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Hey everyone, I'm Kuriboh101. Welcome to my info...thing :)

Fav Music: (not in order)

1.Bring me to life

2. Precious Times, Glory Days

3. Genkai Battle

4. Pokemon Original Theme

5.Set Fire to the Rain

6. I'll give You Romance

7. Endless Dream (so touching)

8. O-Zone

9.Dragon Ball Opening

10.21 Guns

11. New Divide

12. Romantic Ageru Yo

13. Braving


15.Believe in Nexus

16. Good feeling

Fav. Animes:


Yugioh Gx

Yugioh 5ds


Avatar the last airbender (Yes its an anime)


Dragonball Z(fav. out of all the dragonball series)

Dragonball gt

Sonic x

Yugioh Zexal(it's growing)



That's it

Name: call me Kuriboh

Gender: fine, if you must know I'm a girl

hair color:brown



Do I have anything against 4 kids tv:TOTALLY!! it totally messes up anime!!!!!

so yeah...

I created some characters for my stories. Here they are..

I love the paring from yugioh gx Jaden/Judai and Alexis/Asuka. In my stories they have 3 kids, two sons and a daughter

Name:Alex Kaiba


Age:5(in one story) but she'll get older...like 15-19 (Duel Academy Adventures)

Appearance :Looks like Alexis with a mix of Jaden. Brown eyes like Jaden.

personality: fun loving,kind,shy,brave, intelligent, "daddy's girl"

Family : Jaden (father), Alexis(mother), Seten(older brother) Jaden Jr. (younger brother)... Atticus Rhodes(uncle), Saphire Rhodes(cousin), Athena "Zues" Rhodes (aunt by marriage), Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes (maternal grandparents),if you know Seto and Serenity's family you can figure out the rest. Mai Valentine (Great- aunt) Cassidy, Carly, and Kyle (first cousin once removed)

Spouse: You'll see )

Likes: her friends and family, DUELING, food, music,clothes,happiness, and dancing.

Dislikes: you know what people don't like.

Crush:Jesse Anderson Jr.(later)

Deck: Hyper Heroes

Jesse Anderson Jr.:


Age: He gets older in my stories

Appearence: looks like Jesse

Family: Jesse Anderson(father), Blair Flannigan(mother), Marie Boshen Anderson (step mother) Chazz Princeton (possible step father),Johan Anderson(paternal grandfather)

Spouse:You'll see

personality: kind, somewhat shy, loving, protective somewhat

Likes:family and friends,Dueling... really anything that Alex likes, but he lovesss rice balls

Dislikes: must I say it

Crush:Alex Kaiba

Deck: Jewelry Beast (not crystal beast)

Now here's another character: Seten Kaiba (named after his father and grandfather)

Seten Kaiba: Same reason for the last name(look in Alexandrea's profile)


Age:6 years older than Alex

Appearance :brown hair(top of his hair is blonde) and brown eyes. with Alexis's skin tone

Family: Same as Alex except Alex is his younger sister and Jaden Jr. is his younger brother.

Spouse: you'll see

Personality: calm,cool, calculating, respectful,quiet,fun loving, hard working, protective

Likes: Technology, Dueling, working hard, his family and friends

Dislikes: HACKERS!!!!!

Crush: You'll see

Occupation: we'll see

Deck: Dragon Heroes

Jaden Jr. Kaiba

Gender: Male

Age: Five years younger than Alexis

Appearance: looks completely like Jaden

Family: same as Alex and Seten, except Alex is the older sister and Seten is the older brother, Future Jaden jr (future counterpart)

personality: same as Jaden's

Spouse: ???

:Likes: Dueling, family, friends, happiness

Dislikes: evil

Deck: Elemental Hero

Her name is Sapphire Rhodes, daughter of Atticus Rhodes and his wife Athena.


Age: two years older than Seten

Appearance: looks like Athena (hour glass figure,green eyes, fair skin tone), but has Atticus's brown hair, her hair is smooth and a side band covers her right eye. Usually wears shot skits and midriff revealing shirts.

