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Hello, my name is vampirejunkie34, and I am an addict... It has been 15 minutes since my last fix. Sometimes it feels like I'm all alone. Like I am the only one who feels the way I do. I find it blah blah blah blah. I am an addict! I am a vampire junkie! I am not a crook! (Oh, wait wrong line. Sorry.) I am addicted to anything about the supernatural,the immortal, the undead, the living dead, the reanimated dead, and (yes for shame), even the shapeshifters and lyckenthrope. (Forgive me! ) WAIT HOLD ON! I HAVE NO APOLOGIES, FOR I AM A VAMPIRE JUNKIE, PLEASE, PLEASE, UNDERSTAND ME, I AM A VAMPIRE JUNKIE, SINCE THE AGE OF 3 AND 3, SINCE LONG BEFORE DRACULA PLAYED BY BELA LUGOSI,ON THE BIG SCREEN, I CALL OUT TO THEE, KNOW ME, UNDERSTAND ME, I AM A VAMPIRE JUNKIE!!!

I taught myself how to draw out of jealousy of my brother's, ( he is a year older than me), artistic abilities. At seventeen I was taking sophomore college English and U.S. and World History, and at the end of my senior year in high school I graduated with twenty- three and half credits, ( two and a half more than I needed, I was trying for a solid three credits), and a GPA of three point eight. At eighteen to twenty-four I served in the U.S. military and I qualified as sniper, ( to bad I was born the wrong gender). I wanted and still desire to die as a Jack of all trades. To have the knowledge skill and certification to do many many things.( I wish I was immortal.) I hope to instill the same desire to gain knowledge on many things and experience life, this life to the fullest capability, in my son. This life is the only the life that matters at the moment , (think of it as a domino effect, what you do now and how you influence or teach others will have some kind of significance in the future.) I believe that when someone says they can't do something that means they just lack the knowledge to know how. Nothing is stopping them from learning except their excuses. Expand your knowledge challenge your teachers, ask your elders about their childhood, check out a book from a library that is on a subject you know nothing about, research any topic on the internet. From a quote from a cartoon I had to endure as a little girl with an older brother. "Now I know and knowing is half the battle, G.I. Joe !"

Sometimes by: JAE Grae

Sometimes I feel ashamed for humanity, we can build nuclear bombs, but we can't make a blind man see

Sometimes humans can be ignorant, close minded, and cruel, but whatever happened to living by the golden rule

Sometimes I wonder if mankind is stubborn or just plain dumb, most believe in a creator known by many names, and is same one

Sometimes humans are fooled by their own lies, or we just choose to ignore what is in front of our eyes

Sometimes I wish I could blame it on the "Y" chromosome, but as a boy's mother how could I forsaken my own

Sometimes humans think they're at the top of the food chain ladder, but one false or unsure move and we can easily splatter

Sometimes I beg no more greed, no more genocide, no more disease, but maybe that is what we need

Sometimes problems are easily solved, and maybe it will take time for us all to evolve.

Existence by: Jae Grae

One can only wonder if good could exist if there was never evil.

If it did than how could it be called good?

Fact always has some form of fiction to back it up.

Just as all fiction contain some small form of fact.

Theories are only biest opinions, unless proven other wise.

And freedom is never really free, there are rules enforced by government.

The truth is you can not have one without the other.

Family by: Unkown

I was sick the day I was born, my life was hardly written

but somehow I survived the next forty-eight hours, and was able to go home with my family

I was almost kidknapped at four years old,

but somehow found the strength and fear to run home to my family

I was eletricuted a year later on a merry-go-round,

but a stranger tackled me off the ride and slightly stunned I went home with my family

I was ten when my grandma past away and I dreamed she told she had to leave

but when I got to her house I found a better understanding to death and my family

I was twelve when I was hit by a car and knocked twenty feet into a major intersection

but managed to crawl to the side of the road and on to the sidewalk to my brother, my family

I was only twenty when I lost my first baby, and two years later I had lost another, and in five years time I lost three more

but I was blessed three years later with the start of my own family

I dreamed things that happened and see what is yet to come, I have lost so much and gained little

but I will always have my family

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