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Angel's old account : http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1165302/Angelgirl18647

Namine's old account: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1338016/Namine94

Nam: WE'RE BACK!!!!! So some of you may know us from our old accounts. Namine94 here.

Angel: Yup, and so is Angelgirl18647! You may be asking why aren't we on our old accounts?

Nam: Well, we kinda, what's the right word? Gave up on them for a little while. We both got busy with school, but we both missed writing. Another question you may have is why we are having a shared account instead of seperate accounts?

Angel: It's because this one wormed her way into my heart enough after like...5 years enough for me to finally make a joint account!

Nam: So, we are gonna post some of our old stories revamped, and some new ones as well. All colaborated between us of course.

Angel: So welcome to the madness that is our colaboration! WE'RE ALL MAD HERE!

Nam: Very nice Alice in Wonderland reference. Now! Some things about us, I'm Namine, or Nam for short. I'm 'technically' a Senior in high school but also already have a diploma and am currently taking college classes. I'm very easily amused, have ADHD, OCD and slight PTSD but I don't let it affect my every day life. I'm happy go lucky, but still a pessimist. Angel and I have known each other for a little over 5 years, and she is honestly the sister I never had, but always wanted. I plan to go into the Navy for Aeronautical Technical Engineering. I'm also a lesbian, and have been given hell for it. My family will always come first, and Angel wormed her way into that family, my dad considers her to be another daughter, lol. Angel, you are up.

Angel:Woo! I am up. Um...idk. There's nothing really that interesting about me. My name is Angel and I'm a freshman in college. I'm the calmer half of the duo that makes up this profile page. I play flute, sketch, listen to WAY too much club music (which is odd cause I hate partying) and attending a very expensive school to major in physics. Um, unlike Nam I don't have anyone special in my life and I really don't plan on that changing that anytime soon. I'm perfectly happy being single. Not sure what else to say to be honest...

Nam: So, if you have any questions message us!!!!!