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Author has written 2 stories for Merlin, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.


I'm Carinth. All my fics from when I was UndertheWeepingWillow except one have been deleted, even Vita Vitae, because I realised that it was mostly just pointless whump.

I have another account on, but, as that account is mostly for reading/reviewing others work, I have decided to make this my 'official' posting account.

I'm very fond of Irish music. It's a phase (hopefully). I'm also a pianist, so if you want to recommend any pieces I'd be overjoyed.

If you ever have the displeasure of meeting me, you shouldn't be worried if I burst out squealing for no apparent reason, clutching my forehead and jumping up and down and murmuring incoherent things about DW, Merlin, SPN, Hetalia and piano. It is perfectly normal-ish. I'm unnaturally random, and have a tendencey to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about stuff.


I'm more of a mild romance fan, I prefer stories with a bigger focus than just one genre, but that doesn't mean that I won't read it.






Oswin/Jack Harkness







RusIta (when done properly)


Jack/Ianto (it's such an underrated pairing. Everyone needs to ship it.)

Owen/Tosh (Owen needs to stop being so mean to poor Tosh!)


Merthur (slash or friendship. Whatever. It doesn't matter to me as long as it's IC)



Adamandriel (This is a relatively new ship that I just adore. They are so perfect for each other!)

This isn't mine, I found it on a forum ages ago and thought that it explains a lot of things (about whump) quite well.

Theory #1: The George Syndrome

Years ago, a friend and I came up with a term for a certain kind of guy: guys who were not only attractive, but who inspired a certain maternal, "awww, I'll make it better" reaction. We called them "Georges," from the old Bugs Bunny/Abominable Snowman cartoon ("oh, I have found a little bunny rabbit. I will hug him and pet him and call him George" - you get the idea).

Women are socialized to be caregivers. We like guys who need us, whom we can take care of. At the same time, we want men who are strong, capable, etc.How to reconcile these two contradictory desires? Take a strong, capable man,and hurt 'im (in the fictional sense, of course). This allows us to be vicarious caregivers (through the non-favorite character). We get our George "awwws" without compromising the character's strength (at least in-IMHO-good fic. There's certainly a lot of fic that seems to like turning strong, capable characters into weepy, whiny, helpless children, but I can't even begin to figure out what that's about, so we'll leave that alone).

Theory #2: The Angst-Boy Syndrome

A (male) friend recently asked me why so many female Buffy fans liked to see Angel in perpetual angst. It got me thinking.

Yet again, we have conflicting desires. Women are socialized to like "strong, silent types." At the same time, we have a deep desire for our beloveds to actually talk to us about their feelings, to show affection. How to reconcile this? Again: hurt 'em (in fic). Throw them into a crisis where talking about their feelings and showing affection is realistic.

Theory #3: The Puzzle Box Syndrome

Most fans, hell, most people, are drawn to characters who are emotionally complex. This complexity may be what draws us to a character on a tv show or in a movie, or, if the character is not shown as particularly complex but appeals to us anyway, what leads us to write fanfic about that character.

With a character who does display complexity in the original text, pain, suffering, etc can serve as a key to bring that complexity to the forefront in ways that often do not occur on screen (since, let's face it, most of our favorite shows tend to focus on things other than emotional complexity). Take, say, either Casey McCall or Dan Rydell from Sports Night. Obviously, both have quite a bit going on under the surface, but in a half-hour "dramedy" with a fairly large ensemble cast

More often, tho' (I would argue), the character isn't necessarily shown to be particularly emotionally deep or complex, even if the potential for it is there. Two examples that spring to mind are Tom Paris and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Paris was made for emotional complexity, but somehow (bad writers, anyone?) it never materialized. Obi-Wan, whatever complexity he got from external sources (the books) or good acting, just didn't have enough screen time. Both these scenarios present the temptation (need, even) to create depths to plumb.

And, let's face it: pain is more complex than happiness. Very few people spend hours in therapy of buy books on the many different ways in which we are happy, or the complication of happiness.

Underrated Characters That Deserved Better Than They Got:

Samandriel (SPN): I was not prepared for such a brutal ending to his character. I really loved him. He is Heaven's Most Adorable Angel. I had been so ready to welcome him into Team Free Will, and then he was killed off. I really should have expected it. Then again, I suppose the brutality of his death was only punctuated by his potential to be such a wonderful character, but I maintain that he is going to be resurrected and then pull Adam from the Pit, and then my OTP will come true. It has to happen.

(Tentative) Updating Schedule:

Capricorn-Whenever I have the time.

This Joy is Formidable-Every Sunday

Random Oneshots (for no particular fandom)-Saturday

My fics are on a temporary hiatus as I work on a collab fic with the awesome writer Maestus.

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