Occupation: Lounge Singer (formally)


Celebrity Judge

Family:Atticus Rhodes(father),Athena Rhodes(Mother), Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes (paternal grandparents), Posiden Zues(maternal uncle), Alexis (paternal aunt), Jaden(uncle by marriage) Alex(cousin), Seten(cousin) Jaden Jr. (Cousin)

Personality: crazy, somewhat idiotic, caring, seductive, loving, hug-gable


Dislikes:some of her father's antics, women who swoon over Atticus


Goal:to make some boy hers

Name: Jaden III

Gender: Male

Age: 6, (gets older though)

Appearence: looks like a kid version of Jaden.

Personality: same as Jaden's

Family: Alexis II (mother)

unknown father

unknown ancestors

Alex Kaiba (great great-grandmother or great great-grand aunt)

Seten Kaiba(great great grandfather or great great-grand uncle)

Jaden Jr. Kaiba (great great grandfather or great great grand uncle)

Jaden Kaiba (great great great grandfather)

Alexis (Rhodes) Kaiba (great great great grandmother)

Atticus Rhodes(great great great granduncle)

Athena Rhodes. (great great great grandaunt)

Sapphire Rhodes (distant cousin)

Alexis's parents (great great great great grandparents)

Seto Kaiba (great great great great grandfather)

Serenity (Wheeler) Kaiba (great great great great grandmother)

Joey Wheeler (great great great great granduncle)

Mai (Valentine) Wheeler (great great great great grandaunt)

Carly Wheeler (distant cousin)

Kyle Wheeler (distant cousin)

Mokuba Kaiba (great great great great granduncle)

unknown great great great great grandaunt

Mokuba's descendants (distant cousins)

Anna Kozuki (from Yugioh Zexal) (possible daughter)

Likes: happines, DUELING, family and friends, food (especialy fried shrimp)

Dislikes :evil

Deck :E HERO/ Neos deck

Goal: become the greatest duelist

Name :Alexis II


Age: late 20's

Appearence: Looks completely like Alexis except with spikier bangs

Personality: same as Alexis's


Jaden III (son)

Unknown husband

if you look at Jaden III's profile; if you take out a "great" you will find the relativity, but the distant cousins stay the same

Anna Kozuki (possible granddaughter)

Occupation: President/CEO of KaibaCorp

Likes: peace, her family and friends, her company

Dislikes: Hate

Deck: unknown, possibly Alexis's deck.

Name: Future Jaden Jr. Kaiba or "Mirai Judai"

Gender: Male

Age: 20 ish

Appearance: Grown up version of Jaden

Family: same as Jaden jr.'s family, Jaden Jr. (counter part)

Occupation: Member of the "Divide and Protect Endangered" or D.A.R.E

likes: peace,family,friends, D.A.R.E. organization, dueling, fighting for order, techy stuff

dislikes: dueldroids, war, if someone hurts the innocent, friends or family, chaos.

Deck: E-HERO/ Neos

Goal: Save his future

Name: Avril Pegasus


Age: 25

Appearance: hour glass body, white hair (gets red highlights in season 3) that flows down her back, golden eyes, fair skin tone.

Personality: caring,kind, loving,friendly, intelligent

Family: Maximillion Pegasus (grandfather), unknown grandmother, Oswald Pegasus (father), unknown mother (divorced)

Occupation: chief artist for Industrial Illusions

Deck: Toon


Chancellor Ryo Onno

Appearance: Bald, short, wrinkly, has a white mustache, wears a chancellor's coat with a yellow shirt under it with gray pants, black leathered shoes.

Age: 76

Personality: caring, understanding, grumpy (depends on my mood), PERVERTED!, Cowardly with a touch of awesome.

Family: Chancellor Hershel Shepherd ( ? )

Occupation: Headmaster of Duel Academy

likes: dueling,peace, beach (to either see girls in bikinis or enjoy peace),his students and employees, attractive women, peeping or any other perverted actions on women.

dislikes: hatred, someone interrupting him from doing perverted stuff, women going gaga for someone else,Hiroshi Chi, un sexy thoughts, evil, someone threatening his students, his bosses (when they're angry)

Deck: Cyber

Goal: keep his job, see or feel an attractive woman.

