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Author has written 19 stories for Spider-Man, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Legend of Korra, Walking Dead, Justice League, Ultimate Marvel, DC Superheroes, How I Met Your Mother, Fallout, Young Avengers, Avengers, and Walking Dead.

Profile name: Exile037

Age: 24

Country: USA

Favorite games: Mass effect, Dragon Age, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Call of duty: Black Ops, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Assassin's Creed, Mortal Kombat, InFamous, Prototype, Dead Space, God of War, Telltale's Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Batman, Destiny, Bioshock series, Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age series, Fallout 4, Injustice series

TV series: How i met your mother, Two and a half men, Smallville, That 70s' show, The Walking Dead, Falling Skies, Game of Thrones, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, the Strain, Flash, Fear the Walking Dead, Legends of Tomorrow, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Into the Badlands, Iron Fist, Defender's, Stranger Things, Punisher

Anime: Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Yu Yu Hakashu, Attack on Titan

Cartoons: South Park, Young Justice, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Justice League, Spectacular Spider-Man, X-Men animated series, Spider-Man animated series

Comics: Marvel, DC, Batman, Spider-Man, X-Men, Avengers (Young, Mighty, New, Secret, and Uncanny), Justice League, JLA, Inhumans, Champions, Titans

dislikes: don't wanna say

favorite book: force remnant (star wars), the Strain

Possible stories

Mass Effect Outlaw (Mass Effect): Wanted by bounty hunters all over the terminus systems, a survivor from Mindoir fights for survival and tries to remember bits of his past that remain lost to him. Ever since he evade capture from slavers that attacked his home, he has done whatever he can to remain undetected. But when an attack on Eden Prime happens involving the Geth, he realizes he must ally himself with Shepard who is leading the chase against Saren. The only one who may know the secret of his past.

Grey Warden Chronicles (Dragon Age): Follow the adventures of Denerim-born city elf Darrin Tabris who begins his journey of being a Grey Warden as he and others are enlisted in stopping the Blight. With a few Grey Wardens recruits like him along with other companions, could they end the blight and the Archdemon in order to save Thedas?

The universe's next Flash (Justice League): After correcting the events of the Flashpoint Paradox, Barry Allen is sent into another universe where the Justice League defeated Brainiac as Wally West sacrificed himself to stop the alien A.I. Trapped in another universe not like his own, can Barry Allen become this world's Flash as he joins this universe's Justice League? Takes place after Divided We Fall.

Born Survivors (Tomb Raider): William Devlin follows in a journey trip while on a ship called the Endurance Plymouth. Little did he know, that life would change when he is strangled on an island with no hope. Now with a certain beautiful brunette, they must survive in order to find out the hidden secrets on the island and find any survivors left before they leave the forsaken island alive.

Fallout Origins (Fallout): Part 1 Courier before Wasteland War 2. Part 2 Sole Survivor after Wasteland War 2. Part 3 Lone Wanderer after Wasteland War 3.

Mobile Suit Gundam fanfic possibly Iron Blooded Orphans

Starguard the Protectors of the Galaxy (Justice League): Danger arises as Stormbolt and the Starguard must take the fight to this impending danger that threatens the entire galaxy. Perhaps even the entire universe. This quest will leave them on a perilous and bizarre mission to protect the galaxy from galactic destruction. Will they succeed in their adventures? Sequel to Stormbolt: Man of Thunder.

Ultimate Comics Fantastic Four (Marvel): During and after the death of Peter Parker, David Kirk and Jason Long become members of the reformed Fantastic Four with Ben Grimm and Susan Storm. Takes place during Divided We Fall and United We Stand. possible revise

Legacy of the Dragonborn (Elder Scrolls): The return of dragons and a civil war in Skyrim erupts the land in chaos. The hope of Skyrim, perhaps all of Mundus rests on the fabled hero of legend, the Dragonborn.

Walking Dead Frontier (Walking Dead): Two years have passed since the events of Walking Dead: Instinct. The survivors of those events encounter a family that has survived for four years since the apocalypse started. Now faced with a new challenge that awaits them and a new faction, they will have to work together to survive.

