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Author has written 7 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Trigun, Matrix, Naruto, Metroid, and Legend of Zelda.

This is essentially a retired account. All the stories I have posted are now complete and I do not intend to upload any more. Review notifications will still redirect to my primary address, so I'll respond if anyone has questions.

The earliest writing found here is from August 2000 (the oldest parts of The Earth and I), the most recent November 2007 (Links). Over half a million words between seven stories.

When I look over everything I have written, what I really want to do is delete it. I'm not happy with my work and not happy with myself for having written it. Not for being fanfiction - I still maintain that it is a useful exercise in creativity within pre-established resources. It is the stories themselves that frustrate me, signs of my limitation as a writer. If I had a clean slate, the only work I would rewrite is Links, my most recent entry. The others are things I would prefer to be forgotten.

But this profile is still here. Because over the years they have somehow been meaningful to many different people. Because at one point they were meaningful enough to me that I wrote them. Because I shouldn't erase reminders of where I have fallen short. Maybe you can enjoy the stories for what they are. Or perhaps you have, which is why you're reading this.

Detailed Story Information

The Earth and I (Dragonball): This work was my initial reason for joining fanfiction.net, and is to date my longest non-original writing endeavor. I started writing it before I had seen much Dragonball, actually, but the intention was to rewrite the storyline with a much darker edge. For those of you character focused, the only characters that survive for lengthy periods of time are Piccolo, Goku and Android 18. This story has an excess of action (not up to par with my other stories), but I was trying to make a deeper narrative than DBZ.

A Blessed Silence (Trigun): I might never have written fanfiction again if someone hadn't begged me to contribute to a Trigun Alternate Couple Contest. The contest didn't finish, so I ended up with a semi-lengthy work for no reason. It's based on a slight continuity change and the couple will be painfully obvious from nearly the start. This isn't great work, but I'm surprised I can read it now without hating myself.

Matrix Gaiden (Matrix): Yes, I wrote a story just because I thought one character was cool and didn't get enough of a role in the films. All of it takes place within Revolutions, behind the scenes, as Seraph makes an effort to help the humans. Pretty straightforward.

Change (Naruto): The fact that I wrote a Naruto pairing is what keeps me from having any literary pretensions. Hinata and Shino, years after the events of the manga, pretty standard romance except for the fighting. I also created a Genin team according to the usual archetype, which may not have been a good idea.

Era (Naruto): One wasn't enough, though, I had to write a second pairing story (my worldview changed a great deal in a short time). This is probably my greatest failure, in terms of the difference between what I hoped to accomplish and what I actually wrote. I wanted to create an even balance between character-driven and plot-driven stories, which only worked for some readers. I included Japanese suffixes as an experiment, probably a pointless one. I emphasized the development of characters, yet some of them are static because of the basest of motives. Yet this is my most popular story. There' s a lot of cynicism in my current worldview.

Basis of Humanity (Metroid): Written without thorough knowledge of the series, though I think a passable work in its own right. I had to add an original character because Samus alone wouldn't work as well, and I can only hope this contributed instead of detracted. In retrospect, I should have included the governmental corruption themes much closer to the beginning in order to let Samus demonstrate her abilities better.

Links (Legend of Zelda): The heroes from every game in the series as well as other permutations of the Legend of Zelda (and some entirely new ones) are all taken out of their worlds and thrown together in the Sacred Realm. This is one of the few I still like as of this writing; I hope it captures a much more even balance than some of my other works.

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