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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

03/2014: Oh wow, its been a long time. I'm not sure who will read this now, after years of being inactive. It seems like, at this point, I won't be writing fanfiction anymore. I think that's kind of obvious. School is really tough now, I just don't have the time anymore. I kind of wish I can update, but I just lost inspiration. Fanfictions are hard to write, it is easier for me to write my own original stories. So yeah, the chance I will ever update my stories is really, really, really, really slim.

Name: My name is... Well, I'm not going to tell you.

Gender: Male or Female. Take a guess, and you ave a fifty percent chance on being right. But please, don't call me a male... Well, I think I made it obvious now.

Religion: Well... I prefer to keep that to myself and those I actually know, If you read my entire profile, the answer to this is obvious

Age: Why do you care? It some number, keeps on changing each year

Favorite Animals: Not into animals

Favorite Subjects: Math and Science i guess

Subjects I Dislike: Gym, defiantly. History, maybe, and some times, surprisingly, English. I just don't like the books we read or the writing prompts. Also, I have lost most of my creativity.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, spending time with family and friends

Favorite T.V Show: TV? Um... Hmmm been a while... last time the TV was on, i was the news,... not that I realy care about news/

Favorite Authors: Rick Riordan, J. K. Rowling, and a bunch of other I dont remember at the moment.

Favorite Stories: Ummm... Basically any book I read... I don't really feel like wasting time listing them all.

Favorite Genres : Mystery, Adventure, Fantasy, basically anything but Romance and Classics.

Series I've read: Sisters Grimm, (I don't remember reading this, I looked at my profile after many years of not doing so, and saw it. I wondered what in the world is "Sisters Grimm?) Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles, The Hunger Games, Ramona and Beezus (not all), Artemis Fowl (most of it), Ranger's Apprentice, (some of it), Divergent, The Mortal Instrament, The Maze Runner (the first book only, so I guess that does not really count.) and probably some more

I think I spend too much time reading books... It is basically all I do... besides schoolwork that is...

I am also well known for my spelling errors. So if you see any spelling errors it is expected . I try to fix it with spell check, but sometimes it dose not catch it. Also this screen I have is messed up, so i cannot see the words some times. Please PM me if you find any mistakes...

I am also trying to write my own novels, but the work is going by slowly. I hope it works our fine. I am determent not to lose interest in it like I normally do. If any one of you are interested in reading it, I have finished the first chapter completely, and you can PM me for it.

Note: Just because I am always doing my school work DOSE NOT mean that I am a workaholic. In fact, I ABSOLUTELY HATE DOING WORK. I just do it because... um... well I am not so sure... Just because it seemed to be common sense to do it... Just had to make that clear, because Someone I knew kept on calling me a workaholic few years ago...

I have many ideas for stories, but face writers block really often. I am writing a bunch of my own stories including my own stories. Also, schoolwork is my priority. So, if you are a fan of my story, expect really slow updates... NOTE: My stories are probably going to be discontinued.

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