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Hey, I'm Olivia, a British teen trying to find her place. I'm half Irish and have a bit of French in me too. I'm from the south of England and live an a sea side town called Bournemouth (Not that we get to go to the sea that often, England has terrible weather)
I'm an ANIME and MANGA enthusiast when I'm on my own. If I tell people I like anime they usually think that means I watch Hentai, which I don't because I'm not into that sort of thing!

Two good anime sites I know of are (which is entirely dubbed anime) and (which is subbed anime but with all the newest animes from Japan) if anyone knows any others please PM me the web address! PLEASE!

Music is my passion, I love to sing, act and be on stage.
No one in my school knows I have a fanfic account, I'd hate it if someone I knew read my stories. English kids are usually extremely judgemental and let's just say I'm not one of the pretty popular girls at school.

Kpop and Rockare my genres of music, I'm a serious SNSD fan (Definatly all for Sunny), U-Kiss, T-Ara, BoA, Rainbow, 4minutes and all the others like that ;) Rock bands, honestly, not enough space to write them all down but mainly Twin Atlantic, Paramore and All Time Low lover!

If you ever wanna chat then just PM me :) I'm actually really friendly and would love to make some new friends who have the same interests as I do.

So that's my life, if I haven't bored you too much please read one of my stories, I'll love you forever!

For all you twits out there, I'm @Liviaa_Hale (please don't let the name deceive you, my last name isn't Hale, nor am I a huge Twilight fan. I had read the Twilight books before I made it and I admit, I did enjoy them, I'm just not of those ones who will kill you if you utter a bad word about the series. I used it so that my school friends and family couldn't find me, it's my site to vent, I apologise in advance...) please follow me and I'll definatly follow back!

Also check out MonsterOfCookies - she's new and (for all you Wizards out there) is planning a HarryxDraco fic, her writing is amazing, if you don't believe me mooch on over to Wattpad and search TheCookieMonter. You shall not be disappointed!

Hair - blonde
Eyes - dark blue
Skin - pale
Birthday - 8th January
Age - 15
Hobbies - Singing, dancing, acting, nail art, writing.
Likes - Being on stage, anime, manga, nachos, wotsits, stories going my way, long FanFics, short shorts, Kpop.
Dislikes - people who don't understand the brilliance of manga and anime, people who say Kpop is rubbish becuse they dont understand the language, tomatoes, mushrooms, football, F1, short OneShots, rubbish story endings, Valentine's Day
Favourite Animes - Fruits Basket, Ouran Highschool Host Club, La Corda d'Oro, Peach Girl, Spice and Wolf
Least Favourite Anime - School Days
Favourite Thing About You - My eyes
Least Favourite Thing About You - I'm not going to bore you with my woes.
Best Couples - KyoxTohru, PercyxAnnabeth, KatnissxPeeta, EverxDamen, AladdinxJasmine, EthanxLena, JasonxPiper, HinoxHihara
Worst Couples - YukixTohru, LukexAnnabeth, KatnissxGale, JohnxLena

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