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Writing is, to me, one of the most expressive ways one can pass the time. Though, I'll admit right here that I'm not very good at it. I posted stories here and elsewhere that I was, quite frankly, disgusted with. If I've learned anything about writing stories for television shows/movies it's that one of the hardest aspects of it can be staying true to such unique characters. Well, I've personally veered from character's personality traits just for the sake of story too many times before. Hopefully, any future posts of mine won't involve so many out of character...characters. Enough about my weak spots, allow me to brighten this page.

Favorite Shows:

- My Babysitter's A Vampire (Dorks and Demons)

- Supernatural (Nobody Parks Baby In the Back 40)

- The Flash (Mr. Useless and His Amazing Friends Plus Iris)

- Arrow (The Green Ghoul and His Lovable Gangsters- Failures Of Star City)

- Twilight Zone (Stereotypical 50's Person Screws Themselves In Thirty Minutes Or Less)

Favorite Pairings:

• Arrow

- Ollicity (It grew on me, okay?!)

• The Flash

- Snowbarry (Chemistry)

- Flashfrost- (Opposites attract)

- Killervibe (Beautifully dorky or destructive...pick your poison with Snow or Frost)


- Etharah (Duh)

- Bennica (Double Duh)

• Twilight Zone

- M.C. Irony (Main Character and Irony because they're the ultimate power couple)