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My OC characters(the list will get longer when I add on more characters and descriptions):

Ice Age:


Voice Actor: Young: Max Lopez

Teen: Nathan Kress

Cash is the first out of three of Diego and Shira's first litter. As a cub he is very arrogant and impulsive and usually enjoys taunting and bossing around his brother Bobby and sister Flora and enjoys rubbing the fact that he's the "oldest" of the litter in their faces(with Flora pointing out that they're just a few minutes apart. Although Cash picks on his siblings a lot, he truly does care for them. In his teen years, Cash is more mature and is much more kind and considerate. He also particularly gets along with Flora, who he usually feuded with, and now has a close friendship with her and Bobby. Cash also befriended a female saber named Sandy in his childhood after she annoyed him in who he sees as much more than a friend. It is said by Diego that Cash has Shira's stubborn side.


Voice Actor: Young: Cameron Boyce

Teen: Matt Bennett

Bobby is the second out of three of Diego and Shira's first litter. He is somewhat cowardly and a push-over in his childhood and often lets Cash run over him. Unlike Cash and Flora, he never picks fights and often tries to solve everything by talking about it(but he would end up getting involved in Cash and Flora's feud's when trying to break them up. Despite sometimes butting heads with Cash, he does have a close relationship with him as he does with Flora. While growing up, Bobby becomes more assertive and starts taking more risks. while still remaining the soft-spoken saber he was as a cub and still holds that close bond with his brother and sister. Eventually he meets Harper, a beautiful but somewhat rude and distant female who he befriends and even starts developing some feelings for her, but she may just not be who she appears to be.


Voice Actor: Young: Emme Lopez

Teen: Demi Lovato

Flora is the last of Diego and Shira's litter. Cash dubs her as "the baby" and other nicknames which aggravate Flora. She was born with a birth defect where she has no fangs(they later slowly start to grow in, thus making her a late bloomer) which labels her as an outcast by anyone outside her family. Flora is a big tomboy in her childhood and often engages in the same activities as her brothers. She often fights with Cash, but she really does look up to him and loves him. When Flora grows into a teenager, she develops a strong bond with her brothers, her mother, her cousin Peaches and especially her father Diego. In "Love Through Hate", it is shown how ashamed Flora is of her birth defect despite being told otherwise by her family when she runs away crying after being verbally harassed by the others. However, once she meets her new friend Sam, he eventually helps her realize just how special she really is.


Voice Actor: Young:?

Teen: Carrie Underwood

Sandy is Cash's best friend and later girlfriend. She met Cash when they were still cubs. At first Cash was annoyed with Sandy constantly asking him to play with her to a point in which he scratched her. Diego later made Cash apologize to Sandy despite the fact that he wanted nothing to do with her. Cash was not expecting that that apology would lead him to his new friend and later his girlfriend.

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The Rot Grows On BETTER VERSION reviews
Not long after the events of Epic, things seem to be normal. The people of Moonhaven live under the rule of their new queen, MK keeps in touch with her new friends and Mandrake is gone for good. That is until the Boggans attack to avenge their fallen leader while having a new one in his place who, much to their dismay, is the last link to Mandrake. I don't own Epic, nor will I.
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Ice Age - Rated: K - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 6 - Words: 12,018 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 10/14/2012 - Published: 9/3/2012
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