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Author has written 7 stories for Scream, Charmed, and Harry Potter.

I'm just a hyper, crazy but yet sweet caring girl. I love the Scream and Harry Potter series. Also Charmed, and Big Bang Theory, along with Amazing World of Gumball.

This is for Harry Potter:

Sirius Black has a daughter. It's called Being a Black, is Not Easy. (In progress)

This is for Twilight:

Jasper Hale has a little sister, and it's Jasper Hale's Sister. (On hold)

This is for Scream:

It's Bad Karma Sidney's Daughter Scream 4 and the sequel, Scream 5 (Something to Die For).

Also, Tatum has a twin sister, which is The Riley Sister. (On hold)

This is for Charmed:

I'm writing a Charmed story called: Charmed: The Power of Four. (On hold)

This is the crossovers:


Name: Tatum

Aliases: snoopyisbeast, Tatum Prescott

Nicknames: Tates

Fanfiction Age: 14

Language: American (English).

Hair & eye color description: short brunette hair and blue eyes

Personality: A girl, who can be both very smart but somewhat stupid (at times), sweet, kind and cares about friends and family.

Family: My parents and my stupid sister who's 18 (Holly). My niece Audri.

Enemies: My loser brother-in-law, Zach, Chandler, Ghostface, Michael Meyers, rtc.

Friends: Harley (BFF), Tyler (BFF), Miles (BFF), Cha'Day (BFF), Isaiah, Kayla, so on.

Boyfriend: Lol no one

My Theme Songs: Something to Die For, I'll Be There For You, Bad Karma

Likes: Reading, Writing, Singing, Dancing, Solving Mysteries, Hanging out with Friends and Family, Shopping, Musicals, Horror films, etc.

Dislikes: Snobs, bitches, whores, stuck-ups, etc.

Fears: Losing a family member, dementors

Name: Rosalie Jill Black (full name)

Aliases: Rose, Rosie, Black, Potter's girlfriend, Posion Posie, Rosie Posie

Fanfiction Age: 13 (Prisoner of Azkaban)

House: Gryffindor

Voice Actress Speaking:

Language: English

Hair & Eye color: Black, a little bit of brown
Blue (eyes)

Skin Color: White - pale

Looks: Early teens:

Late teens:

19 years later (Epilouge):

Personality: Caring, sweet. Nice, slacks father's temper, somewhat like Remus

Parents: Sirius Black (father), Jullian Williams (mother, deceased), Remus Lupin (father-figure, guardian)

Aunts/Uncles: Alethea & Zach Roberts, Regulus Black (deceased)

Other: Orion and Walburga Black (deceased), 2 unnamed grandparents (deceased), 6 cousins, Bellatrix Lestrange, Andromeda Tonks, Narcissa Malfoy (second cousins), Draco Malfoy (third cousin)


Siblings: Taylor Williams (half-brother)

Enemies: Slytherins

Friends: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley (best friends), Neville Longbottom, Ginny Weasley, Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas, Cedric Diggory, Lee Jordan, other Gryffindors...

Group: Gryffindor

Theme Songs: Hey There Delilah (Muggle song)


Dislikes: Black family [her own family] (all the bitches with the whole 'blood purity' thing), Slytherins, Voldemort

Fears: Dementors

Fanfiction self; Twilight series (Jasper Hale's Sister):

Name: Piper Hale-Cullen (born Piper Whitlick)

Aliases: Pipes, Pipe, Piper Cullen, Piper Hale, Fury, Leech, Bloodsucker

Fanfiction Age: 17

Voice Actress Speaking: Holly Marie Comes (as Piper Halliwell/Charmed)

Language: English (American)

Hair & Eye color: Long, straight brown hair with golden-eyes (as a vampire). She had brown eyes as a human, and red when she was a newborn and killed Rosalie's ex-fiancee and his friends.


Personality: Caring, fearless & fiesty.

Parents: Biological parents (deceased), Carlisle & Esme Cullen (adoptive)

Spouse: Emmett Cullen

Siblings: Jasper Hale (biological), Alice Cullen (by marriage), Edward Cullen (adoptive)


Friends: Bella Swan, Virgina (bestfriend, human life)

Group: Olympic Coven

Theme Songs: Supermassive Black Hole (Muse)


Dislikes: James & his coven

Fears: Her coven dead, Jasper & Emmett deceased.

