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ok. i have completely revised my entire profile to make sure there's no mistakes, no spelling errors, bla bla bla, ect. so, lets begin, starting with me, the great powerful authoress.

Name: Neko kitty Chan

Age: exactly 4,567 years old

Nationality: Irish

Eye color: green

Hair color: red

Height: 5'1 very short. hehe, i'm a wee kitty leprochaun ^_^

Other stupid and pointless junk:
i have a very short attention span, i find my self attracted to shiny and sparkly things, and i'm a tarot card reader. in real life. i've gotten rather good at it too. no, i'm not pagan. i don't now how many times people have asked me that -_-

Sexuality: 100% S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T.
though i have nothing against homosexuals/bi-sexuals. after all i AM a yaoi writer. obviously i have no problem with it.

i have almost no tolerence for racists, homophobics, sexists,
ect, but i try to see it from both point of views and let them be idiots. moving on..

Religion: i'm not sure i fit in any religion. i do belive in god, and christ but i'm not completely against the idea of other gods, i just don't worship them.

Hobbies: obviously, i write a lot. out side of the fanfiction world, i'm working on a novel and i write tons of poetry. i'm proud to say that i've been published throughout the U.S.A and europe. also i've been nominated for best poet of the year! but unfortunstely i didn't get it. but oh well, i'm just happy to be nominated! ^_^
also, i read tarot cards, and 'm learning to read tea leaves. it's fun. and i'm sorry if that offends any of you religious readers.

Favorite Anime: yu-gi-oh, yuyu hakusho, inu yasha, FLCL and cowboy bebop.

favorite yaoi couples:









favorite Yuri Couples:





favorite Het couples:

1.Joey/Mai (i hate the bitch, but have to admit, they look good together)


~*~*~*My Yami*~*~*~
i have been fortunate enough to have Hiei as a Yami. there's not much to say about him. i mean, he's Hiei! what more do you need to know?

~*~*~*My Hikari*~*~*~
that's right. Hikari. i have a Hikari and a Yami! i'm kinda caught in the middle. well, y Hikari is actually a Chibi version of Kurama, dressed in a fox suit. he's so cute! i just wuv him. well you guys know kurama, just picture him miniaturized dressed as a fox. so adorable.

~*~*~*My millenium item thingy*~*~*~

my millenium thingy is the evil mirror thing from the early episodes of yuyu hakusho. for more infoon this, visit

~*~*~*My Fics*~*~*~
so far, all my fics are finished except for chibified and beauty and the beast. chibified only has a couple chapters left, and beauty and the beast is on hold. i'm not sure if i'll finish writing it or not, but if i miraculously get a sudden burst of inspiration, i will.

well, that's all for now. please read my fics! don't forget to R&R, and put me on your favorite authors/favorite stories list! and visit my web site while you're at it.

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