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Hello beautiful people!

I don't know why you have, but thank you for viewing my profile, and if it's because you were reading one of my stories, I am even more appreciative.

Call out: I am currently planning a mystery/supernatural kind of story. Supernaturals not the right word but it's not normal so whatevs. Anyways, it will contain Oldrival, Contest, Ikari and Poke shippings, but I don't know what will be the main one yet. The call out comes because I haven't quite captured the knack of dropping plot hints and subplots that are required in this kind of story, so I need someone that will help me write it or edit it for me. I've done this here because it's not really a priority at the moment, but something I plan to do in the future. If you are interested just PM me and I'll tell you more about it. Thanks guys!

About Me:

I am not that fond of my name, so you can call me any abbreviation of my username, I really don't mind what you call me. I am currently sixteen years old and reside in Australia. I absolutely love living here, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. But I have been to China, and that was super cool; the culture, the food, the people and just everything are amazing there. I hate flying though, and am poor, although that may be because I'm still in school, so I don't have plans to travel anywhere else yet but I want to regardless.

Obviously, I think you could guess I love music. It is my most favourite thing in the world and I could not imagine a day without it. I play piano and violin. Besides music, my second favourite thing is writing. When I was little I wanted to be an author, and I always write plans to stories, though they rarely ever get written. I absolutely hate writing the endings to stories, because I get very attached to my characters and never want to end their stories. But you can guarantee if I post a story here, I will finish it, that is my promise.

I am a perfectionist, so I hate making mistakes. Hopefully that means that the stories I post there won't be grammar/plot errors, although the grammar things do creep in, so forgive me there. I've been told I'm really mature for my age, but that's not really true. I have serious confidence issues, so I tend to act differently when I'm with my family compared to other people. Even how I act between my good friends and my family are two completely different things. I really don't care for people who are fake (if you think I'm a hypocrite go ahead, I know it doesn't really make sense), or talk behind people's backs, even if it seems harmless. I also really hate conflict, and I hate sad things. I'm pretty well one of those people that tries to ignore everything that's wrong with the world. I know it's there, and I care, but I don't like it.

I think that's all. If you read all that good on you, I tend to ramble a bit, I'm working on that as well. Thanks for reading this :)



OldRivalShipping (Leaf/Green and Gary/Blue) - I had never heard of this until I started reading fics and they are so cute. My favourite shipping out of them all.

PearlShipping (Dawn and Ash) - I don't know why, but they seem to work together in the anime more than Ash ever did with Misty and May, and she respects his judgement and his ability as a trainer.

ContestShipping (May and Drew) - May would only be able to put up with Drew and his comments if she had a secret motive, such as liking him. And Drew would only annoy her as much as he does if he liked her.

NovelShipping (Misty and Paul) - I don't really get the idea of these two being 'romantically involved' but I think they would suit each others personalities, and could be great friends.

I haven't really read or seen anything to worth mention any other shippings, so these are just the stand out ones.

The Wonderful List of Stereotypes

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