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Welcome to my profile! I go by Goldie on this site. I'm an American in college, like so many of us are, and I'm mostly known on this site for the EmeraldVerse, which includes Rue Returns, Only Time Will Tell, Make Me a Match, and my current story, The First Inter-District, Inter-Disciplinary Events.

IDIDE PARTICIPATION LINK: h t t p s : / / goo . gl / forms / ZycXN5N3I7FXfz0j1


Capitol: Lyric Cloud and Silas Rune

District One: Jessamine Rogers and Winsley Vwystrom

District Two: Myranda Lidano and Chloe Antoni

District Three: Sinsya Powers and Alexei Roth

District Four: Amazon Brown and Solomon Mikkelson

District Five: Luna Mae Powell and Rochas Augustus

District Six: Nell Edwards and Ventus Gorva

District Seven: Sawyer Burns and Morrel Elmwyner

District Eight: Serenity Capiere and Sage Davidson

District Nine: Liana Klepper and Aviel Nitsa

District Ten: Ramona Wayland and Kitt Mosley

District Eleven: Mallory Farro and Crixus Anjou

District Twelve: Sharen Cantiano and Alder Howe

District Thirteen: Henley Moriarty and Aelyx Stark

Times MMAM Tributes Screwed Over Other MMAM Tributes:

  1. Arieyn Occisor leaving her poison on the table with an Avox (who can't talk) to warn others not to drink it.
  2. Creddi Grant drinking the poison, getting Blaze into this whole mess.
  3. Pacifica Corwin totally dissing Garnet during her interview, leading Garnet to Select her, and sending Creddi into the Games, sending Blaze into the Games (see #2).
  4. Drew and Honey Voltas switched places, leading to the inclusion of CJ Laurent in the Games (but who does this screw over the most, CJ or Ruby Emerald?)
  5. Narcissa throwing Amaryllis in front of her to protect herself from Ravi (which backfired, as she died too)

My Tributes in Other Stories

Italics indicate that the story has not been updated in at least three months.

Strikethrough means that the story has been discontinued but I haven't found a home for that tribute.

Not Yet Introduced:

A Complete Mary-Sue: Dansia Loraine, 12, D2F, 74th Hangry Gamez (Parody SYOT) (AmericanPi's parody SYOT)

Totally Out of It: Margit Amperson, 17, D3F, Cor Contritum- the 126th Annual Games (Sally the Lioness)

Popular Jokester: Duplo Cone, 18, D3M, Cor Contritum- the 126th Annual Games (Sally the Lioness)

Multifaceted: Annabellina Circuit, 16, D6F, Vermillion Shorelines (Paradigm of Writing)

Arrogant Grammar Nerd: Tupelo Squir, 12, D7M, Empty Cities: The 35th Hunger Games (BrokenMockingjay)

Quiet yet Strong: Weft Bobbin, 16, D8M, The Last Petal: The 60th Hunger Games (betttyy)

Black and White: Saralee Spelt, 12, D9F, Reign of Blood: The 105th Hunger Games(SYOT) (ZJB3)

That Didn't Happen: Barlen Rimmon, 13, D9M, Hide Your Fires: The 50th Hunger Games (Elim9)

Smart: Catherine Crow, 12, D10F, The 6th Quarter Quell (District 9 Tribute)

Less Smart: Christine Crow, 15, D10F, The 6th Quarter Quell (District 9 Tribute)

I, Robot: Pixel Chip, 17, D10M, 74th Hangry Gamez (Parody SYOT) (AmericanPi)

Unflappable: Houston Harrels, 12, D10M, Apocalypse Now (twistedservice)

Lustful: Maybell Chaklai, 18, D11F, Ad Aeturnum (Little Knight Mik)

Capitol-Born II: Daria Junius, 15, D11F, Hunger Games: Resurrection Resurrection (LadyCordeliaStuart)

Memory-less: Barley Wheatstalk, 12, D11M SYOT - 150th Hunger Games (later.glader)

