The Epic Elven Twins
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A long time ago, in a dimension not so far away...wait, wrong fandom...reverse...

*muffled sounds of people running into each other* I told you we were going the wrong way!

Okay, in all seriousity now...

Who are the Epic Elven Twins? Well, they’re, um...epic. And elven. Oh yeah, can’t forget the twin part...that’s important...well, not really twins...just...wanna be twins? Twins by different moms? (And several years, but let’s not go there...)

In short, we’re just a couple of writers who found our niche in the writing world, and that niche happens to have a few fictional interlopers named Elladan and Elrohir. They are our reluctant and often bad-tempered muses (and no wonder, seeing as we torture the heck out of them!) and we love them so much. After every heart-breaking, angsty scene we totally pull the snuggle and comfort the elfies routine.

Oh, yes, and we ought to mention that some of the characters you find in our stories sound familiar (and I don’t mean Lord of the Rings familiar, thank you very much). This would be because the illustrious and oft missed Cassia and Siobhan (The Mellon Chronicles: ) gave us permission to use their much loved characters and alternate universe to create this, The Insanity Collection.

What is The Insanity Collection? Also known as TIC (the authoresses accept no responsibilities for the development of tics), it is a growing mythos. It contains sub-categories and spin-offs (let’s not even get into the occasional “alternate universes” it has generated once or twice...), but for your ease of keeping track of the convoluted assemblage of tales, we present, in chronological order, the stories that (so far) belong to this titan of a mythos:

The Insanity Collection

Shadows Duet
Between the Lines (complete)
When Darkness Falls (undergoing edits)

Insane Summers Duet
MC Insanity Meets Middle-earth (wip)
Middle-earth Meets America (wip)

Insane Summers Novellas
Get It Out (complete)
Questionably Kissastrophic
For the Love of an Elf
Thoughts on Days Past

Conversations Duet
Conversations: book 1 (complete)
Conversations: book 2 (wip)

As the Sun Rises Series
Learn to Fly (complete)
*Untitled Story*
The Heart Never Lies (wip)
Examine My Heart (wip)
Start Anew





For anyone who owns a KINDLE, you can now get The Mellon Chronicles in Kindle format! Take your beloved stories with you where ever you go! Just visit us at our website to download your copies.

Soon to come will be the stories hosted here. So hold on to your TARDIS, make sure your elf is in tow, and hop on over to Jedi and Pirates and Elves, Oh My!

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