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Mae Govannen, Mellon

you can call me 'pickles'...everyone does!

I am obcessed with the lord of the rings, having started reading the books since I was sixteen (im 21 now) I have read them over and over, along with almost all of Tolkien's books. One could say I'm a fanatic. I know it is kind of psychotic, especially for someone who is working on her master's degree in college, but I dont care.

Here are some interesting factoids about myself:

Age: 21

Height: 5'10 barefoot (I like to wear thick, tall heels, so people usually guess that I am around six foot)

Weight: None of your business. I'll say heavily muscled since I can bench almost two hundred pounds (x-wrestler from high school)

Skin: olive

Hair:light brown, shoulder length,

Eyes:very light grey eyes. Yes, I said grey. really! My eyes are totally devoid of color, it is the bane of my existance.(when my picture is taken with black and white film, it looks as if I have a total lack of iris)

Married: Yes

Children: NO

1 male dachshund- Hans,
1 Friesian horse gelding- Nightdancer (AKA big D because he is 18 HH, I may eventually get a picture on my website of him, but I really dont have any that do him justice... he is a fine animal)
1 great dane- Da' Pimpster (Sometimes we call him pippin because his attitude reminds us of pippin)
2 cockatoos (my husband's annoying creatures, not really mine.)

I used to show Hans, but he is to old now, I sometimes show D in dressage and hunter jumper but I just have more fun riding with friends, especially because I can show off for friends in ways I cant show off in the show ring (major oxymoron, I know!), Pimpster is just a big baby and Melody and Harmony are my husbands absolutely annoying moloccan cockatoos(spelling- dont know, dont care) . He has had them since he was seven years old.

I love first and foremost of all my husband, then after him comes all my creatures, then all things elvish,I like to work out, read LotR, love the elves, read in general, draw, love the elves, do evil things to random pictures on my computer,I love elves, record anything and everything with my video camera, and be a general nuisance.
Did I mention I love elves?

The one thing I am good at is horseback riding- I trained Big D bridle-less and love to ride without bit, bridle, saddle of any kind... It totally freaks passer-byers out! He could show at about a level three in Dressage, but I really dont like to show that much. He is my pride and joy.

My husband teases me that if I am not careful, I might just wake up one day in Middle earth without him because I am so enfatuated the place. As wonderful as that might be, it would break my heart. If I WERE to be mysteriously transported to middle earth, he most definitely would come along as well; just... as an elf! *My husband elbows me in the ribs, laughing* He makes fun of my love of elves. He really is a great guy (he would just be an even greater guy if he had pointed ears)*I smirk and he gasps* Really! hahaha.

Look at the homepage here for some of my renderings and drawings for my story heartsong!! (the photos arent of me, they are of a friend of mine... dont worry, I asked her permission before I used her pictures!)
Hmmmm... is there anything else?

I dont think so... but if I can think of anything else, I will post it...

enter, husband*


Hub-do you have a minute?


Hub-what are you doing?

Ren-Writing this conversation down in my BIO at why?

Hub-*rolls eyes* I should have guessed

Hub-*addressing fanfic listeners* you all should be
very glad *pouts* she spends more time on her fanfic than with me

Ren-*grinning* of course, what else would I be doing?

Hub-I can think of some things...

Ren-*blushes* Hey! This is a family show!

Hub-so stop writing.


Hub-Uggg... you are impossible

Ren- you had better believe it!

Hub-is there any way I can pursuade you to get off
that damned computer and spend some time with me: your HUSBAND?

Ren-ummmmmm... that would be a no. no, I dont think so. no.

Hub-well, you only leave me one choice...

*hub pulls Renee off of the chair, headed to an adjacent room*

~a few hours later~

enter Renee*

Ren-sorry, I was a little... distracted

enter Husband*



Hub-*addressing fanfic audiance* Did she mention that she is a naughty little girl that loves to drive me insane?

Ren-of course not!

Hub-well you should

Ren-hey, you started it!


Ren-ANYWAYS, back to my BIO, any time you want to email me I am here to give suggestions if you have writers block, I welcome emails about my story, suggestions, comments, or general questions about life, other fanfic, ect...If you need someone to help you edit, anything! (in case you havent guessed, I dont really have a life at all)

Hub- GREAT! now youll be spending more time in front of this blasted computer.

Ren- okay, whoever emails me must be willing for me to share it with my other half *grins, addreses husband* better?


UPDATE August 04: IM BACK! it feels so good to be back... my life is getting back to normal...yay! Mom is recovering, tests finally coming back clean... I am oficially returned to earth from HELL! YAY!

So... you must be wondering when I am going to update my stories... welll, I am working on them as I write this! (For any newcomers, I have been out of the running for...oh dear... like four months because my mother has been sick... VERY sick)

Oh, and just to let you know, my friend Tiny is the one who actually posts this... She posts this for me because my computer doesnt like to load from so actually this is her story... neway, we are best friends, so dont wory if u email to her... she forwards it to me!

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