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IM 15 yrs old and am supper peppy and happy but i m not much of writer sowy:(

Wat else umm... Oh I wuv spellin tings rong!-De chi! U no? No. No? Yes. Yes? YES!!!

I hope for great Fanfics now show me what u got in your heads!!!!!!!!! ;P -de chi!

My likes in fanfics: Sgt. Frog, Sword art online, PPGZ, Anima, Adv. time, and some other ANIME!!!

I have Some OC but my first was named Miyaya! Her pic be mi prof pic.

I recently got a deviantart account! I am ZanyAnee999, U can just use keyword Miyaya to find me!

I enjoy fun games like on RRRRthatsfivers. com or addictinggames, suggestions?

Things I like- cats, fuzziez,blanket, SHARP THINGS, katanas! Ninjas, XD KULULU electronics,water, DISNEY, sugar, reading, magic, CANDY!

Things otter peapods like-TV, CPU, sleep, okiashi (snacks), ect.

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GreenAngelgirl is sooo right :(

Now my fave joke, this is from me, ZanyAnimeGirl, ZAG

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KT- Who do you think you are?

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Fact- My cat is Peaches A. L.

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A crazy Princess and Pauper reviews
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