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*ScherzoVivace WILL NOT. write fics that involve the following:
-sexual violence

About me

Tennis player
Ex-Volleyball player, basketball player, and swimmer. My life aligns with Pot, HQ, Free!, and KnB it's ridiculous. Although I haven't watched Free or KnB
Classical pianist
Self-proclaimed social critic
Boba lover
Sweets lover (dat mango mousse cake...)
Science lover
Trilingual Asian

Story Update - 7/3/15


Because Shin PoT is far from being over and I'm pretty sure that I won't have enough patience or time to continue this story with the same pace as the actual manga, I'm going to limit this story and end it before it gets to chapter 25, plus minus a few chapters. Also, I've been losing interest in the PoT fandom, so after I (try to) wrap up any stories that are ongoing right now, I don't think I'll be coming up with any new ones.

I'm still deep into the Haikyuu fandom though, but it doesn't seem like the Haikyuu fandom is the type of fandoms that are active on that much.


No more PoT stories for me after I finish the current ones I'm working on. I might change my mind later, but it is very unlikely since life is picking up the pace on me. I might still write Haikyuu fics though, since I'm pretty darn into that manga right now.

LoR will be continued

OTIP will be continued

Tezuka Kunimitsu, Revamped will not be continued; LOOKING FOR ANOTHER AUTHOR TO ADOPT THIS STORY!

I apologize to all the readers who expected a continuation of the series, but I simply cannot write another 20-chapter story, with the exact same canon from the manga, since I already sorta did that in Lucifer of Rikkaidai. I'm open to adoptions though, so if anyone wants to adopt this story, please refer to these guidelines:

1. PM me. No exceptions on this. Only PM's allowed, no public reviews. Please do not cross the thin line between casual and outright carefree. I want the writer to show some care and professionality.

2. If you inquire me with adoption, I will give you a short prompt in which you will write a ~300-word passage/story that will reflect a prompt that I give you. I will look for grammar, vocabulary, eloquence, etc. I will let you know within no more than 3~5 days, depending on how many inquiries I get.

3. The rights of the story is both with me and the adopter. I will still take credit for the previous chapters I have written. Any chapters after that, the rights are all yours.

4. You will take off from where I left off. Meaning, you cannot re-write the chapters I wrote, because that's just re-making the story, not adopting. If you have further questions regarding this, then this must be discussed over PM.

5. Please be respectful about rules and crediting. As much as you wouldn't want anyone stealing your credits, I do not either.

New story: The Tyrant's Pride (Atobe x OC x Tezuka)

New story: Cats Have Nine Lives (Haikyuu! fic. Kuroo x OC)


Favorite Characters (finally my heart is set):

Kuroo Tetsurou (I knew it was fate the moment I saw you)
Nishinoya Yuu (hands down I will do anything to make him my best friend. Brotha from anotha motha)
Oikawa Tooru (hi Choutarou. And because I love hard workers and people with twisted sense of humor)
Bokuto Koutarou (HEY HEY HEEEEY. Totally a bae material. I can't wait for animated Bokuto holy shizzles)
Akaashi Keiji (that one person that keeps a leash on the crazy person C; and also animated Akaashi holy shifizzles)
Sawamura Daichi (captain my captain them thighs hnnnngh)
Matsukawa Issei (I know it's completely random ish but it's Matsun.)

Bias school: undecided. ;-;

this is probably the only manga/anime where I actually really like all the characters ;-;

Prince of Tennis

Bias: Rikkaidai. Period. (常勝立海大!) Shitenhouji is my second bias.

Favorite characters in no particular order:
Tokugawa Kazuya
Echizen Ryoga
Mouri Jusaburou
Shiraishi Kuranosuke
Niou Masaharu
Kirihara Akaya
Yanagi Renji
Oshistari Kenya
Tezuka Kunimitsu
Sanada Genichirou

Sports (Anime) Drabbles

  • Tennis in POT is bullshit. And they always rally in the dead man's zone which really throws me off every single time. And their shots are actually really slow when you pan out to the whole court from a bird eye's view (middle school tennis haha).
  • Pretty much the only real-life tennis moves in POT are twist serves, jack knife, and Oishi's moon volley which is not even a volley.
  • Swimming sucked for people like me who had and still has shitty stamina. Being in water is awesome tho, especially in open sea.
  • Singles is tiring as fuck and doubles is pressuring as fuck.
  • I taught myself all the sports and I kinda wish I started things earlier in my life with a real coach.
  • No, you'll never have that team bonding/bro moments that you see in anime in real life. It ain't that pretty. Sports anime characters are all, by nature, nice and loyal. Not everyone in real life are like that though.
  • Haikyuu! animation is really well done. Their forms are so nice and pretty, especially Noya's. And Oikawa's run-up before his serve as well. Beautiful.
  • I was very fond of Nishinoya from Haikyuu! from the very start since I was a Libero (defense specialist) myself. Not often do you see short people who are under 5'3'' being a volleyball player, and libero/defense specialist position gives chance for shorties like me and Noya to become pivotal players of the team.
  • Yes you can use your feet in vball, in fact you can use any part of your body as long as you make only one contact per person. That's why Hinata can receive with his face as well lol
  • Noya is fucking pro because pancaking (getting the ball before it hits the ground by placing your hand on the floor) is hard and painful if not done right.
  • Floor burns from saving a ball hurts like a bitch.
  • I was also a server/pinch server in the vball team.
  • I still have the best serves among my fellow players in the tennis team and I ain't afraid to brag.
  • Once there was a mistake in the rotations and I ended up in the middle blocker spot... I didn't do jack shit since I can barely touch the top of the net. Sadlyfe ;-;
  • I quit vball and bball because 1. I'm short. 2. I'm not a team player. 3. It's impossible to practice alone. 4. Vball in US too white for my Asian ass. Fuck you bitches back in middle school, racism just makes you that much more ignorant.
  • I'd like to pick up vball again but I can't play unless I have a team.
  • I definitely like sports that involve balls and hands... yup. Except football and golf thank you.
  • I realized I always have a thing for hard workers rather than natural geniuses in sports anime. That's why Akaya > Fuji and Tooru > Tobio for me.
  • I don't care who you are. Nishinoya Yuu is fucking awesome. Call him otherwise I will fight you.
  • I used to play post (both small & power forward) in basketball. Sometimes the coach switched things around and put me in wing (shooting guard). I like both positions.
  • I was good at snatching away the ball from people's hands. I dunno why but they came out really easily :3
  • Too short to play basketball competitively now. Plus, it's not really my thing since there are too many physical collisions.
  • Idk why but the motion of an overhead strike, whether it be tennis or volleyball, seems really attractive to me.
  • My sexual preference could be tennis. Maybe volleyball too.
  • Tennis forms are so gorgeous. Especially Roger Federer's. His forms are just asl;dkjfa;asldkjf
  • And yes my all time favorite tennis player is Roger Federer. I also love Pete Sampras.
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