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So I haven't written in over a year. Nothing. Not a word outside of a couple poems. Why? Because I've been more mentally fucked over then I ever thought possible. I cant really explin what's wrong, just that there's alot of shit going on, and I'm having a tough time dealing. I'm now in my second year at university, and I cant believe that I started writing over seven years ago. I can't believe what's gone on in the last seven years. In many ways, I'm happy with my life as it is right now, content to let it continue in many aspects, maintaining some of the friendships I have, stuff like that. I know that I want to be a lawyer, specifically in family or feminist law. Maybe I'll focus on both, who knows? I need to get my GPA high enough first. There is no longer a Luke in my life, and I'm ok with that. I'm not okay completely with everything going on, but I cant change much of it. Maybe I'll start writing again to figure some of this stuff out. I dunno. Sorry to my readers, I've gotten a few emails and stuffs about why I'm not writing, and I've been horribly ignoring many. Sorry guys, I'm just not at a capacity to write something that I'm even remotely happen with or can take somewhere. Maybe soon I'll start again. We shall see.

Why I Write Draco/Hermione: Mostly, I write Draco/Hermione because I can. I find that they are the best characters for my manipulation purposes and I never feel bad about what I'm doing to them. I love writing about them, and I think I always will. However, anyone who chooses to read my stories should be well aware of the fact that I tend to take the characters and make them very OOC. If you cannot deal with this, that's not my problem, it's yours and if you dont like it, dont read my stories. It doesnt really affect me either way.

My Stories:

The Givin Up Trilogy (completed)
1: Givin Up
2: I Gave Up on Us but Never on You
3: Givin Up Isnt an Option

Crimson Rain Drops (Completed)
Daddy, I Love You (Work in Progress)
The Faith(Work in Progress...kinda)
The Blood on His Hands (Work in Progress)

Givin Up is my first fic and the first in the Givin Up Trilogy and takes place at Hogwarts in Hermione and Dracos seventh year. Hermione and Draco dont like each other, never have and as far they know, never will. Hermione's pulling away from Harry and Ron. A new group forms, 6 of them in total. But there's twists in what they thought would be an easy road to travel. Can they stick it out together? Or will their lives as they know them end? (I can guaruntee that this story, and the others that follow in the series completely suck, because, well, I wrote them, and have re-read them. The writing was horrible, i was horrible, and I was twelve. I, however, will not delete them from here, nor will I ever apologize for writing them.)

I Gave Up On Us But Never on You is the second part in the Givin Up Trilogy and is a post Hogwarts story. It takes place five years after, yet it seems to pick up where Givin Up left off, if that makes any sense. (I hate this one too, but again, I wil not delete it, nor will I ever apologize for it)

Givin' Up Isnt An Option is the third and final installment of the trilogy. It starts right where I Gave Up On Us But Never on You ends. It introduces new characters and starts to deal with alot of the old characters again. Things happen to shatter the lives of every person to ever enter the story. (I dont mind this as much as the other two, but still dislike it alot. Again, like the previous, i will not apologize for it. These were my experimentation stories, right as I was coming into my own)


Crimson Rain Drops is a story where I bring in new characters in right from the beginning. I'm rather proud of this story, and this story was a coping mechanism for me. It's what I did to avoid everything that was going on in my life. The characters that I brought in had meaning at the time, though the only one now that will ever show up again is Luke. I warn you now that suicide, self mutilation, drinking, pregnancy, etc are all elements of this story. Like I said, coping mechanism. The entire reason for the story is stated at the end of it all.

Daddy, I Love You is a post Hogwarts story. Hermione and Draco have already split up and are no longer in communication. But the reason is way different than normal. You see, Hermione gave birth to Matt just before the end of their seventh year. She ran, and now Draco has full custody and Hermione hasnt seen her son or Draco since graduation. Out of the blue they show up again. Things happen, the story evolves. Happy ending? I dont know yet. Maybe. I'll see how I feel about it when that time comes. (I like this story because it's fun for me to write, for many reasons. Read it, maybe you'll enjoy)

The Faith I have no idea where this came from, why I'm writing it or if I'll ever continue it (I have other chapters written, I just dont know if I'm at all happy with them).I'm not sure where this is going, how it'll end or what'll happen along the way. But I hope you all love it anyway :D (Below is a thing that tells you about each character in this story as people seem to get rather confused) I may or may not ever finish this. To those who have read it and enjoyed, I apolgize for this. I'm just not really feeling it right now. I'll see what happens as times runs on...maybe I'l one day return to this story.

The Faith Characters

(Alex)Hermione Alexandra Granger,Gryffindor,Female,17
(Jase)Jason Granger, Genius, Muggle Male,18
(Luke)Lucas Evan VanEden ,Music Junkie,Slytherin Male,17
-- Logan Charles VanEden ,Punk, Gryffindor Male 16
(Mike)Micheal Casey Hunter, Jock,Muggle Male 16
--Lars Bradicus Leeh,Tattoo Artist, Slytherin Male 17
--Jordan Stephanie Croft, Skater, Slytherin Female 18
--Shannon Kendra Grey, Prep, Muggle, Female 18

The Blood on his Hands is my new coping mechanism. Where it goes, how it finishes, what happens, I dont know yet. I dont know how long it'll take to write, or how long will be between each update. It all depends on me and my moods, and this roller-coaster that is life, really. Again, like with Crimson Rain Drops, I'm giving you a warning for strong dealings with suicide, self mutilation, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. I recommend reading it at some point, not just because it's mine, but because it's what I believe is my best piece of work to date. I'm rather proud of it.

That's all for now. I hope you enjoy my stories, should you ever read this, or any of them.

~Pure Mudblood

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The Blood on his Hands reviews
He stared at the blood on his hands, where had he gone wrong? Surely this was his fault. If he had stayed home that night, she would still be at his side. The war was over, she promised she was better now. So why was she no longer breathing?
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Hermione felt someone holding her hair back as she got sick. At that moment, she truly didn’t care who it was. All she could think about was getting all this poison out of her system. Warning: strong language and suicide. Completed
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They called themselves 'The Faith'. The name came from the faith they had in each other. There was this trust and security among them, and no matter where they went, someone else was always close by. These 9 were each others security nets.
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