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Hello! I'm Darkerose!

I'm trying to improve my writing so reviews are appreciated and make me very happy :D Any constructive criticism, suggestions, and comments will be gladly taken, but please, no Flames! They don't really help anyone do they? So why do them? Anyway... I hope you all enjoy my writing. If not please tell me why and I'll try my best to change it :)

If anyone has any request fics they would like me to do, just PM me and i'll try to get right on it :)

Likes: Naruto, Hetalia, Inuyasha(His ears are cute dammit!), Fullmetal alchemist, Hunter x Hunter, Fairy tail, The Hungergames, Artemis Fowl, Spooks Apprentice, Bartimaeus trilogy, Kung Fu Panda is awesome!, Harry Potter, The Simpsons, Futurama. I have also jumped onto the Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock fanbase...I still regret nothing.

Dislikes: People who judge you without knowing you, I think that first impressions are important but don't hold onto them. I'm open to anything really, so there's nothing I really don't like :) ... except maybe for pears...I dont like pears...;P

Gender: Female

I will be trying to write more fics but I have to wait 'till inspiration hits me...or not... either way I'm at least going to try :)

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