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Latin:"Veni, Vidi, Vici!" ~ Julius Caesar"I came, I saw, I conquered!" ~ Julius Caesar

"...nuces relinquere." ~Anonymous"...to leave childhood behind." ~Anonymous

Spanish:El burro alante pa'que no se espante!" ~ Anonymous"Jackass first!" - Anonymous (Hyuck! My own little twist to the quote xD)

"Que un dia fue para miY ¿hoy de quien?" ~Belanova"One day you left for meAnd today for whom?" ~Belanova

English:"How happy is the blamless Vestal's lot!The world forgetting by the world forgotEternal sunshine of the spotless mind!Each pray'r accepted and each wish resign'd." ~ Alexander Pope

"I know how men in exile feed on dreams of hope." ~ Anonymous

As you can see from the words above, I’m well learned in three languages, one of them being a dead language but…still a language xD.

Now time to talk about myself right? Oh…hrm…where to begin on my 16 years of life. Let’s start off with some basics, I am a girl – no – a female, yes there is a difference between the two, if there wasn’t then there wouldn’t be another word for it, wouldn’t it be a little redundant?

I live in New York City – probably the greatest city in the world! I’m very proud of my New York, a beautiful city really, though it does need to be polished up a bit, but no place is perfect. As explained: “Stay too long in New York, you grow too hard, stay too long in California, you grow too soft.”

Now that we wandered ourselves back into quotations, safe to say I love hearing/finding quotes, I have like a whole bunch stored in my computer – seriously like I have my own Barlett’s in here xD. And now moving on too books, I like – no, LOVE, ADORE, reading. I always leave Barnes and Noble with at least one book. I’m currently reading Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (I know…I’m late). I just finished reading a Chinese novel entitled A Dream of Red Mansions. It’s awesome! Not to mention another Chinese classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Totally awesome! xD.

Okay, so if anyone has read this far, kudos, and you probably made the safe assumption that I’m Asian. Oh my dear reader, you would be surprised how far from fact you are! It so happens I am from Ecuador, yes that is a country not a side dish. It’s located in South America, for those of you needing a little geographical recap. I guess you could say I became interested in Chinese culture when I started playing Dynasty Warriors. Yes, it’s a video game – and here is where you can assume I play a reasonable amount of video games. And by reasonable I mean – having over three consoles and cherishing a Atari pen that I never touched without a napkin.

Anyways, I love life, my political views are sublime, there are some things I’m conservative about, others I’m liberal about, but all in all, I really hate both Democratic and Republican parties. I would like ot be an untainted third party – but like that’s ever gonna happen in my lifetime.

Seeing as I probably made too many jokes in my explication of myself, you could see I’m quite the funny guy (girl…female!). I would like to say I am a funny person, but I think I laugh more than I joke. I simply get into laughing fits when watching Conan O’Brien, the quirkiest Irish man I’ll ever see on television. Not to mention Spongebob simply just lightens my day.

~~ Oh and - probably SOMETHING I SHOULD'VE DEFINATELY MENTIONED SOONER! I'm in LOVE with the Batman franchise! Oh I know! "Aren't I too old to think men dressed like bats are fun!?" Well - NO I'M NOT AND I NEVER WILL BE! But it doesn't only stop at Batman! Really I'm in love with the whole DC Universe!

~~~ And yet ANOTHER thing I should've mentioned - I don't have a fanfic account to write stories (I've given up such fanciful thinking awhile ago) - I have one to read them and to review them. Because like many a quote says "Those who can't write - critique!"

I think to just sum myself up in a nutshell I’m just...


If you are interested in learning more about the person behind the words don't be afraid to add me on your AIM

MSN = cathyg_91@hotmail.com

AIM = CathyPwnsU

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