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Author has written 15 stories for Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy VII, Tomb Raider, Harry Potter, Resident Evil, Skies of Arcadia, Beyblade, Outlaw Star, Baldur's Gate, and Yu-Gi-Oh.
Complete bio overhaul time, me thinks. Having not posted a new story for over a year, I decided to turn over a new leaf. From now on I'll update a lot more often, I swear. (Maybe.) Me? Why, I'm just a tea-drinking Brit with not enough time on her hands, but who loves to write and watch anime nonetheless.
Current obsessions include:
Naruto (but let's face it, who isn't loving Naruto right now?)
Saiyuki (Ay-May-Zing stuff. Some of the filler episodes make me grind my teeth in agony but you have to love those guys, don't you?)
S-cry-ed (Probably my favourite anime ever, though I warn you all that the dub is absolutely atrocious. Kimishima is adorable. And Kazuma's fantastic... I guess it is a bit like X-Men - but SO much cooler.)
Someday's Dreamers (I read so many reviews where that say this anime is incredibly boring, but, you know, I watch Haibane Renmei too - I can appreciate the slower-moving shows. However, I think Dreamer's moves quite quickly - for example, Angela falls in love with Inoue after what, two episodes? That's one speedy lady!)
Mirage of Blaze (HOW much do I love Naoe? Immensely!)
Witch Hunter Robin (Amon is ACE. End of story.)
Trigun (Just thinking about it makes me cry. This show moved me more than any other - except possibly S-cry-ed.)
Hellsing (The best anime soundtrack I've ever discovered. And it's set in England! ...even if they did get everything so very wrong...)
I think that's about enough.

I'm currently - and very slowly - dredging through FFX, Silent Hill 3, Kingdom Hearts and Devil May Cry 2, though whether I'll get any of them finished is a mystery.

I'm a die hard Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman fan, and my all-time favourite book has to be Neverwhere.

I'm missing Resident Evil immensely, following its shift onto the Gamecube. Grrr...

Recently I posted 'Fair Trade at Midnight', a short Fred Luo-centric POV fic that I'd forgotten about until recently. Do tell me what you think, 'kay folks?

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A Birthday Present by JadeDragoness reviews
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