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hello i thought i'd finally do this so here goes.

to keep something really simple i don't own any show that i write stories about or any of the characters from them, i have my own characters and i do own them for making them up so thank you all. disclaimer

1: i'm 24 yrs old as of September 2011 and i have to think of a character to add to every show i do a fan fic for.

2:i like straight couplings and yuri. no yaoi what so ever.

my favorite couplings are

Jade/Lestat (a charecter i made up)


Tyran/Harp both made up


Cera/Tops (made him up)

Spike/Stega (made her up)





Nazz/Jaw (made up)





Med/Gir (female in my story and Med's made up)

















that's all straight, i'll add more when they come to me.

the yuri list is.





i'll think of some more and add them later.

my main charaters

Tom- DBZ main, he’s an immortal sayian. The king of the kingdom of immortals, has reached the Legendary lvl of sayian transformation. Has four snake based attacks, the final flash and big bang, death magic, the ability to grant wishes, c. Tom’s crazy abilities, and the double death attack. Alex is his mate.

Alex- DBZ, an immortal sayian, she is the queen of immortals. Thanks to fusing with him, not to mention the sayian bond, she can use the same attacks as Tom. Tom is her mate.

Renegade- DBZ. Tom’s first born son, he is half orc half sayian prince of immortals. He uses a sword in serious fights, can use death magic and the double death. Sword based attacks. Sleeta is almost always by his side, his teamwork with her is great but fails to compare with his brothers’. Sleeta is his mate.

Sleeta- DBZ an ice-jin, has some skill in using a sword but her strength is mainly team work with her mate Renegade.

Grim- DBZ the first born twin, his brother is Reaper. He is mean and kills people for laughs. After being possessed and attacking his dad, Grim lost Reaper’s loyalty, though the two are still the best fighting duo ever. His attacks are HFIL force, Grim’s Fire, and Deadly Plague.

Reaper- DBZ the second born twin, his brother is Grim. At first reserved and loyal to Grim, he started down a different path when he refused to be possessed. Put in charge of his brother he follows him around and fights against him when Grim acts up. He can generate a scythe out of nothing and attacks with it. Reaper’s scythe

Fight4Heart- Care Bears. A blue cat/lion care bear cousin. He is a fighter and determined to complete his missions. Preferring his cat side to his lion side though he keeps his hair groomed and smoothed down to look cat. He had been known to push through and accomplish the impossible.

Lestat- Jackie chan adventures. A half knowledge vampire half power vampire thief. What he steals, unless he claims it as a trophy, he sells and sends the money back home to his single mom, and little brothers. He has a weakness for jewelry and magic. He learned some Japanese when Tom visited his world and let him drink some of his blood. Lestat sees Tom as a father figure despite how short of a time he was around.

Drac- It'll be a while before he appears in any of my stories, but he is the first born child of Lestat and Jade.

Fear- Teen Titans, DBZ. A bang baby, left the city Static Shock guards in a huff, didn’t believe he ‘played’ right. He has the ability to shape shift into any monster he has knowledge of. His favorite ones being Venom, Beetlejuice, Freddie, and a small number of major movie monsters. Real life monsters like the Joker, Clayface and the like. He had a crush on Terra but after joining the Titans he began to like Raven. His real name is Vance, but after the accident he only wants to be known as Fear. He loves to scare people, though he refrains from hurting them, this was changed a short while when he followed Terra. Rival with BeastBoy, though also his friend, Fear has a tendency to look towards the darker pranks and jokes that BB stay’s away from

Med- Invader Zim. A black eyed Irken. Was a top scientist for the Irken Empire, but accused of not putting enough guards in front of a new battle mech was blamed for it being hijacked and nearly destroying the planet. Pretended to go insane in prison to be released as an annoyance, started to plot his revenge and created a Sir unit which became Gir when he was looking for a final piece in a trash can.

Chaos- A grandson of Tom, but he works for a God of Chaos, assigned to cause chaos wherever he goes. he loves to appear in new worlds and mess with the people found there, he is insane but somewhat intelligent. sometime planning his insanity to make what he wants to happen, happen though this comes at a price as chaos magic cannot be fully controlled and when he does excert control something random, even seemingly impossible things, will happen to him.

sorry stories a bit slow now because i don't have a lot of free time now, i'm in the Marines.

i seem to have a problem with sticking to one story till it's done, sorry about that but when i can't seem to concentrate on one story i go to another until ideas for the other can hit me.

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