Rebel: Junnalina McAlberts, 14, D12F, Reign (IVolunteerAsAuthor)

Tiny but Fierce: Ash Ember, 15, D12M, Veni, Vidi, Vici: The 57th Hunger Games (DaughterOfTigris)


Spy in Training: Quatra X, 14, CF, Ad Mortem (Little Knight Mik)

Status: In Training

Yes, A Cookie Sheet: Rhodocrosite "Rhoda" Angle, 18, D1F, Sweets to the Sweet (PeonyPierce)

Status: Reaped and Awaiting her Fate

Smarter and Harder II: Gloria Martez, 12, D1F, Hunger Games: Resurrection Resurrection (LadyCordeliaStuart)

Status: Resurrected and Awaiting her Fate

Super Competitive: Siobhan Ripple, 16, D2F, Eclipse: the 91st Games (Reader Castellan)

Status: On the Train to the Capitol

Proper: Desmond Pick, 18, D2M, The Sixth Quarter Quell, Tremble (HoppsHungerfan)

Status: Reaped and Awaiting his Fate

Linguistic II: Hindi Kabyle, 17, D3F, Hunger Games: Resurrection Resurrection (LadyCordeliaStuart)

Status: Resurrected and Awaiting her Fate

Programming Genius: Chip Tablet, 13, D3M, Cards of Mortality: The 140th Hunger Games (Platrium)

Status: In Training

Budding Mechanic: Abbi Motorr, 12, D6F, Mesa: The 48th Hunger Games (Singlewave)

Status: Reaped and Awaiting her Fate

Finding Herself: Padget "Peggy" Geare, 17, D6M, Chemical Induction: The 99th Annual Hunger Games (TWilkins)

Status: Reaped and Awaiting her Fate

Bookworm: Juniper Webster, 12, D7F, The Best of Us: The 76th Hunger Games (GreenFyre575)

Status: In Training

Pseudo-Career: Ruby Rodriguez, 12, D7F, Daylight's End: The 138th Hunger Games (AKLNxStories)

Status: Introduced and Awaiting her Fate

Confused Warrior: Coutille Harrow, 15, D8F, Chosen Warriors-35th Hunger Games (SexyBonBon)

Status: In Training

Caring Triplet: Caleb Sapphire, 15, D8M, The Best of Us: The 76th Hunger Games (GreenFyre575)

Status: In Training

Mr. Helpful II: Colton Herringbone, 16, D8M, Reality Resurrection (Winter's Writing)

Status: Resurrected and Awaiting his Fate

Dull as an Old Pair of Scissors: Juki Kearne, 15, D8M, Sinners and Saints: The Nineteenth Hunger Games (LSJLSaints)

Status: Reaped and Awaiting his Fate

Synesthesiac II: Dove Henderson II, 12, D10F, Reality Resurrection (Winter's Writing)

Status: Resurrected and Awaiting her Fate

Caring and Logical: Sarah Lilac, 18, D11F, Running Man: The 20th Hunger Games (SilverflowerxRavenpaw)

Status: Reaped and Awaiting her Fate

Caring Father: Jarrett Colson, 18, D12M, Sinners and Saints: The Nineteenth Hunger Games (LSJLSaints)

Status: Reaped and Awaiting his Fate

Canary in a Coal Mine: Cole Aish, 12, D12M, Ad Mortem (Little Knight Mik)

Status: In Training

In The Arena:

What Goes Around...: Natalie Needle, 17, D7F, Set My Chains Free (CreativeAJL)

Alliance: Millet Arrowroot

23/26 Remaining

Blue: Tessa Avery Raeburn, 18, D9F, Salty Tears: The 116th Annual Hunger Games (snowstar1)

No Alliance

14/24 Remaining

Red: Matt Sickle, 17, D9M, Salty Tears: The 116th Annual Hunger Games (snowstar1)