Fanfiction self; Scream series (Sidney's Daughter):

Name: Tatum Maureen Prescott

Aliases: Maureen Prescott, Tatum Riley

Nicknames: Tates

Fanfiction Age: 13 (Scream 5)

Voice Actress Speaking: Rose McGowan (Charmed/Scream)

Language: English (American)

Hair & Eye color: Shoulder-length-ish dark brown/light-ish black hair, brown eyes.

Regular Outfit: A regular shirt and jeans, with converse.

Personality: Sweet, caring. Fearless, brave. Feisty and carefree.

Family: Sidney Prescott (mom), Neil Prescott (grandpa), Maureen Prescott (grandma), Roman Bridger (uncle), Kate Roberts (great aunt), Jill Roberts (second cousin)

Enemies: Ghostface

Friends: Macy Potter (best), Tyler Kingsley (best), Leo Matthews, Eric, Brigit, Dewey Riley (godfather), Gale Riley (godmother), Kirby Reed

Boyfriend: Um, no one.

Crushes: No one.

Group: Macy-Tyler-Leo-Brigit-Eric friend group; Dewey-Gale-Sidney friend group

My Theme Songs: Something to Die For

Rivals: Ghostface

Likes: Being with family, writing and reading

Dislikes: Being scared for her life (Ghostface), Ghostface

Fears: Everyone she loves dead.

CHARMED: The Power of Four; Fanfic

Name: Parker Halliwell



Fanfiction Age: 17 (season 1)

Language: American (English)

Hair & eye color description: Brown Hair & brown eyes.


Personality: Caring and she's a lot like her older sister, Piper.

Family: Patty Halliwell (mother, deceased), Victor Bennett (father), Prue Halliwell (sister), Piper Halliwell (sister), Phoebe Halliwell (sister)

Enemies: Demons

Friends: Kyle


My Theme Songs: How Soon is Now (Love Spit Love)


Dislikes: Roger, demons/warlocks

Fears: Losing family

Fanfiction self; Scream series (Tatum's Twin):

Name: Rose Riley

Aliases: Tatum Riley

Nicknames: Rosie

Fanfiction Age: 19 (Scream 2)
17 (Scream)

Voice Actress Speaking: Rose McGowan (Charmed/Scream)

Language: English (American)

Hair & Eye color: Blonde hair, shoulder length. Brown eyes. (Scream 2)
Strawberry blonde hair, shoulder-length. Brown eyes. (Scream)

Scream 2:,r:4,s:51


Personality: Feisty and carefree as well she has a sense of humor (like her sister was). Can be somewhat stubborn, kind, caring and can be maternal. She's also sarcastic and quick-witted.

She is now emotional everytime she hears about Tatum.

Family: Mrs. Riley (mother), Dewey Riley (brother), Tatum Riley (twin sister, deceased), Sidney Prescott ("sister")

Enemies: Ghostface/the Killer (Scream, Scream 2) Gale Weathers (Scream), Cotton Weary (Scream)

Friends: Scream 2:Sidney Prescott (best friend/roommate), Randy Meeks ("brother"), Hallie McDaniel (roommate), Derek Feldman (Sid's boyfriend), Mickey Alteri (Hallie's boyfriend)

Scream: Sidney Prescott (best friend/"sister"), Tatum Riley (best friend/sister), Stu Macher (Tatum's boyfriend), Billy Loomis (Sidney's boyfriend), Randy Meeks



Group: Sidney-Tatum-Stu-Billy-Randy friend group (Scream), Sidney-Tatum-Dewey friend group (??-Scream), Sidney-Randy-Hallie-Mickey-Derek friend group (Scream 2), Sidney-Dewey friend group

My Theme Songs: Drop Dead Goregous (Scream), Red Right Hand (Scream 2)


Likes: Family, eating, friends

Dislikes: The killer (Ghostface)

Fears: Seeing her siblings dead.

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