Resident Evil Blackwood (RE7 and Until Dawn): After the mysterious deaths of Hannah and Beth Washington, ten friends return to the Washington lodge four years later. But little do they know, they are not the only ones alone on Blackwood Mountain. Now find they survive until dawn and find out through hidden mysterious on what really happen to Hannah and Beth.

Completed stories

Ultimate Comics: Scarlet Spider, New Ultimate Spider-Man, Defiance: the last stand, Walking Dead: Survivor, Thunderhead, Arkham City's defender, Ultimate Comics: New Spider-Man, The New Airbender, Change of Balance, Uncanny Spider-Man, How I never met your mother, Stormbolt: Man of Thunder, Walking Dead: Instinct, Wasteland War.

Current stories

Book 5:War (on hiatus), Ultimate Comics: Avengers (on hiatus), Ultimate Comics: Young Avengers, Superior Black Cat

Stormbolt/Ethan Louis

Age: 22

Appearance: Black American with Irish decent. Black fade haircut with brown eyes. A black jumpsuit with a blue chest which has a yellow thunderbolt symbol on the middle. Casual civilian clothing such as hoodie and jeans.

Equipment: HUD lense goggles and face cowl. Hi-tech Khalosan battle suit of his father's Starwalker armor.

Powers/Abilities: Elemental capable of conjuring storms. Creating ice, water, air, and lightning projecting them. Martial arts expert in Karate, Muay Thai, Wushu, Tae Kwon Do and boxing.

Weakness: Slightly vulnerable to fire (unless in possession of a sun serpent). Slight vulnerability to magic and psionics.

Personality: Wisecrack and serious attitude when the need arises. Shameless flirt with the ladies except those of his friends. A standard loyalty to his friends and protective of both his closest friends and family. Always the referee between the Justice League and Shadow Warriors due to constant disagreements along with being a reserve member of both teams.

Bio: Ethan Louis was born and raised in lost his mother with he was eight years old in a fire, before losing his father at age ten. He was adopted by a loving couple named the Kales after coming to Gotham. He graduated from High school and attended the police academy. However, he was sent to Arkham Asylum by a corrupt police captain after stealing and crushing his son's convertible down a block near Batman's bat mobile. In order to gain bail from prison, he participated in a secret experiment to become the next crime fighter which allow to him gain elemental powers. He became the Man of Thunder known as Stormbolt.

Character Bio: New Ultimate Spider-Man

Name: Terry Jacob 'Ryu' Komori

Height: 5'10

Weight 150 lbs

Eyes: Green when in use of BEV ability, brown

Hair: Black

Aliases: Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man

Birthplace: the Bronx, NY

Relatives: Bryant Komori (father), Hope Cole Komori (mother, deceased), Kimberly Anna 'Kimiko' Komori (sister), Joseph Cole (uncle), Sarah Thornweb-Cole (aunt)

Origin: During a tour of the genetic research lab in Empire State University, a young sixteen year old named Terry Komori was bitten by a delta labeled spider from the trip. The next day, he started exhibiting spider-like abilities including flight, bio-electric venom blasts, pheromones, night-vision, and an altered sight and dubbed himself the Scarlet Spider. One year later, he went back to New York with his parents and saw his friends Dante Cruz and Laura Day along with meeting the original Spider-Man at age seventeen. Six months later, he came across Miles Morales, the very boy he tutored saved people from a burning building with spider powers of his own as Terry saw him save people from a burning building. He encountered Miles and convinces him to be a superhero and called him Kid Spidey as a nick name and now Tarantula after he left.

