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Hello dovies.

I am the authoress.

Pleased to meet you.

I have actually been on this fine site much longer than the above date proclaims. My ditzy dabbling around these parts has been going on since mid 2008, and will doubtlessly go on much longer. (Should you have a problem with this, you can kindly GTFO. Happy days to you, nonetheless) Due to some apathy and complications, I have abandoned my senior account in hopes of starting anew, so to speak.

Sometimes I wish I was a nudibranch.

Other times I don't sleep.

And somewhere in-between these aquatic aspirations and scarce shuteye sessions (and unnecessary alliteration too) I write.

And sometimes when I write, it is either painful to peruse or original work or sometimes even both at once.

And other times, however seldom, it turns out to be both fanfiction as well as being a stone's throw from ocular slaughter.

Under these nitpicky circumstances, a story is born--a story that I willingly share with you lucky darlings--and I slump back in my poor old chair with a huff of disbeleif.

And that, dovies, is a fruity-tooty passive-aggressive purple-prose-polluted submissively-self-depreciating way of saying Egads! I'm a lazy ass who would rather watch dust collect on her keyboard than do something productive with her literary life!

But that isn't very eloquent, now is it?

(As the authoress, I capitalize on every accidental example of eloquency that I hammer out on these malnourished keys.)


I have blue eyes and I am hopelessly enamored with big words. Let me know if you see my depth perception anywhere. I am an Aries with Pisces rising, which, sadly enough, explains all too much about my character. I am a nail polish whore, or at least I would be if I had the money, and I only ever paint my left hand for reasons too convulated and frankly stupid to list here.

Goodbye, I love you all, and try not to die!

PS--wanna visit me on Ao3? I have stuff on there that isn't on here...yet...if anybody interested...here's the link:

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Karpunzel by X-Hayze-chan-X reviews
Oh God, what have I done? "It's storytime in the Veil, and Gamzee and Terezi have decided to do a collaboration. Vriska is reading it aloud, and everyone is sitting there listening in dumbstruck silence."
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Safely, Quickly reviews
Kanaya feels that she is ready for a change of pace, and by that means she has got to get the ever-loving hell out of New York or else she'll end up scrawling Bible verses on Subway walls in pigeon blood. ONESHOT
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