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Robot Wars Meme (Because I wanted to be individual, but I’m also lazy)

Choose your top 12 favourite competitor robots/teams:


Panic Attack







Chaos 2


King Buxton

Bigger Brother

Did five and ten ever fight in the show?

Oh yes. Anyone who knows Robot Wars knows how that turned out.

Describe three in one sentence.

There’s a Plunderstorm coming….next year!

What would have happened if six and one had formed a tag team?

Firestorm and Hypno-Disc? Very interesting combination, but it could very well have woked

Do you recall any good fights involving nine?

Series 4 Final against Pussycat. Brilliant for both teams.

Would seven vs two have made a good battle?

Panic Attack vs 101 did fight in the 1st World Championship. If Kim Davis was a better driver at the time it could have been interesting.

Four vs eight or four vs nine?

Diotoir vs Napalm would be much more even. And both teams are great fun and great sports.

What would have happened if seven was alone against a team of three and eight?

101 could probably just about take them both, it would be close though.

Make a summary of at least twenty words for a potentil two vs six fight.

Hmmmm…..Hypno-Disc charges several times at Panic Attack head on but Panic Attack, known for strong armour, escapes with nothing but a few scratches. However, their forklift system fares pretty badly so Hypno-Disc wins in the resulting judges’ decision.

Do people generally prefer seven or nine?

Nine. A lot of people prefer Chaos 2 to 101, but I still love 101.

If there was a two vs three vs six eliminator, who would be the one robot eliminated?

Sadly, Plunderbird would be outclassed from start to finish. Shame.

Does anyone you know rebermem 11?

Not that I know of. Poor King B.

Would you have watched Two vs Four vs Five?

Yes, just for Diotoir-fireballs and Chaos 2 and PA doing what they do best.

What might Ten have done at a height of victory?

The raised wings. No maybe about it.

What was the fight you saw involving five?

Series 4 heat B final. Speaks for itself.

If Three and Seven battle, who wins?

101, but I think with 101’s low design, Plunderbird would put up a fair fight.

What would Twelve and One be like in a tag team?

Two great flippers and two great sports! I can see that one

Two vs Ten. Even or a mismatch?

If Kim Davies is driving well that day, it could be very even

Is Four’s team or robot better?

Team. No question.

If Eight was to team up with another team on the list, who would they be?

Napalm and Panic Attack would go well. Fighting for the honour of the older robots.

Would three make a good team with six? Or a better team with two?

Plunderbird would probably be better with Panic Attack to right it if necessary.

Is there any interest in four vs two?

Probably not, since PA could probably win it pretty easily

What's One's secret weapon?

Not so secret, but Graham Bone being a great driver!

How about Twelve?

Those kids! Fierce pair! (Though I’d have thought they’re older now.)

And Ten?

Ian Lewis’ sour grapes. Haha!

What house robots would you assign to a one vs three vs five mayhem?

Sir Killalot so Firestom has a chance to flip him once they’ve won! And probably Shunt, just because he’s my favourite.

How about Two vs Four vs Six?

Sgt Bash to see Diotoir on fire again! Also Shunt because of his rivalries with both Hypno-Disc and Panic Attack

Or even Seven vs Eight vs Nine?

Sir Killalot because of how he always seems to give Napalm trouble and Matilda to back up the Napalm girls.

If Eight and One fought, how would it end up?

Napalm either out of the arena or just unable to self-right.

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