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I'm Kat. I'm 26 (I'm getting old! tries not to think about it ... fails) and hail from all the way down here in Melbourne, Australia. I spend my days working so that I can afford to buy manga and go on holidays =P Actually I teach science...which is my excuse if you ever find any bad grammer or spelling in my fics! XD

It'd be nice one day to write a proper book but a most excellent idea has not jumped out at me yet. And I'm a firm believer of things that jump out at you when the time is right.

I currently have five stories up here at ff.net.

A Lost Love - (in progress) DBZ AU. A Trunks/OC, romance/drama. It's a bit strange seeing as there's a time warp problem that won't be sorted out til later. The first chapter was penned by Aiya and then I adopted the fic from her. So far it's turned out not how she expected. It's also written in the first person which is a bit of a challenge because I keep forgetting that Zana can't know all that I know.

Only the Weak - (in progress) DBZ AU. Action/adventure/romance/drama/angst you name it, it's probably in here. My current favourite. This fic has...well the only solid pairing it will definately have is Bulma/Vegeta, there may be some others later. The problem with this one is that the characters are spread widely. Soon they'll all be in the one place which will make things easier but I love it anyway. Features Zarbon and the Ginyu Force a lot, in fact more than Vegeta at the moment (even Yamcha has put in more appearences). The story is basically that there is a rebellion growing against Frieza and that Bulma and her father have been enlisted to help. Radditz is seaching for Kakarott (and it looks liek he might have found him) unfortunately so is Frieza. And a number of Frieza's forces are seemly quite unhappy with their lot in life.

Another Time - (in progress) DBZ AU. A Trunks/OC, adventure/romance/drama. The story of Kat/Karete (not me before you ask! And she's no Mary Sue either -the stupid brat) who is Goku's younger, twin sister. They are nothing alike and by strange twist of time on Kami's part, nowhere near the same age. She wakes up as the Cell games are ending and basically makes a mess of things trying to fit in to her new found family, so she runs away, following Trunks back to the future (minus wild haired doctor...). So far she's been making a mess of things there too. =P This one's is probably the most complete of my in progress stories.

United They Learn - (complete) A nice little one shot about fanfiction writers and their powers. It's a bit strange but turned out well for the half hour it was written in.

Mahou no Hikage - (in progress) InuYasha AU. Action/adventure/drama/angst. No pairings so far. And so far only a prologue and first chapter. Basically a new threat called shadow magic makes itself known to the gang. They end up having to fight alongside former enemies.

I'm one of those writers who need encouragement. The more reviews I get the sooner my chapters tend to come out. However I will not give up until they are all completed. Even if it takes me months between chapters!

There are also several stories I co-author posted here:

Duel of Fates - Another Rebellion against Frieza fic. However in this one he has attained immortality! Based off our RPG, I've beta-d this in to fic form for your conveinice. There are several OC's in this fic all of whom are...interesting characters to say the least. The plot and cast covers several series: DBZ, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Narnia Chronicles and anything else we feel like throwing in along the way. See for character profiles or find us on livejournal, Posted under Starkiller's pen name.

Kold High - A little Christmas break spin off of Duel of Fates. Same deal. But with the characters are in high school.

Also been made staff of the C2 - Namek Saga fanfiction

To see art for DOF, Only the Weak, and general anime style or DBZ stuff head over to - karete.deviantart.com

Thought of the decade: There are not enough GOOD Zarbon fics out there.

Buggerit, millennium hand and shrimp!

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Only the Weak reviews
AU. BV, Zarbon, Ginyu Force and others. Set during Frieza's reign, a group of rebels arise on a little known planet called Chikyuu. But dissention is already apparent within Frieza's own ranks. Chapter 14 up!
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Being a teenager isn't easy. Being different is no biggie but when you're keeping a secret that could mean your life, it just makes growing up allthe harder.
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Another Time reviews
Appologies for the wait. Someone please kick the angsty characacters into doing something. And onlt Kami knows who this Grass guy is.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 14 - Words: 52,761 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 5 - Updated: 3/30/2005 - Published: 2/4/2003 - Trunks
Mahou no Hikage reviews
Kagome knows in her heart that one day she and her friends will destroy Naraku, but when a new magic arises and begins creeping into her world as well, the thin line between friend and foe become blurred. Basically just a teaser for now...
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United They Learn reviews
What would we do if this happened? Really?
Anime X-overs - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,342 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 1/22/2004
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