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UPDATE!! (AS OF 9/29/2014)



Veeeerry sorry about the delay with submitting the next chapter of Twisted Tales and ALYL. I've been a busy with a lot of IRL stuff, and more than a few big issues.

Also, now Jirachi: Tales of Twisted Wishes has a sketched book cover in the works! Check it out here: {HERE}

I'm a writer looking to improve my skills! I also give a little bit of constructive criticism from time to time!

At the moment, I'm working with fanfictions until I come up with a good idea for an original story. I could really use the practice anyway!

I'll be sticking with Pokemon for my two main story series, "A Life Yet Lived" and "Twisted Tales," but I'll work with other stories as well as good ideas come up!

So, let's make some stories, everyone!

Also, I could use a beta for my stories, so if you happen to stumble on my page, and have some beta experience, send me a PM sometime!

Current Stories in the Works

A Life Yet Lived: This one might take a while to finish, but I plan to finish at least one chapter every couple of weeks, if possible.

--Prologue: Completed

--Arc 1: Progress as of 3/22/13: Chapter 7 completed, submitted, but still under review / Chapter 8 is being written now!

Jirachi: Tales of Twisted Wishes: This is a new transformation based series, with each chapter one acting as a stand-alone story. I'd like to make this one a weekly project.

--Prologue: Completed

--Day 1: Progress as of 3/22/13: Chapter 2 completed / Chapter 3 is being written now!

Possible Requests / Collabs: I'm also thinking about taking a few requests or collaborations for one-shots or series. I'm kinda busy at the moment with ALYL and Twisted Tales, but it never hurts to ask! I may be able to work something out. Just keep in mind that there are restrictions on what I'll write.


I'm currently hanging out in these forums:

Critics United

The Reviews Lounge, Too

And a few links to my other hangouts:





This is a bonus section that goes with my story, Jirachi: Tales of Twisted Wishes, as a place to list all of the suggestions that I get from my awesome readers! To participate, just post your idea for a twisted wish (It can be Pokemon TF or another twisted idea) in a review for Twisted Wishes, or send it with a message, and if I like it, I'll add it to the list below!

Now, please keep in mind that this list in no way guarantees that I'll work on your idea. Also, the order in which each idea is added doesn't represent the order in which I'll work on ideas. I might just jump around a bit, picking out the ideas I like! I also have my own ideas that I've thought up, but I won't add those here, just to keep you guessing at the next chapter!

Finally...remember to keep it classy. After all, this story is rated T for teen, you know!

And now, without further ado...

The List:

(Updated on 5/1/13!)

1. Boy seeks the attention of a girl / wishes to become someone she can't ignore (Togepi TF)

2. Man wishes to be world-class thief (Sneasel/Weavile TF)

3. Man wishes to be the center of attention / is placed in an embarrassing situation in front of a public assembly (Televised perhaps? Must see TV!)

4. Girl wishes to be the best swimmer on her swim team. (Vaporeon TF)

5. Boy wishes for a new teddy for his little sister so she won't be afraid at night (Teddiursa TF) (Ha, Wordplay!)

6. Girl is having trouble in school / wishes to be smart enough to impress her parents (Metagross TF) (Challenge Accepted!)

7. Girl works hard, cares for sick mother / wishes that her lazy younger brother was more helpful around the house. (Chansey TF) (This should be interesting!)

8. Man wishes to be more athletic during a hiking trip in the woods. (Sceptile TF)

9. Girl wishes to be better singer. (Altaria TF)

10. Super-hero fan wishes he could fly like a true hero (Braviary TF)

11. A kindergarten teacher wishes he could relate better with his young students / get in touch with his inner child. (Age regression TF)

12. Greedy man wishes that he could have an unlimited amount of money. (Meowth TF - because of Pay Day)

13. Computer programmer wishes he could more easily do his job (Porygon TF)

14. A Event Planner wishes that the weather would be perfect for her outside birthday party. (Rayquaza TF)

15. A unskilled boy scout wishes to make the best campfire and impress his friends. (Charmeleon TF)

16. BONUS - A crooked gambler wishes that she could understood how a slot machine worked. (Inanimate TF? - Well, it's worth a shot!)

More are coming soon! Also, check out the poll at the top of this page! Voice your opinion on future chapters!

Thanks and have a great day!

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