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I am currently writing a Hunger Games story! Which I love writing! Yeah! I hope you guys will read it, review it, and most importantly enjoy it!

My name is Andrew and I am 19 1/2 years old. (I know I'm soooo old!) I live in Utah in the Salt Lake county and valley! So pretty much just Salt Lake City...I am currently working i the food industry...i know it's lame but it's not permanent.

I enjoy writing fanfic, making art, listening to music, hanging with family and friends, playing sports (mostly racquetball, soccer, and volleyball), swimming, eating food (food is delicious :p), watching movies (The Hunger Games!!!! So good!!!!), watching tv shows (CSI Miami, ADventure Time, NCIS, Hawaii-5-0, Glee, Phineas and Ferb, Ghost WHisperer, Modern Family, The Middle, Revolution, Teen Titans, Pokemon, Nakita, Revenge, The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, and a whole lot of other things!!!!

I really enjoy drama! I don't know why but I just do! Everytime I see drama happen (whether it be on TV or in real life) I can't help but wish I had a bowl of popcorn by my side! I really enjoy politics (I didn't used to)! I find it so funny and interesting! Don't ask why I think it's funny...

I loVe to laugh! IT's like a personal hobby. I'll laugh at pretty much anything (The awkward moment when you laugh and no one else in the room does)! I really enjoy sleeping which Is why I hate school because it makes me get up early...I absolutely hate the sound of the alarm going off in the morning so I just have my mom wake me up...Whenever I hear that sound I get really angry...I hate the sounds that chalk makes when it writes on the chalkboard and when Styrofoam rubs against something (eww)!!!!!!

I suffer from anxiety...I sometime worry about the dumbest things that will probably never happen...Some examples are:

-Sometimes get scared of going by the ocean because I fear there's going to be a tsunami...

-Sometime get scared when boating by a dam on a lake...Fear that it's going to break and I'm going to die...

-Fear of going boating in slot canyons...I fear that we are going to constantly hit the side of the canyon and the boat is going to sink...

-GOing in caves or mines...Always fear it's going to collapse on me and kill me...

-I sometimes worry how people will judge me in certain situations...Like I have a Hunger Games Arena Jacket which I love and I worry what people will think about me because they know that the jacket is from the Hunger Games!


I really like getting scared, but also hate it! It's a love-hate relationship!!! I always hide my face when I watch scary movies!!!! I never sleep at night after watching a scary movie because all I think about is scary things from the movie...I love scaring people...It's a personal hobby...hehe...

I love nature! It's just so beautiful!!!!! I'm glad I live in Utah because sometimes It's like all of the four seasons are present at one time...The trees are red, yellow, orange, and some are still green! The temperature feels like it's summer and the rain and flowers make it seem like spring...and the snow covered mountain make it seem like winter!!!! But utah weather can also suck...One day it's in the 70's and sunny and the next day it's in the 20's and snowing...bleh...hence all four seasons pretty much year round...

I absolutely love the HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I saw the movie and LOVED IT!!!! I've seen it three times already and plan to see it more times!!!! My favorite Hunger Games characters include: Katniss, Peeta, Glimmer, Marvel, Cato, Clove, Foxface, Rue, Thresh, Finnick, District 3 male tribute, Caesar Flickerman, and Effie Trinket...I know I have a lot of favorite characters...

I have a lot of Hunger Games stuff...I have all three books...all three of the other three books (WOrld of the Hunger Games, Tribute guide, and illustrated guide), I have both the music albums have the arena jacket! I also have other things as well as other things...Blah!!

Anyways I'd like to tell you guys a whole lot of other things but the list would go one forever!

So please enjoy my story and please please please review! EVen if you like it or not!!!! I love reviews Blah!!!! I also like saying stuff like blah and ma ma mer meh! I grew up in a interesting family...

HERE IS THE LIST OF TRIBUTES that belong to the 175th Hunger Games! SYOT is now CLOSED!!! Thanks to everyone who submitted! The story will now commence!

Tributes of the 175th Annual Hunger Games

District 1

-Royce Finnson (16) (Male) (made by ME)

-Emerald Flaunt (17) (Female) (made by ME)

-Swanky Jones (18) (Male) (Axe Smelling God)

-Foxy Reynolds (16) (Female) (made by Pikachu's Tail Wags)

District 2

-Easton Stryker (18) (Male) (made by ME)

-Katana Figleaf (18) (Female) (made by ME)

-Deswat Pokok (13) (Male) (made by The Koala of Doom)

-Cleo Willson (14) (Female) (made by AdventureTimeFangirl1000)

District 3

-Surge Concord (17) (Male) (made by ME)

-Nova Bryson (13) (Female) (made by ME)

-Emile Merks (14) (Male) (made by SputnikHolly)

-Aurora Moonbeam (15) (Female) (made by leven1313)

District 4

-Rain Divegold (18) (Male) (made by ME)

-Andromeda Malken (18) (Female) (made by ME)

-Tobias Ravine (14) (Male) (made by TJTheUltimateTDIOC)

-Amber Emmanuelle Miles (16) (Female) (made by AmazingAmberIsNotOnFire)

District 5

-Void Crashon (14) (Male) (made by ME)

-Dahlia Sucklemoon (15) (Female) (made by ME)

-Jacob Henderson (17) (Male) (made by SputnikHolly)

-Isla West (17) (Female) (made by ElectricSocks)

District 6

-Kring Dynmas (16) (Male) (made by ME)

-Lava Avisto (18) (Female) (made by ME)

-Ethan Cage (17) (Male) (made by lalamnmgirl)

-Josephine Parker (17) (Female) (made by NorthEastChild)

District 7

-Farore Shrood (18) (Male) (made by ME)

-Mahogany Leiland (15) (Female) (made by ME)

-Aiden Saunders (17) (Male) (made by Mads515)

-Gisele Ballantynn-Edenthaw (18) (Female) (made by MTNGWN)

District 8

-Rory Northcote (17) (Male) (made by ME)

-Paisley Monstan (16) (Female) (made by ME)

-Maxwell "Max" Loran (18) (Male) (made by PeenissandClato)

-Adeline "Addie" Hanran (15) (Female) (made by A Polite Psychotic Stranger)

District 9

-Drayden Dimes (16) (Male) (made by ME)

-Piper Colburn (17) (Female) (made by ME)

-Maize Andrews (12) (Male) (made by A Playwrite Master)

-Mallory "Mallie" Greene (15) (Female) (made by Mallie C)

District 10

-Chilton Freeze (18) (Male) (made by ME)

-Isabella Ivory (18) (Female) (made by ME)

-Phoenix Coll (12) (Male) (made by Emmileeblue)

-Marcey Bull (12) (Female) (made by charliesunshine)

District 11

-Grover Mills (15) (Male) (made by ME)

-Clementine Burbank (13) (Female) (made by ME)

-Cygnus Brendan Melaines (18) (Male) (made by HungergamesandBigTimeRush)

-Soya Sorna (14) (Female) (made by Axe Smelling God)

District 12

-Zane Avinton (12) (Male) (made by ME)

-Roxie Lantent (18) (Female) (made by ME)

-Robert "Zero" Blade (13) (Male) (made by zerograv5)

-Sable Coalton (18) (Female) (made by A Playwrite Master)

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