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Hi, I'm the Fic Critic, because somebody had to say it.

I review fanfics in an 'MST' style to give an in depth, fair, analitical and critical review with other big words to describe it. While I may be a little bit of a jack ass when doing so, its for their own good. If your story is so bad I act like a jerk when reviewing it, then maybe you should work on it.

I was inspired by the likes of The Nostalgia Critic, Angry Joe, Linkara, and the other Channel Awesome crew, and this is my, kinda poor, attempt at following in their footsteps and hopefully become a respectfuly member of their website so I can get Pizza with them. Its unlikely, since I live in a different country to most of them and lack a passport, and reviewing Fanfictions is a massive step down from reviewing films, games, and comics, but even critics can have dreams.

I was also inspired by 'Cracked', and would like to write a series of article-like rants about subjects in a similar formula, maybe on a seperate blog.

I've contemplated making more compact reviews: Reviewing a full story not just a chapter-by-chapter, but skip out parts that aren't needed. Like, only comment on stuff I need to coment on. It would save wordspace, and make everything easier. But, it depends on how long a story is.

I've also contemplated making reviews in video format, you know, record myself reading them and telling you my opinion, but I stutter, mumble, and lack a webcam. Plus, I'm also still in college, and as this is a hobby, it would also likely allow people to know who I am and even identify me.

By making an account, I've also made it more dificult to give a full review, since I can only review once per chapter now. Hopefully it won't be a problem unless I do longer chapters.

However, it also allows me to directly talk with writers and discuss their story, especially if it needs more than just me reviewing to convince them to make their story better. Which you know, is good.

I consider, the following, to be good things in a fanfic:

Spelling and grammar to be at least 80% perfect. Its ok to make mistakes, I do it too, but try to fix them up.

Canon characterization. And if that doesn't exist, go with a popular, and well recieved, fanon characterization. If a character is snarky, but nice and friendly to those close to them, then write them so. If a character is a faceless background character with a name, and most stories write them with a witty streak, a gruff outlook and a kickass style that most readers like, go with it. You don't have to, in fact you may have a better interpretation of them, but to some, that's just who they were.

Continuing the above: If someone is a jackass, write them as a jackass. If they were nice, write them as nice. If they were hotheaded but good intentioned, write them as such. If they were a jerk but had a set of morals and someone they were close/nice to, then do that. Don't write them respectfully as a perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, a total bitch/douche, another total bitch/douche, or another perfect/bastard boyfriend just because they either: Apose your dreamboat, stand before your ship, aren't strong enough for your standards, or are too girly or had a grieviance with your favourite character.

If you dislike a character, don't use standins for this. If you hated Aang, don't make Sokka or Mary Sue hate him as well. Its YOUR opinion, not their's.

And, a story that has more to offer than pandering to a ship you like. If you like Erik/Charles fics (And be honest, you know you do), don't write a fanfic about just Erik using Charles' Cerebro (You know what I mean). Write about their friendship as they go on a journey, or explore their relationship on multiple layers. Just because this isn't profesional stories, doesn't mean you should aim for less than professional quality.

Originality. Example of what I mean: You have an idea for a story. Say, its about Spider-Man meeting a girl with similar abilities to him. SEARCH UP AND SEE IF THAT STORY EXISTS FIRST! If you think you can write a better one, do so. If the story is really old, than feel free to write your own. But, if there's seven of the same story type on the FIRST PAGE ALONE THAN DON'T BOTHER! However, if say your idea is along the lines of 'rewriting Transformers into my own universe', then don't worry about it, since chances are, that'll be different from anyone else with the same idea (Like, there's got to be fifty different 'Spider-Man reboot' stories, and most of them are incredibly different).

Original characters (And canon character's you're using as stand ins) should not be the central character, especially if the franchise isn't known to focus on just one. Say you're writing an X-Men Evolution story, and you want to put in your own character. DO NOT, make them the focus character. If you have them in every scene, everything from their point of view, with every other character revolving around them, then it means two words: Mary. Sue. Even if they're filled with flaws and imperfections with the weakest power, they're still sucking away focus. At most, have a chapter or scene focus on someone else, without your OC being the focus of their attention. The Cellmates was a story about a group of new students, from the New X-Men comics, the show itself, the X-Factor comics, and the Avengers Initiative comics all joining after being abducted by Trask and saved by the X-Men. It was also one of my favourite stories. It's main two characters were X-23, from the episodes 'X-23' and 'Target X', and James Gemini, an original character with the ability to change his gender, with his male form possessing super strength and his female form possessing super strength (And a giant rack). Now, that's two in one powers, you'd think it'd be over powering. BUT, as he had to change forms to do so, he couldn't use one power while using the other. He was relitively slow when male, and relatively weak when female. Plus, due to being hot as a girl, he was VERY self conscious about it, and overcompensated to make up for it. Which was potrayed in a realistic, and sympathetic manner. He wasn't treated as if this was wrong, or if it was right. The male characters who realized his problem with this fealt for him, as they could see why he'd feel imasculated, while the girls saw it as stupid and thought he should accept it. And because of that, it was pretty cool because, as the story went on, he began to... until the author stopped writing. It also had a good few subplots, the villains got as much focus as the heroes with you being able to see their perspective of things, and it had some of the best fight scenes and dialog in any story, and had just about everything I like in a story. That's how a story about an original character should be written.

And lastly, canon does not dictate the plot. If two characters who aren't a match get together in the canon, don't act as if you're a better fan because you write fics about the two. Pleanty of characters have chemistry but aren't together, and usually their fanfics together are better than the one with the canon pairing. I'd give an example, but I'd just get into an argument.

I think that covers everything, I'll add more when I think of more.

Now, I'll admit, this isn't my only account. But, that one is used for uploading stories and I won't tell you the account name since it will, likely, result in 'revenge flames' from unhappy writers with no self respect. Now, I'm off, I'll see you when I review you.

I am the Fic Critic, because somebody had to say it.

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