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Hi. *lame greeting is lame*

My name is India, but call me whatever you want, because you Internet people always seem to come up with the weirdest nicknames ever.

I feel like going on some random information-giving spree, so here's all you ever wanted to know about me and probably some things you didn't.

1) I'm a senior in high scool.

2) I am, indeed, female. Like 95% of the writers on Fanfiction. Although I prefer not to lump myself in with some of the scary girls that make up 99% of the fanbases for every single popular fandom out there. Translation: I am not one of those creepy teenage girls who would jump at the chance to marry a fictional character, were such a thing possible.

3) I am seventeen, albeit I can still get "twelve-and-under" discounts in restaurant and movie theaters due to my height (or lack thereof).

4) I have an immense love for pandas, and would keep one as a pet if I could provide everything it needed and never be found out. He would live in my closet and I would name him Franklin D. Rosenpuff.

5) I have a lot of hobbies, which include drawing, reading, playing piano (not that I'm any good at it, because trust me, I'm not), and writing (just for you guys--seriously).

6) If given the choice between going to a super-amazing-fun-fun party and sitting at home reading a book, I would chose the latter every single time.

7) I consider myself one of the only sane people in my family. If you ever met any of my relatives, you'd have nightmares for the rest of your life.

8) I don't have a "favorite" anything. Don't ask me what my favorite song, movie, color, anime, drama, group, book, etc etc etc. is. They change daily. Usually it's whatever book I'm currently reading, whatever song I'm currently listening to, whatever color I'm currently wearing or even looking at for that matter.

9) I am literate. I use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation in everything. Stories, e-mails, text messages. I will have none of this chatspeak business. If you ever leave me a review or send me a message tlkn l1k3 d1s cuz u thnk ur 1337, I will happily hunt you down and hit you with the inanimate object that is nearest my person at the time.

10) I am nearly as obsessed with foreign languages as I am with pandas. I enjoy listening to foreign music of all kinds, though I will admit to having a soft spot for both Korean and Japanese pop music. I'm not limited to just Asian music, though. To be perfectly honest, I've listened to songs in German, Russian, Swedish, Icelandic and even Lithuanian. Yeah, I'm a weirdie.

Yeup. That's about it. Me in a nutshell.


As far as my writing goes, my stories tend to vary depending on my mood. I am capable of writing both serious fics and seriously crackish comedy stories that have the capability to turn any remotely-sane person's brain to a strangely pudding-like substance. Said humorous stories usually depict myself and friends (technically not a Fanfiction, but who's complaining?) and generally have no consistent plot whatsoever.

The canon fics that I write are generally more serious, and I try my best to maintain my subjects' characters. Even my more serious stories contain some form of humor or another, whether it be a witty remark or a healthy dose of sarcasm. Laughing is good for the soul, you know. O-oh, you're a ginger? Sorry.

Unlike a lot of people on this site, I don't tend to only write for a single fandom when it comes to actual Fanfictions. As I broaden my horizons by becoming interested in new fandoms, the possibilities for which I could write expand as well. You won't see me sticking to a single fandom, because let's face it--that's boring. But to be perfectly honest, what I write simply depends on what random ideas pop into my head. Oddly enough, my brain has a habbit of suddenly conjuring up a Fanfic idea when I'm lying in bed trying to go to sleep. I really have no idea why. I'll spend all day staring down a blank Word document, attempting to drag a decent story idea out of the depths of my being, and I'll fail miserably. Yet when my body needs rest, my mind decides to go on a rambunctuous creative streak, and I end up lying in bed for hours on end thinking of possible paths the new idea could take. Ah, the pitiful life of a writer. Tsk.

There's really nothing else to tell you. Feel free to stalk my profile, because I'll end up adding stuff to it eventually. Other than that, go about your business as a Fanfiction-reader. Read my stuff, leave reviews, and go on to other stories. There are millions of them. The world of Fanfiction is endless. Enjoy it.

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