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Author has written 7 stories for Pokémon, Half-Life, Young Justice, Batman, and Superman.

Hey. I want to be a writer someday, and so I thought I would practice with fanfiction. I've got currently got five on this site, a Pokémon Colosseum fic, For Want of A Knight, a short Half-Life oneshot, Patron, a Pokémon Black and White oneshot In Review, a Pokémon X and Y twoshot Peer Review, a massive Young Justice fic Worst Case Scenario and an original universe Batman vs. Lex Luthor fic Only Human as well as a few more in the pipeline which I will hopefully do. I've also got a couple of interactive Ace Attorney trials on Ace Attorney Online, which eat into my "write fanfiction time". You should really check that out too.

Also, here's a link to my first hype poster for Worst Case Scenario. I think I'll probably make one for every story in the series.


Here's the second poster:


And here's one for the first sequel, Worst Case Scenario: Madhouse:


My Works on this Site:

In Progress:

Worst Case Scenario: Madhouse: [Young Justice]
Sequel to Worst Case Scenario. Just when it seems like the Team is getting itself back together, two of them disappear and the rest are dragged into a situation that's the stuff of nightmares...

For Want of a Knight: [Pokemon Colosseum]
Rui Noel was just in Orre to visit her grandfather. Then she got kidnapped by a mysterious group. Can Rui escape, survive and defeat these new foes? AU of Pokemon Colosseum.

Only Human: [Batman/Superman/DC Universe]
In a world without aliens, magic or superpowers, Bruce Wayne takes a trip to Metropolis. Batman vs. Lex Luthor. Winner take all. ON HIATUS


In Review: [Pokémon Black and White]
Shortly after the battle at N's Castle, a mysterious man reviews all that has happened. Oneshot. Potential to spin off into a series, but the idea will probably instead by transferred in the much larger DPA Chronicle series (see below).

Peer Review: [Pokémon X and Y]
As the final battle against Team Flare begins, one Dr. Xerosic reviews all that has happened, and all that is about to take place. Twoshot.

Worst Case Scenario: [Young Justice]
It was supposed to be a normal recon mission. Instead, it may be the Team's last. First of nine stories. Season 1 AU diverging right before "The Usual Suspects."


Patron: [Half-Life]
This was meant to be a series of one-shots highlighting the actions of the G-Man behind the scenes of Half-Life 2 and Episodes 1 and 2, especially involving Alyx. Unfortunately, it never really got off the ground and when I tried to update it I accidentally replaced the sole existing chapter with a chapter from Worst Case Scenario. With the original now unrecoverable, I've decided to declare it dead unless I get in a super-Half-Life-fan mood, which is always possible but probably unlikely.

Also, shamelessly stealing the idea from Ally Marton, I decided to list all my potential other fanfics here to see what you guys might be interested in. Don't worry, I'll do everything I can to make sure that I finish the ones that I do start, though this means that something I really want to do might stay on this list for a while. Each of these ideas is semi- to fully plotted out. They're also mainly AUs or re-writes, because I'm good at those. Titles subject to change.

For sake of convenience, the ideas have been sorted into four categories: The Short List, the Mid List, the Low List and the Bottom List. These lists are, in that order, the approximate chance of being published. Stories inside the lists are in no particular order. The fic title is underlined and the fandom it is from is in bold.


The Short List: (The Projects with the highest priority, most progress and highest likelihood of being written)

Shadow Wars: (AKA The Phantom Menace Revised)
Star Wars. A lot of people say the Prequel Trilogy was horrible. I say: "what would you have done instead?" This is my answer to that question. That's right. I re-wrote Star Wars. Mainly uses stuff from the EU. A long-runner, so I'll really have to commit to it before I begin. I'll probably wait until the new trilogy comes out in order to see if any good ideas pop up there before I do any more on this.

DPA Chronicles:
Pokémon. The result of my attempt to put every single pokémon game (except remakes and alternate versions) into one continuity centered around what I consider to be the main point of pokémon: fighting evil. An elite team of trainers is put together to fight various villainous groups both on the front lines and behind the scenes of your favorite games. Many OCs or OC versions of canon characters. Also a long-runner, though a bit more likely to happen than Shadow Wars. Probably in canon with For Want of a Knight.

