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Author has written 13 stories for Bleach, D.Gray-Man, Mortal Instruments, Fruits Basket, Dark Life, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pandora Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Elder Scroll series, Ouran High School Host Club, and Baccano!.

Hello thar. I'm Ashley, and I'm 14 years old. I realized I have a lot of ideas up there about changing certain stories to create new ones, so I joined Fan Fiction with the help of my friend Alyssa AKA EmeraldRain25. I hope I'll find some wonderful stories here, as well as write some fun ones too. I have watched a few animes and mangas which are listed below:

2.Bleach (170 episodes)
3.Inuyasha (manga)
4.Fruits Basket (manga)
5.Pandora Hearts
7.Elfen Lied
8.Blue Exorsist (favorite!)
9.Death Note
10.FullMetal Alchemist Movie
11.FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood
12. Phoenix (Osamu Tezuka)
14.Black Butler I and II
15.Black Jack ( also Tezuka )
17. Hetalia: Axis Powers/World Powers
18. Soul Eater
19. 07-Ghost
20. Angel Beats!
21. Another

Currently watching: Prince of Tennis & Baccano!

Please suggest new ones

I'm taking idea requests from books or anime categories.

My Anime To-Do List! *havent watched these yet!*
Fairy Tail
Brave 10
Code Geass
Wolfs Rain
Maid Sama
La Cordad'oro
Samurai 7
Black Blood Brothers
Hell Girl
Vampire Knight
Darker than Black
Full Metal Panic
Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles
Air Gear
DN Angel
Gakuen Alice
Gakuen Heaven
Black Cat
Heat Guy J
Nabari No Ou
Trinity Soul
Crome Shell Ragios
They Are My Noble Masters
Zero's Familiar
Mahou Sensei Negima!
Last Exile

I've also read many books! Here are some favorites
1. Artemis Fowl Series
2. The Mortal Instruments series (favorite )
3. The Infernal Devices series
4. Dark Life series
5. The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series
6. Maximum Ride series (love it!)
7. Hush, Hush
Again, taking requests!

I made a Fiction Press account! I have the same Pen Name and everything, so go check it out!

Random Facts!

Whenever I list things, I get a massive mind block, so if I think of some later, I'll put them up.
I often go on for my manga, and for animes.
I really enjoy using the Cheshire Cat form Pandora Hearts in my stories, so you'll see him alot.
I in no way own anything I write about, they are merely changed ideas of mine. I don't own D.Gray-Man, Pandora Hearts or Bleach. Please don't confuse this.
Every 4 days or so, I go to my Dad's house, and I don't have a fan-fiction reliable computer there, so I can't post chapters when I'm at daddy's.
SHO if you want le assistance with shtories of any kind from any of the listed animes or books, just send me le PM and I will see if my brain is savvy.
I am addicted to memebase! So feel free to use memebase terms with me, like le, troll or anything else.
Yes, I am canadian, and no, i don't live in an igloo, and no, I don't have a pet beaver. any other questions?
If you've read some of my stories, you will notice that sometimes I get confused between 1st person and 3rd person. I try not to do this, but my mind can only multitask so much!
My docManager gets awefully cluttered, so if I accidently repost a chapter, I SHALL FIX IT WITH GODSPEED!
PLEASE REVIEW MY SHTORIES!!!! I just started, and I still get pretty excited over a review.
My preffered writing style is LOTS OF SHORT CHAPTERS! I just hope there's no chapter limit to a story...or I'll be in trouble! xD
My goal for every month is at least 1000 hits! help me achieve this!
I luvs Pokemon. if you don't like it, then too bad. My favorite is Darkrai.
I'm relatively good at drawing. Not amazing, but recognizable. I mainly draw chibis, but if pressured, I might be able to create a close-up drawing.

I have a few game systems, such as:
DS LITE (also a gameboy)
Computer (6 of them, only 1 works)
An Xbox during the summer
VHS player (shh, it'll be worth thousands in the future!)
Xbox (normal one)

I have a few are some:
Mind-controlling friends to attack other friends
Kidnapping and assimilating on to the enemy side
Memory erasing
Humans in love with mutants
A group of people hating someone for a difference, then beginning to like that person for it
Fairy Tales, Folk Tales or Legends
Insane people (Not mad scientist-y, just kind of crazy)
2 people inlove, but neither wants to confess
People being blunt with feelings
Betrayal, then realizing they don't wanna betray anymore, then switching back to other side with the coaxing of their friends!
Mute people
White hair!!! My favorite kind
Myths and mythical creatures
Trench coats...
POETRY! One way to become my friend is to throw down some non-rhyming (sp?), non-sense making poetry!
I. LOVE. SKYRIM. Yes, I will play it for hours and hours a day. Luv it.

Please note that I have only watched 170 episodes of Bleach, which is right where Ichigo and friends return from Hueco Mundo after saving Orihime. I've forgotten some terms, so please be patient with me. ;)

An Unwanted Vacation by EmeraldRain25 reviews
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