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Amelia Ryan (nee Sharpe) is the main protagonist in Moonlight. She is a twenty-eight-year old psychologist who loses her husband Ben in a car accident. She is the daughter of Joyce and Felix Sharpe, the sister of John Sharpe and the mother of Noah Ryan.

Voice: Brie Larson

Personality: Strong and blonde, psychologist Amelia Ryan is a trustworthy grief counsellor who, when faced with the sudden death of her husband, is unable to follow the advice she gives others. She's been burying her grief and fear until an unexpected face intervenes, forcing her to deal with her late husband's memory. As Amelia delves further into the truth, she discovers she inadvertently revived Pitch Black, an untrustworthy foe of the infamous Guardians. Amelia can't bring her husband back, but is determined to learn more from this supernatural force, who might provide answers. But when she does meet Pitch again after their encounter, she also wonders if she's been offered another chance at happiness.

Appearance: Amelia is a blonde Caucasian woman in her late twenties, with soft brown eyes and voluminous hair which she inherited from her mother. She wears a grey jumper with a long-sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans with boots.

Birthday: 1988

Occupation: Psychologist, Mother.

Home: Ohio (formerly), Burgess

Family: Joyce Sharpe (mother), Felix Sharpe (father) John Sharpe (brother), Ben Ryan (husband, deceased), Noah Ryan (son)

Friends/Allies: Pitch, Jack, North, Tooth, Mini Fairies, Elves Bunny, Sandy, Jamie, Sophie, Claude, Caleb, Cupcake, Monty, Pippa, Noah, Luke, Joyce, Felix

Enemies: TBC.

Likes: Treating her patients, her family, socialising, pop music, Areobics, the Guardians, Pitch.

Dislikes: Being lied to/tricked, humidity, being afraid, Pitch (formerly)


  • She is the first adult to see the Guardians and Pitch.
  • Amelia has a son called Noah.
  • If Amelia was a guardian, her center would be Courage.
  • Amelia has a tattoo on her right shoulder blade.
  • Interesting to note that Amelia Ryan, like Pitch, is a parent so has an insight into what's best for her child.
  • Amelia is a keen protester who accidentally got arrested during a Woman's Rights Protest.
  • Her mother lived to see the blizzard of '68, caused by Jack Frost.
  • Unaware to Amelia, Jack held a minor grudge against her as she occasionally told child patients that the Guardians acted as comfort tool to cope with bereavement without snuffing their belief, something that differentiates her from Pitch.
  • Amelia is the only character who convinced herself she caused a fatality.
  • Brie Larson, who voices Amelia, starred in the film adaptation of bestselling novel, Room by Emma Donoghue.
  • Her relationship with Pitch works as you need courage to face your fear, and provides Pitch with the opportunity to gain more power because she's an adult.
  • According to the Guide to the Guardians: Favourite Activities: Aerobics and jogging. Preferred Mode of Travel: Car and walking. Favourite Thing: The Nicest Wine Always monitors her health and lifestyle.
  • Amelia generally keeps to herself and reveals more about herself only when she feels comfortable.
  • Amelia prefers not to make unnecessary arguments because she knows it will get her nowhere. However, she quite often takes on dominant, leading roles and does not hesitate to get her points across.
  • Amelia's loss of belief in the Guardians also prevented Sandy from being able to read into her dreams.

  • Noah Ryan is the son of Ben and Amelia and the secondary protagonist in Moonlight. He is also the grandson of Felix and Joyce Sharpe.

    Voice: Jacob Tremblay

    Personality: Noah is a sweet young boy with a creative and practical mind. He sees the world in black and white despite trying to see the good in it at the same time. After briefly giving up his beliefs in the Guardians during Pitch's nightmare attack, he was quick to rediscover his faith. If he were to be a guardian, his center would be Creativity as he does not hesitate to reinvent new ideas that benefit him, his friends and his mother Amelia. Noah is the child who struggles to move on after the death of his father. He is quiet, benevolent and not afraid to speak his mind which sometimes gets him into trouble.

    Appearance: Noah has brown hair, green eyes and fair skin. His clothing consisted of a thick jumper, black coat and blue jeans. He also wore red gloves to protect his hands from the cold. He wore trainers as his main choice of footwear, but also wore snowshoes on some occasions.

    Birthday: 2006

    Occupation: Schoolboy

    Home: Burgess

    Family: Ben (father, deceased), Amelia (mother), Felix (grandfather), Joyce (mother), John (uncle)

    Friends/Allies: Amelia, Jack, North, Tooth, Bunny, Sandy, Pitch, Jamie, Sophie, Claude, Caleb, Cupcake, Monty, Pippa, Felix, Joyce, John,

    Enemies: TBC.

    Likes: Video games, Soccer, his family.

    Dislikes: Nightmares, his mother and friends in danger.


  • Noah has a birthmark on his shoulder, in the same place where his mother has a tattoo.
  • Jacob Tremblay, who voices Noah, also starred alongside Brie Larson in the film adaptation of Emma Donahue's novel Room.
  • Unlike his mother, he still believes in the Guardians with the exception of Jack (and Pitch).
  • If Noah became a guardian, his center would be Creativity.
  • Despite Pitch having a darkened heart, Noah finds himself drawn in by him because of his (Pitch's) strangely parental instincts and views him as a father-figure.
  • Many of Noah's nightmares come from his own heart and are not generated by Pitch.
  • Noah is ambidextrous, which means he can use his right and left hand equally well.
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