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Okay, so here's the details. I started writing fanfiction in November of 2011 with the intent of sharing my ideas with the world. I was fairly successful I'd like to think; people read, I wrote, and things were good. Then high school caught up with me and... yeah. My fanfiction career kinda sputtered and died out. I've tried to make comebacks, but none have succeeded. I haven't written anything towards any of the stories published under this name on this site in over a year. It's quite sad really.

Now I know what you're thinking. He just updated his profile. Is he coming back? Will we finally see the epic climaxes and great prose return from the pen of RonnyBravo the Breadghost? Well... just TheBreadghost now. That's what I go by on every other form of anonymous social interaction websites at this point. Might as well put it here too. :) But yeah, no, don't think that. I haven't made that decision (the one to return in a blaze of glory) just yet. I just happened to be reading some of my old stories the other day and I was just thinking... man... wouldn't it be great if I started writing again one of these days. Not to say that it will happen. I just thought the readers of my stories might deserve a little justice in knowing where the hell I've been for a year and half (two years??? I dunno.).

It's okay if you hate me for not finishing things like I said I would. It would be right of you to do so; I made so many empty promises and I do truly feel bad... well... I really don't, but you know, blah, blah, blah, sob story, blah, blah, blah, forgive me. Cliche, cliche, cliche (damn you browser typing for not letting me put the accents). But yeah, tl;dr I had moved on, read old stuff, might come back, yeah.

So what have I been doing? Well, let me tell you, I've been on a journey. Not really. But it's gonna sound like it. I discovered twitch about two years ago in my freshman year of college (oh my god I'm a junior now wth) and I've been an avid watcher of streamers from speedrunners like 360chrism, to variety streamers such as Misskaddykins. I've also tasted streaming myself (and you can check that out over there on twitch, where my channel name is the same as my fanfiction pen name. ha shameless self-promotion!). But the big thing I did after quitting fanfiction (after Pokemon shiny hunting for about 4 months, man that was a long time ago), was begin speedrunning myself. I now speedrun a variety of Mario games, from Super Mario Galaxy to Super Mario 64 to New Super Mario Bros 2.

Starting in the summer of 2016, I decided I wanted to do a thing called the 602, which is a multigame speedrun of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 in which one collects 602 stars across all 4 games (do the math and that's all stars in all 4 games except galaxy 1 because no one wants to collect every star in that game twice). So basically 100% of the 3D mario games. I started with Galaxy 1, which, if you'll remember, is (or was) my favorite game of all time, and I've actually gotten pretty good at that game over the course of the year, rising to 6th place in Luigi any% and 7th place in Luigi 120 star on the speedrun leaderboards. Then I learned Sunshine and 64, and finally, earlier this year, I learned galaxy 2. All in all, I came in 7th place in the 602 race that was held on June 25th this year. It was a lot of fun to prep for, but also very taxing.

I'm not done speedrunning though. As I said, I am pretty high ranked in Super Mario Galaxy and I have yet to reach my goals for that game, so I'll be playing it in the coming months, or maybe even years, as well as maybe even playing more speedgames. Beyond even that, as I mentioned, I am a junior in college. I'm majoring in music with an emphasis in vocal performance, which means I'm a student of vocal arts. Also known as singing. So that's what else is going on in life. Just doing my thing with the school y'know?

But yeah, what has really happened is that my hobbies and interests have shifted. They were once fanfiction and reading books. Now they are streaming and playing video games at a high level. I'm not sure when the season of my interests will change again, but the winds have been changing lately. Again, I make no promises as to a return. But there is a chance.

So theoretically, what happens if I return? First of all, a lot of the stories I have published here are unfortunately going to be either discontinued or taken down for "maintenance" (a.k.a. me trying to remember how to write them because it's been so hecking long). I've already decided my first order of business would be to reboot Super Smash Bros: The Sitcom, since that story was designed to go on for however long I needed it to. Also that is the story I've read the most of recently and it still makes me chuckle after all this time. So I think it has potential to keep momentum. I have another shorter story called Lacunosa that I've been itching to write as well. It was the last piece I started writing before my ultimate downfall from fanfiction writing. So you can look forward to that if I decide to make a return ;)

Anyways. Yeah. That's where I'm at. I'm real good at getting peoples' hopes up and then shattering them, so please don't get your hopes up so I don't have the opportunity to shatter them. I wouldn't like that :( Chances are pretty good that nothing will come of this. But who knows? Maybe I'll find the spark again and I'll be back for a while before vanishing off the face of the Earth again for another 10 years or so. I'm good at that y'know, being a ghost and all. Cheers!

-- TheBreadghost

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