Fragile Hope:
. Lieutenant Makoto Nanaya has a problem. She was assigned a simple mission to deliver a data disk. But suddenly, her CO is attacking a war hero, the history books have been rewritten on her and everyone insists her best friend Noel Vermillion doesn't exist. This is going to be one of those days... An AU of Makoto's story mode "Slight Hope" from Continuum Shift Extended.

Artemis Fowl: The Infinity Gambit/The Final Paradox:
Artemis Fowl. (No, duh). Thanks to cloning, time travel and a good old-fashioned prison break, Artemis has more Opal Kobois on his hands than even he can deal with. It's going to take everything he's got and all the allies he can muster to save the world yet again and take his greatest foe down once and for all. That is, if the time travel, magical mental illness and an ancient fairy doomsday device don't get him first... A rewrite of The Last Guardian.

One Night to Kill the Bat:
Batman: Arkham Origins. Eight elite assassins. Three rival criminal groups. One corrupt police department. Several homicidal maniacs. Also ninjas. All in one city competing for an 8 hour window to win 50 million dollars. And it's up to one man to take them all down. Welcome to the second worst night of Bruce Wayne's life. Origins was great, story-wise, but me being, well, me, I re-wrote it with even more plot twists, explosions and utter insanity than before. Because why not?

The Mid List: (These are Projects that I like, and would be willing to put work into or write, but are not as well-developed or as likely to be published as the Short List. Still a good chance, though.)

Escape/Darkest Days:
Harry Potter. In the middle of the Horcrux Hunt, everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong. Horribly wrong. Now everyone is a prisoner in Malfoy Manor, Voldemort himself is there and someone isn't getting out alive. Think "Worst Case Scenario" but in the middle of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Mu-ha-ha-ha! A few OCs. Probably needs a better title.

Task Force Phantom:
Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus. During the events of Heroes of Olympus (specifically between Books 1 and 2) a secret team of demigods is created by a power even the gods must obey and sent on an extremely dangerous mission: Find Atlantis before Gaea's giants do. Some Canon characters, some OCs.

Obsidian Fire:
Another Pokémon fic. However, this time, instead of me writing another AU of something, I'm simply going to make my own game. No original pokés, but a new region, new characters and a new story. May overlap with other Pokémon fics. Definitely full of OCs.

Culture Shock:
DC Superheroes, primarily Wonder Woman and Superman, a bit of Batman. Superman has a problem. He has just met Diana of Themyscira, the world's newest superheroine. And while she certainly has the skills to back it up, there are two little... issues. 1) She's from an island of only women that last had meaningful contact with the rest of the world 2,500 years ago. 2) She's staying in his apartment. Hilarity ensues. Probably not shipping.

Ghosts of the Past:
Spider-man's had a lot of enemies of the years, but none of them have been as bad as the Green Goblin. But soon after Norman Osborn, supposedly cured of his insanity, is released from prison, old foes begin reappearing. Reformed enemies suddenly return to supervillainy. And two reminders of the darkest time of Peter's career show up at his house. Is this all a coincidence? A plot by Norman? Or something even more sinister? This fic would be set in my own personal version of the Marvel Universe. If it's successful, I may write further stories in the same universe for both Spider-man and others (X-Men and Avengers being the most likely candidates).

JLA Cataclysm:
An AU rewrite of the movie Justice League: Doom. A sinister force assembles some of the world's greatest supervillains as part of a plan to take down the Justice League, once and for all. The reason I'd be writing this is because, while the movie was great, certain parts needed improvement, most notably the villains being stupid and pretty one-dimensional. Definitely a "fix fic". Besides, who can argue with crazy supervillain plots?

Set In Stone:
Teen Titans Animated Series. Ever wonder how Terra went from being a statue to being an amnesiac student at a Catholic High School? Ever wonder how Red X left the Brotherhood of Evil? Ever wonder what Slade was up to for the entire fifth season? Well, now you know. Hint: It involves explosions. So many explosions.

Tacitus Interruptus:
Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. Specifically the Kane's Wrath expansion mission Tacitus Interruptus. One second the Brotherhood of Nod was winning. They'd reclaimed the Tacitus, pushed back the GDI forces and were making their escape. Then the aliens showed up, GDI began a counterattack and their command-and-control network (and commander) LEGION goes down, turning a simple convoy theft into a three-way slugfest. Probably my only M-rated fic.