The New Spider-Man: But during those six months, Terry's parents along with the original Spider-Man Peter Parker died one night. After his parent's funeral, he came across the funeral of Peter Parker and his loved ones grieving over the loss. After he quoted 'with great power, comes great responsibility', Terry Komori decided to become the new Spider-Man at his current age seventeen, as he faced and defeated the Vulture. One week later, he goes patrolling not before Spider-Woman starts questioning him and believes him to be a Spider-Man pretender. After she beat him at every turn, he used his pheromone powers on her not before he was stung in the neck by Miles Morales, also known as Tarantula. Terry was then interrogated by Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D and the Ultimates, but Electro was attempting to break out from the Triskelion. Fortunately, Terry stopped Electro and with Nick Fury giving him one chance, he was dubbed the new Spider-Man. As Spider-Man he met Black Cat and faced Doc Ock, Kraven, a new shocker and Rhino along with the return of Venom. The other day, Terry and Jess encountered Harry Osborn who was taught to be by his own father, Norman Osborn the Green Goblin. A friend of Terry's parents, Adam Gardener explained to Terry that his parents and Peter Parker's death was set up and connected with three suspects: Maximus Gargan, Darnby Harris, and Aaron Davis. With Gardener forbidding him to solve the case, Terry receives another wrist-morpher which he dubs Equip-bracer that was undeveloped and a prototype. With the issue of there being a new Scarlet Spider Terry decided to find out who was this new Scarlet Spider, but was convinced by Harry Osborn to stop a incident in Brooklyn Bridge caused a jackal-like being. During the Brooklyn bridge incident, he saves the lover of the late Peter Parker Mary-Jane Watson and a nine year old boy from a burning car that almost fall from the bridge. He encountered the new Scarlet Spider to be none other than Ben Reilly, having receive just like Terry Komori and Peter Parker. A day after the encounter with the new Scarlet Spider, Terry was face to face against Carrion and defeated him along the way got a job at the Daily Bulge after being fired from Empire 1 news. Terry and Miles luckily fought and take out Scorpion, but Prowler left both of them behind with both of Miles and Terry furiously. After returning home, Terry gets a call from Prowler as he told him the deal was off with Prowler blackmailing him by telling everyone that he's the new Spider-Man. The next day, he encounters Prowler once again and after an argument told him to meet at the same place tonight. After that night, Terry and Miles tell Prowler the deal's off as Terry demanded for Prowler to give him the information he needed and leave town. While impressed and infuriated by Terry and Prowler's own nephew Miles, he attacks both of them with sonic gauntlets. However, Carrion faced off against Prowler possibly aiding Spider-Man and Tarantula. And after a turn of events, Prowler end up suffering an explosion from a malfunctioning sonic gauntlet and tells Terry about someone named Jackal as Terry took Prowler to the hospital.

Divided We Fall: After the event with Prowler the other night and the whole country plunged in civil war, everyone in New York viewed Terry as a menace and murderer due to unfortunate event with his confrontation with Prowler. However, there were some who pointed out that the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker went through the same ordeal. After school, Terry and Miles are told to head for an old and abandoned warehouse by May Parker, the aunt of the later Peter Parker. There they met May Parker and Gwen Stacy along Jessica Drew finally confronting May Parker about her being a clone of Peter Parker, and Harry Osborn arriving to the meeting as May Parker was about to give them something of Peter Parker's, but was interrupted by Captain America who said Terry and Miles shouldn't be Spider-Men. Infuriated, Terry and Captain America argued with each other with the whole issue of Terry being Spider-Man but the conversation comes to a close as Cap catches word of a distribance at Lincoln Tunnel. But before he leaves, he tells Terry that if he is Spider-Man again, he will tell everyone his secret identity and leaves. Terry is then persuaded by May Parker to prove Captain America and hands him Peter's web-shooters but instead gives them to Miles since he has organic webbing. In Lincoln Tunnel, Terry sees Captain America along with Spider-Woman and Tarantula as he aids them in the fight. Shortly impressed, Cap tells Terry that he needs to be trained and with Terry smart-alec remark of asking if Captain America was going to train him.

United We Stand: After being persuaded by Miles to join the Ultimates, Terry along with Miles made their way to the Triskelion. They are confronted by Captain America demanding to know why they came to the Trisekion, with Terry only revealing he wanted to join the Ultimates. Cap and Terry argue until the Triskelion gets attacked by HYDRA, with Cap, Miles, and Terry repelling the attack. After the attack was over, Captain America officially let Terry join the Ulitmates before Captain America accepted his presidency. At the battle of Wyoming, Terry was teamed up with Jessica Drew who felt opposite about partnering up with him. During the battle, Terry becomes irritated of Jess annoyance with him as he asked her what her problem was. She then confesses that she loves Terry and has feelings for him as both of them agreed to deal with the discussion. As they continued the battle, Terry spotted a war machine heading for Captain America who decided to stop the Hydra war machine from taking Captain America's life as both the war machine and Terry crashed on Cassandra Lang aka Giant Woman. While unconscious, Terry received a vision from his legal guardian Sarah Thornweb better known as Madame Web telling him about Venom coming for him. In order to end the battle, Terry goes in all out against an entire Hydra platoon with Ben Grimm, David O'Kirk, and Jason Long and won.