Description: Dirty old man, but is like a grandfather to his students

Yuri Hayles

Appearance: Tall, hour glass figure, light blue eyes, long eye lashes, long wavy blond hair.

Age: 19

Personalty: mean, cruel, greedy, lustful, sl*t, bratty, flirtatious

Family: LaSheik Hayles (mother), Mariah (sister), Angeline (possible cousin)

Outfit: extremely short skirts, shirts that show a lot in the boob department, high boots, midriff bearing shirts.

Likes: shopping, hot attractive boys, Future Jaden Jr., flirting

Dislikes: not being popular, rejections from hot boys (especially Future Jaden Jr.), prettier girls, pointing out that she got plastic surgery, unpopular kids. telling her that her name means lesbian in anime code.

Goal: to make Future Jaden Jr. hers

Description: what can I say...she sleeps with various of men. Daughter of president of Playgal magazine.

Angeline Petez

Appearance: Long wavy red hair, amber eyes, slender body

Age: 17

Personality: whiny, annoying, creepy, bratty

Outfit: short beige shorts, pink tank top, white sneakers.

Likes: boys, getting things she wants, Seten, blackmailing

Dislikes: when people say no to her, Seten when he's not interested in her

Goal: to have Seten

Description: WHINY!!!!

Other Characters in my stories:

Lily Truesdale: She is the daughter of Syrus Truesdale and his wife Mana(DMG). Niece of Zane Truesdale and his wife. Cousin of Jon Truesdale.

Sherry Hassleberry: She is the daughter of Hassleberry and his wife Kezena

Chazzal Princeton: She is the daughter of Chazz and Linda Princeton. Niece of Slate and Dagger Princeton

Jon Truesdale: He is the son of Zane Truesdale and an unamed mother. Nephew of Syrus and Macie(Mana). Cousin of Lily Truesdale.

Mana Truesdales: She is the mother of Lily. Wife of Syrus Truesdale. Aunt of Jon Truesdale. Sister in law of Zane Truesdale and his wife.

Kezena Hassleberry: Mother of Sherry Hassleberry. Wife of Tyranno Hassleberry

Athena Rhodes: Wife of Atticus, Mother of Sapphire, Sister of Manjum,Sister in law of Alexis and Jaden. Aunt by marriage of Seten and Alexandrea and Jaden Jr.

Amon: (look in my Story called "A Lovely Story" to find out.

Malice: Amon's deceased girlfriend. read "A Lovely Story" to find out.

Eugine: Read "A Loveley Story to find out

Stories that Maybe will come up in the future

A Hope For Us All, Yugioh Gx

Summary: A mysterious visitor comes to Domino City. He claims to know Jaden, but Jaden hasn't see him before or has he...and who are these creatures called the "Dueldriods" that are causing trouble? Find out.-Kuriboh

D.A.A. Part Two: The Society of Lizards-coming up

D.A.A. Part Three: Enter the Shadows-coming up

D.A.A.Part Four: Golden Years-coming up

Gx Families-stumped...XP

You Change the Past-completed

Missing Card- completed

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"It means friend. At least for now, big guy."

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So yeah. Just read my stories. Reviews are welcome, but they must be helpful or positive (no flames)

Happy Fanfiction

Thanks to whoever read my stories *blows a kiss*

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The story of Phineas's real father and Ferb's real mother. Rated T for some mature content
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Yu-Gi-Oh GX - Rated: T - English - Suspense/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,041 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 13 - Published: 8/29/2012 - Jaden Y./Jūdai Y., Alexis R./Asuka T.
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GX Generations reviews
Many years after Jaden and Alexis's wedding, and the birth of their new son Seten, Alexis is sick and jaden wants to know why. But after the news,this changes Jaden's life forever. Want to know please find out, now.
Yu-Gi-Oh GX - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Family - Chapters: 4 - Words: 3,104 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 1/4/2012 - Published: 12/28/2011 - Jaden Y./Jūdai Y., Alexis R./Asuka T. - Complete
A Loveley Story reviews
Jaden and Alexis reunited and now are finally a couple. But now someone is trying to take over the world and someone is trying to team up with Jaden to stop the evil, and what will become of the couple? please read
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