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Hello everyone! My name is Roseria Sylvester, though you can just call me Rose. I like a lot of things and dislike just as many things. Though I LOVE anime/manga, as well as various video games. Any questions? Just PM me, I'm always up for a good chat (though I can't guarantee I will be able to respond quickly all the time...).

By the way, my name is not Rosaria or Rozeria. It is pronounced: Ro-cer-e-ah. Got it? I know it probably doesn't look like it should be pronounced this way but it is. Though I still prefer to be called Rose, I thought I should make the pronunciation clear.

Also I tend to change my icon a lot, but usually it should be a girl with pink hair and teal eyes, this is me (my oc from which I take my pen name)!

I tend to do more forum work than anything else, I love role play forums! I'm always open to an invite (though I probably won't join big ones, they tend to smother the new ones too much)!

Here's a link to my Forums:

These links are for my own reference since I can never remember what RP forums I'm in:


Fallout RPs By Commanderfettt:

Mass Effect:

Mass Effect - Eternal Guard:

Elder Scrolls:

The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim RP Alduins Return:

Resident Evil

Resident Evil RP:

Percy Jackson

The Camp: Demigod RP:

My Do's and Don'ts

I don't do cross-overs unless asked
I don't (usually) write yaoi, but the voltron pairing of Keith and Lance has me wanting to...
I don't write lemons
I don't (usually) read lemons (unless its an oc with on of my fav guys, then you may catch my interest)
I don't want to read/write anything to do with Claude Faustus from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji (Unless he's being killed and everyone parties because he's dead! I hate spiders...)
I don't like it (closer to hate) when people are cruel to others just for being who they are

I do take suggestions/requests
I do offer my opinion to anyone willing to let me read their stories before anyone else
I do tend to ramble
I do rant when angry
I do take offense when flamed
I do tend to rely on spell checker to fix my "Speed typing" (anyone ever noticed how I often forget to capitalize "I"?)


Return of the Brotherhood is EASILY my best reviewed story- a special thanks to Juggalo Prince, The Father Confessor, and Dark Brother 16 for being amazing readers and helping me SOOOO much with their respective creations (Zany Vazzaras, Johnny Valen, and Nikita Contortus in that order). Any fan of the grumpy argonian should check out Juggalo's profile for his story based around Zany's life Pre-Brotherhood!

What I'm working on:

Return of The Brotherhood [In Progress, 14 chapters and going]
This story needs no introduction, for those who are familar with it. Follow the life of Alyce Lachance, the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, as she restores it to it's former glory from the days of her fore father- and discovers how it began it's decline at the unwitting hands of Lucien's lover and former Silencer turned Listener of her age, Alyce Delafont.

Clouds With Silver linings [ in-progress, 3 chapters - On perminant hiatus until i start to care about this again]
The story of Seyleen Amalan, a young woman from the planet Kyntah. Set in the Voltron universe, this story details the events after her home is attacked by a Robeast that the force was too late to stop. But as she becomes closer to the members certain things about her come to light that could cut short her potential future with the Voltron Force. What was the reason behind the attack on her home planet and why are the lions acting strangely? Read and find out!

The Infamous Diary of Stitches [ in-progress, 3 chapters - possibly discontinued]
Some of you may know the tale of Clan INFAMOUS, others may not; but if you do, surely you know of their Viera healer named Stitches? This is her tale, how she sees events of the fabulous story written by K Entertainment, and her feelings about said events. What goes on when Big is not around to know about it? And who is the young woman behind the seemingly innocent face? Read her side of events and find out!

Yes, I too am a pathetic fan girl... I can't help it when I think a guy is hot/highly attractive. I'm an Anime Nerd a heart, but I do think some actual guys are incredibly good looking! Though I think Grell Sutcliff will always have a place in my heart...

My Anime Lover Boys:

Black Butler
1. Grell Sutcliff
2. Sebastian Michealis
3. Kind of falling for William T. Spears (even if he is a jack ass...)

Alucard XD!!

Voltron Force
Pidge (he is about 20 in the new series, so there is nothing wrong with this)

Not-So-Anime Lover Boys:

Nikola Tesla (What? Jonathon Young is hot!)

Kevin Sorbo (No lie, that man is like 60 now- and HE HASN'T AGED A DAY!!! kinda creepy when i think about it... so i try not to XD)

Gaming Hotties:

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
FARKAS! (i don't know why but i think he is hot, don't like it? To bad!)
Cicero (There's something about this crazy loon that makes him attractive...)

No numbers here since these two are currently tied, subject to change

Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 13-2
Noel Kreiss
Hope Estheim (he becomes really hot at age 24!)

That's all I can think of for now... but expect my anime-styled reverse harem to expand Also note that the order they are in only pertains to characters in that series (EX: Grell is my #1 out of Black Butler).

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Return of The Brotherhood reviews
When the Dark Brotherhood falls on hard times, their numbers dwindling, new members must be found to restore this once powerful group of assassins to their true former glory. Now Accepting OCs, please no Dragonborns! Currently on temporary hiatus of unknown length. Im very sorry everyone, but one day it will continue!
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The Voltron Force are a quirky bunch that's for sure, it only makes sense that they would have an unusual Christmas celebration! Welcome to the two-part "Clouds With Silver Linings" Christmas Special!
Voltron - Rated: K - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,703 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 2 - Published: 12/25/2011 - Hunk G., Pidge S.
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