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This is the first time I've ever really written anything but I love creating stories. At the time I'm writing this, I'm only doing W.I.T.C.H stuff because it's such a great show and the story of the guardians deserves to continue. But I might branch out into other areas if I feel like it.

Check out my non-W.I.T.C.H related work on FictionPress as author Caleb Beck, and check out Sparkatale.com, a site where authors can publish continuing stories free. Thanks!

Hope you enjoy my stories! Please give me feedback, positive or negative, so I can get better as a writer.

For those of you who read and enjoyed my story Powers, I need your help. I've had an idea for a sequel for the last year and half, but I've never had time to write it, and I probably never will, so I'm wondering if someone else wants to. If you are interested in writing a sequel to the story Powers, PM me and I'll tell you my ideas. Even if you have your own ideas, feel free to go ahead and start writing. Thanks.

So, right now, the main thing I'm working is trying to continue the W.I.T.C.H story from where it left off. I've got a long term plan that will continue through many stories, hopefully creating an interesting little universe. However, I realize that there are many people who want to read my new chapters but haven't read my earlier work (Season 3) and don't really understand what's going on. With that in mind, I'm creating a recap here on my page. If you want to know what has happened in my main story so far, but don't feel like going back and reading the whole thing, you can read this recap and still understand what's going on and why. Hopefully, this will allow new fans to still be able to enjoy my new stories without having to do hours of reading old stories. This will also allow fans to remember key events that happened in past stories. After Season 4, I will do a recap of that story. Remember, if you want to get the full picture, you'll have to read the full story.

Recap of Season 3

The girls have defeated Cedric, and are trying to enjoy normal life when they are told that there is a civil war going on in Zamballa. With Kadma refusing to lead, there is no permanent leader on Zamballa, and many candidates are literally fighting for the position. After the Guardians get there, they find a creature threatening the Zamballans.Their magic is useless against the creature, and it takes Bitter Root to save the Zamballans. The Zamballans decide that Bitter Root should be their leader. The guardians return to Kandrakar to find out that it was the Oracle who put the evil creature on Zamballa to begin. The Oracle thought that one of the Zamballan's would step up to defeat the creature, and become leader in the process. While the plan worked, it's questionable means are frowned upon my many in Kandradar.The girls are forced back to Earth. They attempt to return to Kandrakar, but find the way blocked.

On Meridian, a team of explorers have found a strange type of creature in the Infinite City. They fight off the creatures, and find a man by the name of Dee. Dee has apparently been a prisoner of the creatures for years. When the explorers return from the Infinite City they bring Dee with them, who uses his medical skills to become part of the castle staff.

Taranee reveals her powers to Nigel. Nigel is unable to deal with this information and breaks up with her.

Caleb forms an elite team of Meridian's finest in an effort to keep Meridian safe. The team is called the Honor Guard and consists of Caleb, Julian, Tynar, Drake, Vathek and Raythor.

The Girls suspect their new computer teacher, Sylla, of spying on them. They find out that he wants the Heart. They trick him, and find he is working for a mysterious boss named Riddle. Riddle kidnaps Will and steals the Heart. Will is held captive for three days while Riddle attempts to unlock the powers of the Heart in an effort to re-create a stray portal that his wife and daughter accidentally walked through ten years before.

On Meridian, Elyon falls in love with Dee. The creatures found in the Infinite city have escaped and are attacking Meridian. One of the places they attack is a small village away from the city. When the newly formed Honor Guard go to the village, they find it under the protection of an archer named Walli. While attacking the Honor Guard at first, Walli quickly becomes friends with the team and agrees to help them fight the creatures.

A large, magical storm forms over Meridian castle, and with the Guardians out of action because Will has been captured, Elyon must use huge amounts of power to stop the storm. She does so, but faints afterwards and is taken to the hospital. While their, Dee reveals him source of not only the storm, but the creature attacks as well. In her weakened state, Dee easily steals Elyon powers, and attempts to take over Meridian. The Honor Guard fights off Dee long enough for Elyon to return and regain her powers.

The Guardians are unable to find where Will is being held for three days, until the Oracle appears to tell them of her location. The Guardian, the Honor Guard, and Matt attack Riddles tower in an attempt to rescue Will. Will is freed, but Matt is gravely injured in the rescue. Riddle offers to save Matt's life but only if Will gives him the Heart. Will is unsure of what to do until Elyon offers to give up her powers in place of the Heart, even though doing so will render Elyon powerless forever.

Elyon uses her powers to re-create the portal that Riddle needs to find his family. Riddle saves Matt's life, and disappears through the portal, leaving Elyon powerless. The girls return to their lives and begin to attempt to figure out why they are still unable to enter Kandrakar.

Recap of Season 4

Coming soon, hopefully.

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