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Age: 15

Name: Lesa

Gender: girl

Favvorite TV Shows: Doctor Who, Austin & Ally, Kickin It, and Lab Rats

Favorite Movies: The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief, Harry Potter 1-7, The Amaizing Spider Man (It was well AMAZING), Alot of others.

Personality: Lets just say I act like Sadie Kane, Thalia Grace, Annabeth Chase, and Clarisse La Rue I have some of there personalities. I'm Sarcastic, Funny, Werid, AMAIZING, Smart, and Nice, Mean when i have to be.

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Listening to Music, Singing, Hanging with Friends, Sleepovers with friends(Good times Good times or should i say It's always a good time.)

Favorite Songs: (Only a few if i listed all we would be here all day) They Don't Know About Us by One Direction, On My Mind by Cody Simpson, Dancing with Tears in my eyes by Ke$ha, Better Dig Two by The Band Perry, Goon Too Soon by Simple Plan, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson, and Good Time by Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepson. "It's always a good time." It's stuck in my head guys, Red By Taylor Swift.

Favorite Books: KANE CHRONICLES Trilology, Harry Potter Series, Percy Jackson Series, Lost Hero Series, The Hunger Games Trilology.

Godly Parent(PJO): Athena (She's a genius)

Path I follow(KC): Anubis (He's hot who can blame me).

District(THG): District 12 (Bring on the coal minning)

House(HP): Revenclaw (I like the colors)

Favorite Greek God/Godess's: Artemis and Athena

Favorite Egyptian God/Godess's: Anubis and Bast (Weird they don't get along at all)

My Favorite Couples Why

Sadie Anubis = Sanubis. Because nobody likes Walt. He's nice but he dosen't belong with Sadie. Anubis dose. And Anubis met and fell for her first. (Kane Chronicles)

Carter Zia = Zarter. Because they're cute together. That exuse seems reasonable. Dosen't it (Kane Chronicles)

Chirs Clarisse = Chrisse. I don't know. I just like them together. (Percy Jackson)

Percy Annabeth = Percabeth. Who Doesn't. (Percy Jackson and the olympians)

Favorite Character Siblings Why

1. FAVORITE ONE OF ALL Carter and Sadie Kane. Because they argue alot but they always help each other in hard times even after being separated and not seeing each other. Now that's a awesome bro and sis there.

2. Nico and Bianca Di Angelo. Because Bianca always watched out for Nico. Just because he was annoying she didn't leave him. Except in The Titans Curse I just wanted to get all in Bianca's face. She wasn't right.

3. Thalia and Jason Grace. They've been separated for ever but they get along. I wish they were explained more together in the books. I'm going to see if they have bro and sis moments in Fan Fiction.

4. Primrose and Katniss Everdean. Now those are sisters. I felt so sad when Prim was chosen. I was happy that her sister Katniss didn't let her go into the games. Didn't like how it ended up in Mocking Jay. Too Soon :'( Crying face.

5. Apollo and Artemis. The Twin Archers People. They argue and it's funny when they argue. But they still care for each other no matter how big headed on of them *Coughs Apollo* can be.

6. Fred and George Weasly. The trouble they get into. I was devistated when one of them died in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Too Sad. I know how i'd feel if i lost my twin. :'(

7. Connor and Travis Stoll. Sons of Hermes. What a funny last name for children of Hermes. The trouble makeing they do. Funny and Mischiveious. Me and my sister think it's funny if something gets stollen you can say. "Connor and Travis Stoll stole it." Hahahahahaha funny. :)

Coming Soon Stories:

Fire and Ice:

Khione and Leo one-shot: Percy Jackson and the Oympians

Walt Vs. Anubis:

This story revoulves if Walt and Anubis didn't come as one and Sadie had to chose. Which one would she choose? Battles between Walt and Anubis.

The Theif and the Hunter:

This story will be about Hermes and Artemis. Not sure what it's about but that's the title.

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