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Hello all! You can follow me on twitter, @anjell1993, to get news on my work.

If you enjoy my stories then I have some great news for you. I've published my own original story! It's a fantasy novel called Snowflake, and it's currently up for sale and is available both in paper back and on the kindle. It's available in many places, including on and Barnes & Noble.

In this story, set back in the days of knights and castles, a young lady named Armina has been running from the King's army for several years now. Early on in the story she meets someone she never would have expected. Adelle, an angel, reveals that she is on earth searching for weapons that, during a mid air battle with a demon name Ajax, were scattered across the land.

Armina joins Adelle in her search and what they find together is that Ajax is working with the already corrupt King, and thus has the entirety of the King's power at his disposal to search for the lost, unique and powerful angel weapons. As they continue their journey together Armina and Adelle are forced to realize that they not only need to get all the weapons back before Ajax can get them, but they must oust the King and Ajax from power before their evil corrupts the entire kingdom.

I hope ya'll enjoy my book! It's my pride and joy, and there is more to come, including a sequel to Snowflake! As well I'm currently working on four other unique stories, all of which are planned to be multiple book series. If you're interested you can look up "Snowflake Anjell Jesse" on to order your own copy, or you can visit my book's page with the publisher at I look forward to the fanfictions!

OOOOH! My book is now a category here on! If any of you readers want to write a fanfiction for my book Snowflake then please do!

Story Status:

I am not quitting, however between work, my novels, and other responsibilities I'm finding it difficult to write my fanfics. I will continue writing and updating, so please don't worry. Just keep an eye out for notices on new chapters.

A New Life: Halted - Lack of reader interest.

Blood Rose: Completed

Burned Deal: Halted - Technical problems.

Devil's Daughter: Ongoing

Equestrian Fall: Halted - Lack of reader Interest

Fallen 'A'ngel: Ongoing

Hate of the Fallen: Ongoing

Losing Control: Ongoing

Rewritten: Ongoing

The Only One: Complete

Notes about me!:

Hello! Below is some info on myself as a fanfiction writer. If you'd like to understand why I do what I do a little better then go ahead and read below.

First of all, I'm not a fan of fanfictions there only involve cannon characters. It's not that it's a bad style of fanfic, I'm just more particular about that sort of thing. I only write fanfictions where an OC (original character if anyone doesn't know) is the main character. After that I'm fine with cannon characters being involved. Why so picky? I'll explain a little later.

Rarely will I write a story that takes place completely out of the timeline of the series I'm writing about. This is for the same reason as the OC thing. That is, as a writer and an author of my own work (though I've always felt this way) I find it disrespectful to completely change what the author has already written. Yes, there has to be change to really make a fanfiction work, but I don't like major change. I write the cannon characters as they are to the best of my ability, and do my best to only insert and add to the original story line, not take away or majorly modify (albeit there will be some modifications and additions for the sake of actually having the original story line be more than memories from cannon characters). Now, why does this apply to the timeline thing? That's because I feel out of place if I'm out of the timeline. I feel like I'm missing the point of the fanfiction by not having the original characters and story involved, and that what I'm doing may create serious problems and conflict with cannon because out of timeline stories create a sense of freedom and forgetfulness that can bite an author in the bum. It's a risk, but it isn't AS drastic as the OC thing. I do have out of timeline and even out of world fanfictions, but most of mine will take place during the original story and timeline, at least somewhat.

I'm not too big on permanent shipping of OC's with original characters. That's for the same reason as stated above, messing with the original story. However temporary shipping (dating and break ups) I can be fine with. If the cannon character in question isn't and/or won't be paired with anyone later on then I'll fairly easily look the other way about it. This is a really loose point. There are all sorts of variables that I can come up with, and really part of the fun of fanfictions is creating your own part in the original story's world, so I can't say I don't expect or participate in such relationship things. It's a lighter preference of mine that cannon characters are allowed to remain with their cannon partners.

Ummm what else? I suppose a warning of "Writer in Progress" Is at least a bit appropriate. Really that's a warning all writers should have because writing never stops growing and changing. It's a living art, and no matter how old you get or how many things you write you'll still find yourself constantly changing how you write. Please, understand that all writings are writers in progress. This is a fluid art. Even grammar, to a point, has preferences and variations in it. If writing isn't a living thing for a writer then something is wrong, and they should probably figure out what exactly that is. You're creating worlds in your mind. You bring people and animals and all sorts of thing to life. You create something magnificent where nothing exists. That sort of awe inspiring act should NEVER become repetitive and stale.

Now, I'm not saying I'm not up for criticism and suggestions. I do take into account what people say. I take in what you say and try to give it time to digest before I'll respond or react (though I don't always succeed in this) because a common initial reaction is "NO WAY I'M GOOD MY WRITING IS GOOD YOU'RE AN IDIOT GO AWAY." After time though people will start to understand and appreciate your suggestions. Simply be careful about how you word it. In fact, ALWAYS read your comments out loud if you have ANY level of suggestion or criticism because people WILL MISUNDERSTAND. I had a bad few days where someone was genuinely trying to be a good critique about my work but they came across as extremely rude and mean so we started fighting. Finally we found an understanding and became very friendly, but they got me so angry with how they were talking to me that I went so far as to block them for a while. This can be avoided by reading your messages allowed to see if you hear any rudeness, and using words/phrases like "I understand, I don't mean to be rude, I'm sorry if this sounds rude, it appears that, it looks like, you may have been trying for (insert positive thing) but it did happen to come across as..." and so on. Also, mention positives about their work before criticism and afterwards. This lets the author know that you aren't simply trying to tear them down, you simply want to improve their work. Sorry if I'm getting a bit noisy about this, but it can both save a great deal of trouble and lead to a great deal of success and growth in the quality of fanfictions and all writing in general really if people learn how to properly criticize and help the writers.

Well I can't think of anything else and its 1:22 am while I'm writing this. Have any questions? Feel free to message me!


Sorry, but the only requests I can accept are requests for help. It's hard for me to get into someone else's story. HOWEVER, if you would like to make a suggestion feel free to message me.

Perhaps I should be more clear about this. By requests what I really mean is I won't be accepting pre-made stories or characters unless I specify it for a particular series. What I will consider are ideas, series suggestions, series modifications (such as placement in the time frame of a series. before series events, during, after, ect.), and suggested improvements. I like new ideas and suggestions (so long as you aren't mean or rude about it).

Example (which I'd actually like feedback on, hint hint): I have a series about the manga Aphorism. To make it easier on myself I've put my fanfic timeline as being before the manga's timeline begins. However, if you think I should make a fanfic that takes places during the events of the Aphorism manga then that would be something to message me about. But, if you're wanting to insert a character you've created, or write an Aphorism story about something you've already made (like some OC is in the school and becomes friends with some main character and saves their life and blah blah blah) then I won't accept that.

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