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Heey Reader Its.. If-Only-Dreams-Came-True Here. Just thought i would tell you that i am not the best fanfic writer aver but i love to R&R so email me some stories you want me to R&R

Let me tell you some things about myself...

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Fave Mangas: VAMPIRE KNIGHT... Omg i love vampire knight more than any manga... I know I know most people think its just another 'Vampire story' but its so much more... read it if you haven't read it before. Fruits Basket... Ok i haven't read the whole series but from what i have read it is pree good but i keep getting confused (but then again i am blonde). And Bleach... Ok now i say that you should read this book if you have not... it has so many twists and turns as well as romance and action.

Fave Genres: Ok my favourite Genre would Probs Be Romance... But it cant be ike a full " I love You" "I love You Too" "Kiss Me" No Kiss Me"... Yea it cant be that crap cause thats just soppy and Gay... I also like action and i cant read a story unless it was a little bit of lemon... not to much but i love alittle lemon

Best Friends: Ok my best friend... some of you may know her as strawberry-hime3 (read her fics) she is my bestest friend eva... she has stuck by me through think and thin and has never backstabbed me (i hope). We may be very different ... AKA... Me: Short Shorts, Ripped Jeans/shorts, low cut tops, singlet tops, hipster clothes blonde hair... Her: Jeans, Shorts/3 quarters, t-shirts, Asian clothes and cute print tops, black hair... but we luv each other (not in lezo way) and will always be there for each other... Luv you girl

Ok well thats all i can be bothered writing and i think if you want to know any more about me you must be a stalker or a pedo so yeaaaa... bye byeeee R&R

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