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Author has written 12 stories for Gorillaz, Gilmore Girls, Project DIVA, Mean Girls, and Touhou Project.

Story Up And Runing

Chapter two is up. Made a foot-note to help out a bit


please reveiw my stories.

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Name: Suki.

nicknames: Rock A Abbster Center, CLE SKEETER, Rugbeat

Age: You Don't Need to Know My F-ing Age

Status: I'm Nerdy and I Know It


Sukie and Friends: Chapter Three, still in prosess

Fav Video:

Vocaloid: Ummmm

Stories of New England: Yeah yeah i'll get it done

Mean Girls: WTF is wrong that i cant finish the story.

Poll: Please do my poll.

Fave Bands: Vocaloid, Gorillaz, Black Eye Peas, LMFAO, 2NE1, Blood on the Dance Floor

Look up my FictionPress.

look at my forum which is In Gorillaz and Kingdom Hearts


Talk With Confettie

1. Name

Fettie: Mark or Fettie.

Whyatt: WTF kind of servay is this

Suki: Answer Me!

Whyatt: Fine Godfrey.

2. Fav Author

Fettie: You of course.

Godfrey: Sasha...


Godfrey: Fine, K.A. Applegate.

Phoebe: Was that random?

Godfrey: Yeah, so?

3. Commen, If You Were a Tree, What one is you?

Fettie: Oak.

Kyon: Why the hell would you say that.

Fettie: Fag.

Kyon: Cinderella.

Dalton: Ladys, You're both beautyful, *whisper* knock it off...

Suki: What?

Dalton: Before Suki comes back.


Name: GodFrey.

Nicnames: Dumbass, retard, slow poke.

age: 16

Sibs: Dalton 14.


Dalton: Jesse Do not throw that beer bong at me! Jesse! [crash]

Suki: Retards.


Name: Dalton

Age: 14, maybe 15 Godfrey, where's my birth certifacite

Sibs: My retard of a brother.


Fettie: Dugger Get off me.

Dugger: Steffanie Get off me.

Stef: Fine.


Name: Dugger

NicName: Slut

Age: 17

Sibs: Steffanie, *no boyfriend in her future* And Stomper or Randel.


Stomper: Dugger help.

Dugger: No, you clipped the shot and know your thing is head an ass in the wall.

Stomp: Bitch.


Name: Randel

NicName: Stomper, or Shootgun

Sibs: Dugger, and Stigger

age: 19


Name: Parth

NicName: Smally

Age: 23

Sibs: None

Foot-note: She is a girl, but from India


Smally: Yettah! What are you doing?

Yettah: [sheppishly] Nothing

Smally: Lets Get you in the bath.


4. If you die and come back, what would you be?

Fetti: A Super Model!

Dugger: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Stomper: In yer dreams... No Duggi No! [crash]

Dugger: Stop calling me that.

Interveiwer: *snicker* Okay movin- *laughter* It was an accident.

GodFrey: That you farted Was the problem. Wat you do crap your pants or something

Suki: [crash]

GodFrey: Ow That hurt.


Dugger: My eardrum.

0_0// Suki

0o0 GodFrey

0u0 My twin Kyon.


Stommper: What the f*ck is this?!

ScrewBall: Fire...

Stommper: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh wait you moron this is not fire.

ScrewBall: [lights a match] Now it is.

Stommper: [screams like a little girl]


5. What do you want f or Christmas?

Jacob & Fetti: A Sexy Santa.

Dugger: Fan-Girls. Don't get me wrong, I respect you for being gay-

Fetti: Go-

Jacob: To-

Both: Hell.

Dugger: Fine I want my brother to pull his head out of his-

Suki: Dugger! Jacob, Fetti, Kyon, and I are 12/12 1/2.

Dugger: Soooooooooooooooooooo?

Suki: Screw your-self Bitch.

Hey lets be-[hy-yah] go to hell

0_0// CARL!


Suki:Will i ever get a boy friend


Carl: How come all i can draw is guns

Suki: Am i a guy do i look like a guy i wil pull down my pants to prove it

Godfrey: Please Tell me yo- Never mind your seirous

Suki: Shut the BEEP up you stupid asshole.


Brad: Hey Suki, Fetti called me a saver of the hotness



Name: Brad

Nicnames: Nerd kid

age: Who the f*ck wants to know that

Siblings: Ricky and Jamie.



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