Changes: Seven months later after he met Peter Parker from a alternate dimension, Terry has continued on as Spider-Man in his home dimension along with his relationship with Jessica Drew. His training with Ezekiel Sims finished, he was trained at the peak of his level. However, the two decide to call it off as they go to separate colleges. As soon as they could continue their final date, Vulture, Sandman and Electro escaped looking for Terry. fortunately all three escaped villains were defeated by Spider-Man and Spider-Woman, along with the surprise of new hero American Gargoyle better known as Harry Osborn. Both Terry and Jess were reluctant of Harry becoming the Am Gargoyle at first, but decided to let continue on the path of a hero. In one of Harry's summit at Oscorp tower, DeadPool and his squad had took it upon themselves to make their presence known as they attack the X-Men and Ultimates. Luckily, Terry arrive to help the Ultimates and X-Men along with saving Gwen Stacy in the process but was shown animosity by the X-Men due to them showing negativity against him being the new Spider-Man. After Fury interrogated Terry about Ezekiel and his aunt Sarah Thornweb, he declares Terry to stop off the mission to France. However, Ezekiel and Terry were needed in France to head to a secret haven of the Spider cult to erase hidden documents of the cult. The same abandoned haven DeadPool hid in.

Rise of the Symboites: Upon returning back to New York City, Terry was kidnapped by Jackal on orders from Henry Zellner. While being captive by Zellner, he reveals to Terry about what truly happened to Peter Parker and his parents. This in turn cause Terry to become a symboite of rage upon finding out, killing Jackal in the process. The Ultimates and X-Men arrive to where Terry was held up, but unknown to them was attacked by him in symboite form. It was through the help of Miles Morales and Jessica Drew, that he was about to regain control of the symboite and break free. In the aftermath of Terry's transformation, Zellner fled but was killed by Venom as it and the rest of its kind declared the symboite rise. Two symboites Toxin and Carnage arrive at the home of Peter Parker and attempted to take the life of May Parker and Mary Jane Watson. However, Terry along with a few others such as American Gargoyle, Bombshell, Cloak and Dagger intervened in the battle. This came at a cost as Terry Komori's sister Kim was hurt and injured in the fight prompting her to be sent to the hospital. Meanwhile, the Sinister Six are attacked by an unknown person with Herman Schultz killed in the attack. Prompt by vengeance, Terry attempts to seek out and attack Carnage for what happened to his sister. But to his shock, he found the man behind the symboite Cletus Kassidy was taken out by the supposedly deceased Peter Parker who has now been bonded by the Carnage symboite. The symboite invasion began the next day as Terry hands over to free Phineas Mason from Ryker's Island in order to cure everyone of the symboites.

Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, durability, stamina, agility, flexibility, spider-sense, wall-crawling, equilibrium, Pheromone secretion, Bio-electric venom stings, night vision, altered sight, flight, organic webbing, regenerative healing factor

Name: David Kirk

Eyes: green

Hair: brown

Height: 6,1

Weight: 175

Alias: Singularity

Powers: time manipulation

Affiliation: Currently New Avengers member, Formerly Fantastic Four member

Name: Jason Long

Eyes: brown

Hair: black

Height: 5,12

Weight: 170

Alias: Lightning

Powers: electricity and magnetism

Affiliation: ARMOR (director), Currently New Avengers member, Formerly Fantastic Four member

Cheyenne Tate

Eyes: violet

Hair: violet dyed when Talon, black

Height: 5,8

Weight: 115

Alias: the Talon

Powers/Abilities: master martial artist. thief. hacker.

Family: Aaron Davis (father, deceased), Elena "Faith" Tate (mother), Jefferson Davis (uncle), Rio Morales (aunt), Miles Morales (cousin), Nora Winters-Morales (adoptive cousin)

Affiliation: New Warriors

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New Vegas: Lucky Dragon by Xcom-anders reviews
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