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Baby I am tied up to a tree

With the devil staring, smiling up at me

I had a love and that love wanted to leave

Because the bloodstains on the carpet made him weak

It was a sight when I was sprawled out on the rug

and to this day, to his heart it gave a tug

Because I see stars

To my heart it is undone

Love is grand

but it's gone

sir I did nothing wrong

I'm who I've become

and who I should've been.

I'm not a bad girl

Just an undeserving kid

and I've been gone.

She spun the world

Atop a chair

And faeries kissed her hair

It rained down

Pages stained, yes crimson like her blood

But golden with the rain

Silenced with the pain

So she flew free

In the air

and the smoke, it kissed her hair.

The smoke it kissed her hair

Love is Grand

But it's gone

Dear I've done nothing wrong

I'm who i've become

Not who I should've been

I'm a bad girl

and an undeserving kid

and I've been gone

He watched close

she destroyed

The life she had to go

On his love, not returned

So she would be burned

The girl she would be burned.

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