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Nickname: Rey-chan

Date of birth: 03.07.89 which means that I'm 15

Sex: female

Interests: yaoi(!!!) Fanfictions, artwork: I'm doing artwork myself. I have a homepage ( with my friend 'kitsumi' who is also here on FFnet. Kitsumi did much more on the homepage than i did, so it's more like it's her page and I'm sometimes just helping her out. I'm currently working on 2 other homepages, though. First my own art homepage, and second is the homepage for my school which is kinda slowing down the rest of my work.


1) The most beautiful smile: One of those really embarrassing Fanfiction where I can really see hoe much my writing style changed. It has just one more chapter that I'll type in the next holidays. I won't delete it, because I want to get really good some time and then compare.

2)Left aside: I wrote this one, one night when I couldn't sleep. I can't believe i worked for about 2 hours on it when it's just about 1 page.

3) I can't tell her: something that popped into my mind. Everyone who read that can think of an own end for himself. if you have a really good end, I'd be really happy if you mail it to me:

4)Ebony and Ivory: GAH!! i hate this one. I got no review on that one, and the one I got, I got like 3 months after publishing it because someone wanted to tell me about her/his fic

5)Untouchable: I worked really really hard on that one. I was really sad when I got no reviews on it. Foamy, Foolproof and my sister reviewed but it's not the same. they did it because they were forced to.
this fanfiction is the only Fanfiction that represents a part of me, a feeling that I've experienced myself! Well, I'm still sad when i look at the reviews...

6)Am i in heaven?: again, an idea that popped into my mind. This one actually got kinda popular, I got 35 reviews on 2 chapters!!!! XD

7) I haven'T got a name for this one, yet. I already wrote 2 chapters of it and it's dedicated to Starsniper. I'll update this as soon as I finished 'the most beautiful smile', 'am I in heaven?' and the sequel 'What I want'.

oh, and also, I am really sorry because I didn't update 'am I in heaven?' yet.

I have to go to work for 2 weeks and then write this really really long text about it. It leaves no time to write an entire chapter. sure, when I got break, i always add some paragraphs but this chapter just gets longer and longer.

Well, but I'll soon have holidays.

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Am I in Heaven? reviews
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