The Best Laid Plans:
Harry Potter. They say that even the best laid plans of mice, men, women, wizards, witches, ghosts, spiders, goblins, snakes, merpeople and semi-sentient formal wear so often go astray. These... are not the best laid plans. But that probably won't help. A comedic retelling of the Harry Potter books, focused on the characters' remarkable inability to make sensible plans. Yes, I can do comedy. When I feel like it.

The Low List: (Projects that still have potential, but not much enthusiasm behind them. Still, since my opinion of projects can often change on a dime, there is hope yet for at least a few of these...)

Death's Despair:
Another Harry Potter fic, but somewhat in canon. Also takes place during Deathly Hallows. While Harry's group is running around in the woods, an elite team of international wizard commandos enact a daring plan to weaken Voldemort's hold on Wizard England. By breaking Azkaban. Mainly OCs.

Point of No Return:
AU of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2/3. PFC Joseph Allen disobeys orders and prevents Makarov's attack on an airport, forcing the Inner Circle's hand. Alongside wounded comrade Yuri, Allen must escape from Moscow with everyone: police, terrorists and Spetznaz all gunning for him. Meanwhile, Task Force 141 discovers that the threat of World War III may not have died with Makarov...

One Man Alone:
Batman, based on Batman Begins. Bruce Wayne has a problem. He went to the courthouse with the intent to murder Joe Chill in revenge for killing his parents. Instead, he accidentally saved his life. By killing a mob assassin. Who's boss, Carmine Falcone, is now out to get revenge. With no mask, no secret identity and no ninja skills, Bruce must find a way to fight crime without becoming Batman. All he has are his wits, a few allies, some good PR and 800 million dollars. This is going to be fun.

Lex Luthor: Savior of Earth:
The Crime Syndicate of Amerika (sic) has succeeded in defeating most of the DC Universe's greatest superheroes. Now, with the planet ripe for the taking, only one man can stop them: Their greatest nemesis, Lex Luthor. Can heroic Lex succeed in his desperate gambit to impersonate his evil equivalent and create a team of the remaining heroes and villains to defeat the CSA once and for all WITHOUT giving evil!Lex good publicity? Or is it all going to come crashing down?

The Lords of Darkness:
Sauron determines that there is the possibility of failure in his plan to prevent the destruction of the One Ring. To stop it, he summons five fellow "Lords of Darkness" from across the universe. Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. Voldemort, normal Dark Lord and He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named. Makuta Teridax, leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta and master of the shadows. Anubis, the half-ascended Goul'd whose name continues to be associated with death throughout the galaxy. And some "Dark Knight" fellow, what was his name? Oh, yes, Batman. This will end well. GIANT crossover between Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Bionicle, Stargate SG-1 and Batman.

The Bottom List: (Projects which were developed but are not likely to ever be deployed. Maybe one of these will ever get picked up by me, if that many. In fact, the chance of me writing these is so low that if you wish to write one of these, PM me and we may be able to work something out.)

My Sims Agents: A Novelization:
My Sims Agents. Better than it sounds. An elite secret agent is forced to team up with a rookie amateur detective to take on an evil corporation and prevent it from obtaining the dangerously powerful Crown of Nightmares. May be followed by a sequel rendition of My Sims Sky Heroes.

Stargate Neodyme:
Stargate (duh). Post-SG1 and Atlantis, likely concurrent with Universe. You know all those alternate realities where aliens took over the world, etc? This follows the adventures of the Daedalus-class ship Neodyme, which, armed with an Alternate Reality Drive and the most advanced Asgard weaponry, goes from alternate reality to alternate reality trying to help out however it can. But they soon discover that they aren't the only ones reality hopping... Probably written in episode format. A long runner, at least on par with Young Justice: Rapture. Mostly OCs of canon background characters.

Operation Terrestrial Sword:
Half-Life. An AU where the HECU receives reasonable orders and actually tries to save lives and fight the aliens, as opposed to killing everyone who could possibly help stop them. Some OCs, some canon.

Most of these are either kind of old or really long (which would require a lot of commitment). But I put them up to give you the illusion of free choice. So there.

There's also a poll, so you can voice you opinions there.

CLC out!

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