No Alliance

14/24 Remaining

The Extra Child: Atirikta Lennox, 15, D11F, Overlooked: The 149th Hunger Games (TheEngineeringGames)

No Alliance

17/22 Remaining

In Heaven:

Smarter and Harder: Gloria Martez, 12, D1 Older, Role Model: The 100th Hunger Games (david12341)

2nd Place

AAA GLORIA YOU WERE SO CLOSE!!! It was the Gamemakers deciding that there couldn't be two Victors that did you in. You had such great development in this story, and I loved getting to watch you go through basically all of the extant emotions that a human can go through. You did so well, Gloria; rest in peace with your sister.

Synesthesiac: Dove Henderson, 12, D10F, Free Falling: The 31st Hunger Games (IVolunteerAsAuthor)

7th Place

DOVE! I don't know how you made it this far, honestly. You were such a cute little smol bean, and I am so glad that I got to breathe life into you, if even for such a short time. Caleb did such a good job with her! Goodbye, my little Dove, and I know you're in a better place.

Of the Earth and Sky: Leilani Ku'uaki, 15, Maine, Home of the Brave 2 (IVolunteerAsAuthor)

7th/8th Place

Leilani ended up taking a backseat to a much more interesting and awesome plot in HOTB2, which I totally didn't mind. She got to live a little bit before she died, which was quite nice. Thanks Caleb for doing a great job with Leilani, and I hope she can really be herself wherever she is now.

Flower Child: Harmony Haven, 14, D3F, United: 150th Hunger Games (beauthg03)

10th Place

Honestly, I never expected Harmony to make it this far. She was just an oblivious little hippie that could have easily gone out in the Bloodbath. But no, she managed to make it all the way to the Top 10! Well done, Harmony, and here's to a better, more peaceful existence in heaven.

Silent: Bailey Hopper, 18, D9M, Never: The 41st Hunger Games (luka11303)

11th Place

In the grand scheme of my tributes, Bailey was fairly simple, known for being quiet and stoic. I felt a lot less connected to him than I felt to some of my other tributes, but I still loved seeing him be brought to life. Rest in peace, Bailey.

Forever Connected: Gadget and Gizmo McGhee, 14, D3M, Crimson: The 10th Hunger Games (paperairline)

14th Place

Yeah, I couldn't expect this pair to get much further than here. I'm glad that I got to see them brought to life and that someone was bold enough to write a pair of Siamese twins! RIP, my left and right brain kids, and here's to a better life elsewhere.

Mr. Helpful: Colton Herringbone, 16, D8M, Safe and Sound- The 40th Hunger Games (luka11303)

15th Place

Colton was such a fun tribute to see brought to life! He was so well-meaning and adorable, and I really loved getting to see him in action. Goodbye, Colton, and I know you're in a better place, helping people out up there.

Capitol-Born: Daria Junius, 15, D11F, Danzón: The 125th Hunger Games (CelticGames4)

20th Place

AAA DARIA NO!! I definitely expected her to go early, but I was hoping it wasn't this early. It was a bit of a stretch for me to have a Capitol kid in the Games without the Capitol sending tributes, but I was thrilled to see you be the innocent and adorable girl you were. Rest in peace, Daria, and hopefully you get to be with Desiree up there!

Linguistic: Hindi Kabyle, 17, D3F, Crash Landing: Book Three (An SYOT) (IVolunteerAsAuthor)

21st Place

Hindi was such a fun character for me to come up with, and one that really evolved from Caleb's universe. It was neat to see her come to life, and while she didn't have a huge role in the story, I still loved her portrayal. Thanks for her, Caleb, and I hope she does OK up above.

Timid and Anxious: Warp Bobbin, 16, D8M, Four Seasons: The 65th Hunger Games (SnowLucario)

22nd Place

Warp was never gonna win. There was no way. He was, admittedly, the weaker of the two tributes in my little experiment about canon divergence. He wasn't super detailed, but he was fun to have around. Rest in peace, little Warp.

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