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Author has written 3 stories for Soul Eater, and Kuroshitsuji.


I'm going to assume that you happened across my page from one of two ways...

One: You read one of my stories and decided to try to learn a little more about me... or something like that.


Two: You accidentally found yourself here and are at the moment so much in shock from being on my page that you have not left quickly enough and are now reading this and questioning why you are doing so.

Either of these incidents is perfectly fine with me. If I were me, I wouldn't want to put up with me either. (Think about that for a moment but don't hurt yourself trying to get the joke- I'm not really that funny.)

So, anyway! I guess you came here to learn more about me... or something like that. I'm going to assume you did and go with it either way!

Before we get started, I'd like to warn you that you may in fact be currently entering the Twilight Zone and that my imaginary friends believe me to be insane (Don't listen to them, I assure you I'm perfectly fine.).

I set up my profile like an OC sheet, so all you character creators and fanfiction writers can understand my language. Aren't I nice? Yes, yes I am.

-Name: Mollie

-Age: 20

-Gender: Female

-Sexuality: Asexual? Pansexual? Asexual-Panromantic? Dunno. Don't really care.

-Religion: Omnism, with Transcendentalist beliefs

-Physical Description: Being 5' 7" and 240 lbs, Mollie seems to be the stereotypical obese American that everyone loves to rag on.

She has super short hair that is about 2"-3" long at any given time and can be any color under the sun... except pastel. Because, dear god, no.

As she is fairly antisocial and denies the need to go outside (hissing and melting in the sunlight when she is forced by friends and family to do such a ghastly activity), she has a skin color that is pale yellow.

Her eyes are blue but have green around the iris and are generally unnoticeable and are easily distracted from as most people just use her as a pillow due to her mass cuddle-ability and soft padding built into her entire body.

Even though she doesn't enjoy the outside (more specifically the heat), she does seem to enjoy taking walks by the creek near her house on nice days or going on impromptu road trips when she is not reading, writing, drawing, sewing, sleeping, or eating food items.

She dresses herself mostly in simple, extra baggy pants, and t-shirts and/or flannel. Her clothes, it can also be noted, are often covered with animal fur that mostly comes from her cat and two rabbits, although other animal's fur can get on her as she has a habit of petting stray animals that look like they desire love.

She certainly isn't the most attractive girl anywhere you would go, although some people have been know to have called her "cute". (Being unsocial, Mollie is still in the process of understanding what that means and is currently not taking such compliments at the time.)

Additional features include: A pair of simple, brown rimmed glasses; the occasional necklace; an industrial bar in her right ear; sparkly, black/gray, or clear nail polish; and random animals following her that she doesn't have a clear idea where they came from as sometimes stray animals will just start following her home and will then beg for food (which she will willingly give).

-Special Powers: At the moment, Mollie is unsure of any super powers she may have inherited. She is contemplating wither clumsiness can be considered a super power and if being accident prone may in fact be helpful to her in her endeavors to constantly ward off the forces of evil that lurk around every corner.

However, Mollie (for some reason) does consider that her attempts to write are (while in dire need of more practice and helpful critiques for improvement) quite good and that her abilities to draw do surpass most peoples her age and would enjoy for you to take a look at them at the-ushi-artist.deviantart.com (And does plead desperately with you that you would add the spaces between each word as they do make a difference between her page and some rather disturbing pictures.) She also has an Etsy shop (FurrilyCostumes) in which she sells costume pieces such as tails, paws, ears, and more.

-Pets: Mollie is the proud owner of two Holland Lop-Eared Rabbits (both of whom are fixed, mind you). She loves both of them dearly and looks forward to many cheerful years with them.

The oldest one (being about six) is Honeycomb, a large female rabbit who is made of several solid shades of brown and is equipped with a fierce personality that scares away all but the bravest with her fearsome growl and long, gnashing teeth.

The younger rabbit is a handsome five-and-a-half year old Holland Lop who goes by the name Artmaus (Artie, as most call him). He has marble patterned fur that is patched together from light brown and white plush-y softness. He enjoys running around, tearing up all of Mollie's stuff, eating her clothing/ dragging it into his cage, and cuddling. The fact that he enjoys to cuddle and have his tummy rubbed is, Mollie believes, the only thing that has kept her from killing him or worse.

Mollie also owns a cat. A pure-white snowball named Cassie, who has a classic feline personality of slowly and painfully murdering your hand if you pet her for too long. Cassie shares Mollie's trait of being obese and surprises many of Mollie's country-living friends when they come to visit and find that not only is a cat living within the house but is also quite rolly-polly (which just further hides her viciousness and blood-lust).

Favorite Food: Mollie enjoys many items of the food variety and requests that you please not ask for her to narrow it down to one. (As long as it's not any form of vegetable, she will most likely be comfortable with it.)

Favorite Color: Once again, Mollie regrets to inform you that she does not have a favorite color but that she enjoys almost all colors with equal delight.

Favorite Music: If you were to go into Mollie's room unannounced, (which is highly not recommended as there are several things she could be doing that would be too terrifying for the mere mortal human to witness.), you may pay close attention and find that she is listening to music, painting, playing on her computer or video game consoles, or admiring her rock collection.

Favorite Season: Mollie is noted as absolutely loving the Autumn season. She loves the colors and many of the fall activities. This is the one season where you may in fact find her out of her native habitat and actually enjoying the outdoors. She has seen helping neighbors rake leaves, running through leaf piles (and then helping rake them back up after sufficiently demolishing them), taking long walks along the creek by her house, and laughing over the dead bodies of her mortal enemies; mosquitoes, who have perished from the changing of the seasons. (It can also be noted that she prefers cold to heat and, while she dislikes snow and ice, she gladly welcomes winter while despising summer.)

Plans for the Future: Mollie is currently in college to become a Geologist and that's about all she knows at the moment.

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Has Hell No Fury? reviews
She had never had a living friend before. He wasn't sure what to think of her. Nobody had heard of her before, living forever in her family's shadow. They all wanted to give her the help that she had never asked for. She wanted things to go back to the way it had been... and that would never be possible.
Soul Eater - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Words: 18,247 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 30 - Updated: 6/4/2015 - Published: 2/15/2015 - Death The Kid, OC, Lord Death/Shinigami-sama
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