it aloud with Headmaster Grimm pressuring us and all, but I don't want to sign the Storybook of Legends! Why the hex would I want to steal a child?"

My "Magic" Touch: "I can spin just about anything into gold. Hay, cloth, a shoelace... You name it and I can spin it."

Storybook Romance Status: "I am not suppose to ever find love, at least according to my story. But I already did, with my best friend Blu, and one day I'll convince her to just give us a chance."

"Oh Curses!" Moment: "I can't go outside in a village where there is children without parents and little kids' afraid I'll steal them and eat them! I don't eat kids!"

Favorite Subject: "Muse-ic. I like playing music, that's all. Too bad Sparrow and his gang of idiots would never let me join their band."

Least Favorite Subject: "General Villainy. Dude, I don't want to be a villain! Not if it means everyone is afraid of me."

Best Friends Forever-After: Clarify "Blu" Fairy, Falada Goose and Morpheus "Mory" Dream.

Cyan Fairy

Parent: The Blue Fairy

Parent's Story: Pinocchio

Alignment: Neutral, but leans more towards the Rebels side.

Secret Heart's Desire: "Not much of a secret, but I just wanna have a role to play in life. Everyone knows I wasn't suppose to be born...Clarify is the next Blue Fairy. So...where the hex do I fit in?"

My "Magic" Touch: "Ha! Have you seen my magic? It isn't just a touch! I can defeat anyone with my magic! Even Daring himself...and one day I'll get him for breaking my nose too!"

Storybook Romance Status: "I'm in love with Cedar Wood and I'm not afraid to admit it! Love at first sight really works! :p"

"Oh Curses!" Moment: "When I show off my magic to much and get myself banged up. Like when I broke my nose, Clarify didn't stop lecturing me for a week! Even Cedar was ticked off at me. That wasn't a fun time."

Favorite Subject: "Lunch! I get to hang out with my boys or just spend time with Cedar if she isn't with Raven and Maddie. Or just, y'know, people-watch - it's more exciting then it sounds."

Least Favorite Subject: "Heroics 101 for sure. When are people going to forget about my broken nose? -.-"

Best Friends Forever-After: Daring Charming, Hunter Huntsman and Cedar Wood (does it count if they're dating?).



Parent's Story:


Secret Heart's Desire:

My "Magic" Touch:

Storybook Romance Status:

"Oh Curses!" Moment:

Favorite Subject:

Least Favorite Subject:

Best Friends Forever-After:

More characters are coming soon! Three, to be exact. They are Cyan Fairy, the older, twin brother to Blu (he is dating Cedar Wood); Jean-Belle, the future princess and daughter of Beauty and the Beast and her fairy-tale boyfriend and lover, Beast, the son of the Beauty and the Beast. (He will get a proper name, but that will come later.) And, yes, Jean-Belle and Beast are brother and sister and incest will be featured in my Ever After High stories, if you dislike that please feel free to not read them. Do not flame.

Man, that took waaaay longer than expected. But those are my some of my E.A.H OCs. So let me show you my writing even though all you guys will have to do is scroll down to see it...

Stories I am currently working on (that already have a chapter or more posted):

The Tale of Falada Goose: This story is currently being working on for the Ever After High fandom. It has six chapters posted so far, and I am actually currently planning to work on chapter seven. Also, after this chappy is posted I will be going on hiatus. Not from writing, just from this story so I can begin to work on other things.

Loveless SYOC: Once I finish getting the characters I need and have seven chapters up on the story above this one, this will start getting worked on. (I can only work on one story at a time or nothing will ever get finished.) I don't even know my full set of characters yet, so that will be worked on the second the seven chapter is posted. The cast may take a bit, so the first, official chapter may come later.

Story ideas I plan to work on soon (with no chapters posted, obviously):

A Rebel in Red: This is a back story to my current story "The Tale of Falada Goose," but is set many, many years before it even takes place. I guess you could say it is a prequel to that one. Anyway, this story centers around Little Red Riding Hood, aka: Scarlet Hood, and the Big Bad Wolf, aka: Fenrisulfr "Fenri" Wolf, the future parents of Cerise Hood. Haven't we all wondered how exactly they ended up together? Well, this is my own take on the mystery. None of the characters we know and love will be in it seeing as they haven't even been born yet, but their parents will! Including a certain infamous evil queen...

Golden Magic: The title will probably change sometime soon since it kinda sucks. Anyway, this is the side story to my Ever After High story. This one will center around Clarify "Blu" Fairy, Rumpelstiltskin "Rumple" Junior and Cyan Fairy (Blu's older, twin brother). It is will probably be set later than my current story (at least where it is so far) after the destruction of Legacy Day.

Strawberry Panic/W.I.T.C.H: My first ever crossover! I can't wait to write this! This idea came to me suddenly after chasing after an old - two years old, to be exact - and realizing more than likely it just won't be able to be written for that. I changed it slightly, the themes are still mostly there, just a bit changed. Sooo, after going back to read some fan-fictions (doing it as one word kept making that annoying red line) and then...this was thought up! Here's what this is about: The daughters of our favorite Strawberry Panic couples are now attending one of the three schools! Normal, right? Seems that way until each of the chosen girls realizes they are the next Guardians! So now the girls have to deal with being a Guardian, school life, crushes...and the third World War. Yeah. *clears throat* The parents will make appearances, but will not be a main focus!

UnNamed: This story is currently unnamed since thinking of decent titles is a weak point for me. For evidence, just look at what I named some of the stuff I already have posted. Anyway, let me tell you what this story will be about... It will be a Who-Did-It type fan-fiction and be OOC (for some characters) and AU. A Who-Did-It is when a group of people go to a party and then the host (99% of the time) will be killed and for whatever reason the group can not escape and they have to try and figure out who killed who before they end up the next person murdered. Yeah, it's that type of story. I may or may not post it. Oh, and FYI, it would be part of the Glee fandom.

Stories that have been put on hold (may or may not come back to):

Homophobia: Yeah, I dunno, I just lost inspiration after a while. Plus, it had been at the beginning of my hiatus from writing, so that is probably what happened. This will get another chapter, but not anytime soon I predict. Can't say when this will be worked on again, but can say will 99.99% certainty in won't be touched until my Ever After High fan-fictions and all of the other ones you saw up there are worked on a lot more. So, yeah, no time soon or in the near future; probably not until the summer of this year or later.

Flight or Fight: I actually have the second chapter to this... Now, with all the other writing being done I just don't really have the energy to dig through my email, find it and revise it and put it back up here. But this will more than likely be worked on again... Probably. Maybe. As for when, if ever, same thing applies as for the one above.

Yeah, so that's it... I really have nothing more to say! Well, dearies, I do hope you enjoy what you've read on my profile. Also, please feel free to read any of my stories if they peek your interests! And drop a review as well if you feel so inclined! Now, go and enjoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy! And f you have any questions, concerns or just feel like talking don't be afraid to PM me, I reply fast-ish (no more than five days).

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